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  • Welcome to the website for the TNU Project! We are a charitable foundation working to assist role playing and collaborative writing groups focus on their writing. We run programs to support writing groups, our own role plays and inter-role playing organizations that foster cooperation within simming/role playing. If you are interested in our general simming cooperative efforts please check out our resource center; SimmingHub.



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    • Greetings everyone,

      I come to you today with information about our host for FallFest this year. After deliberations and discussion with those interested, we have asked 5th Fleet (5thfleet.net) to host this years FallFest. They have accepted and appointed Nixon; their Operations Chief as the Chair for this year’s event. It has been scheduled to take place on November 13th 2021. SimmingHub and 5th Fleet have also discussed the potential fo doing voice panels for those who are interested. We are hopeful that this year will continue the success of previous events and welcome your feedback. As always please reach out to the host and chair if you would like to host a panel, help out in any way or if you have any questions. Last but not least mark your calendars for November 13th. We hope to see you at FallFest XI!



    • Hello,

      On behalf of SimmingHub I am happy to report that we have a host for FallFest. More information about the date, time and banner will be posted to the SimmingHub site once this information is confirmed by the host.  5Th Fleet has been selected to host this years FallFest. You can check out their site if you are interested at https://5thfleet.net/.


    • Hello everyone,

      This is just a quick announcement from SimmingHub that SciWorld; the annual convention about play-by-post role playing will be held this year on June 12th. This event has a long 20 year history and we are happy to be a part of it. Further information is on the combined SciWorld and FallFest Discord which can be accessed by viewing the SimmingHub conventions page. You can also visit the SciWorld website for more details.


    • Good day everyone,

      Today I am happy to announce that TNU has survived its first year as an actual company and non-profit fan group. Our focus is bringing fun to people through writing and community building but also keeping that supporting the writing and role playing and play by post community as a whole to keep stability even during times of uncertainty like those we are in right now. Writing groups may be the last thing on people’s mind during this time but the fact remains that people need an outlet and so we venture to help provide this outlet through our work. It helps the mental health of all those involved and brings understanding among people allowing many to work towards a common goal and accomplish something we as individuals would not be able to do on our own. With that said I will now go over the last year of our operations and what goals we have accomplished in spite of the hard year. Thank you everyone for your support and for sticking with us. It really means a lot to the Operations Team and me. We are glad each one of you are here and here is to a better year.

      Simming/Role Playing Operations
      The Project has welcomed three new games into its fold during the last year; DFS Phoenix; which some may remember from the past as a sort of sister ship to the Lavie. This game is ran by Jay whom previously ran the Phoenix and was a member of the Lavie. The Phoenix is working on finishing the Orteria Cult arc and bringing to light the parts within Sumire’s government whom supported the idea of reviving the Phoenix. The second game we welcomed in to the group is Himawari Academy; a continuation of the Blackstate universe created in 2012 by a number of our former members. This game is a spiritual successor occurring in the same universe as Blackstate but unrelated to it except that they both work for the GUARDIN organization an underworld group working to train special powered individuals. Himawari is currently on hiatus due to lack of participation from its members. The third game is still in planning states though there are hopes to start it in Q1 of 2021. This follows Ayano Layton and her team of specialists as they work to solve missions too hard for regular forces using unorthodox tactics to help resolve the most delicate issues for the Federation behind the scenes. This game is inspired by the Mission: Impossible franchise. 

      Technical Operations
      The Project has worked to get a game server system up and running for our community members to play games together. The creation of this system was successful. We currently are actively hosting a Minecraft server but are interested in other ideas should people have ideas. 

      The Project has launched SimmingHub as of November 2020; the goal of this site is to offer resources, support, community building and a neutral place for sim groups, players and communities alike to hang out, get services and build a larger; better play by post community for all. The first projects that SimmingHub has taken on involve creation of a permanent free hosting platform for sim groups, games and related organizations to help lessen the burden on these groups and allow them to focus on what matters; their writing. SimmingHub is also cataloguing resources for the community at large that anyone can contribute to by submitting resources. We hope that this list will be of use to the larger PBP community. Lastly, SimmingHub and TNU’s operations staff have been working with OngoingWorlds to take over management of the SciWorld and FallFest conventions. It has been determined that keeping these on Discord and putting them more in line with the Khitomer Conference in February would be in the past interest of the PBP community and so SimmingHub will be coordinating this change with groups in the PBP community. We are hoping to have the following schedule of events. Khitomer occurs in February, SciWorld will occur in June or July and FallFest will occur in October or November. This way an event occurs every 3-ish months. SimmingHub will be appointing an organizing and planning committee of members from the PBP community in the coming months. We hope to have a host for FallFest 2021 selected by the end of August. The organizing committee will be selected by the summer to give the committee time to select the host group. Pegasus Fleet and Independence Fleet to help with the transition from Ongoing Worlds will host this year’s SciWorld Conference.

      Operational Changes
      With moving to being a nonprofit charitable organization the Project has adopted a charter, applied for 501(c)3 status with the Internal Revenue Service and was found to be a public charity as a literary and community building organization. With this change it has opened up the possibility for us to continue to make a free area for groups and people to be supported. We have begun working with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google and Atlassian gather resources and space to allow our operations to continue for the long term. We are also in the process of working out hosting arrangements for people so that SimmingHub will be able to scale with the community in turn meeting the demands of play by post role players worldwide. 

      Staffing Changes
      The end of the year meant some changes to TNU’s staff; a number of our council members have resigned or stepped away from the organization to work on their own projects. We wish them the best. Our editing team is also shorthanded with both members of the team on leave. We are hoping that the reduction in members of our staff does not hinder operations in any way. 

      The Project has supported numerous members of the PBP community by helping to coordinate SciWorld 2020 with OngoingWorlds. This convention took place virtually as all events before it; because of this, the COVID-19 pandemic had no effect on its operation; as of official count 128 members of the PBP community attended this event. The TNU Discord Server had at its peak 110 members on it. With this information we suspect that the Project’s direct reach is around 250 people in the last year whom directly interacted with our services, projects or staff. Current membership of the ENRB/Lavie Role Play is 14 members, combining our other games we have eight more players that are active. Our player count is 22 combining these numbers. Member Counts for the FallFest and SciWorld servers currently stands at 306 members. 

      This concludes the annual report; we hope that the new year brings better happenings for everyone and hope you will join us for the conferences this year.

      Josh Hina
      President and Administrative Coordinator
      The New Universes Project

    • Good morning,

      Welcome to the new year! In our first year as a charitable organization TNU has seen a shift from not just being a singular writing group but spreading its wings out to being a place to support others, build projects and be a community. Soon I will be posting an annual report and providing additional details on our goals for both the sim as well as the foundation's goals with its taking over management of SciWorld, FallFest and also creating the SimmingHub resource center. Thank you for everyone who has been part of this and for those who have supported the development of the Visual Novel which has helped spur interest in other things within the project. I hope that this year treats you all well.

      Josh (Atsumari)
      TNU Project

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