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  • The New Universes Project is a charitable literary organization that creates stories, helps writers develop their own writing, store that writing and provide support to groups of writers in their times of need to allow writing and role-playing to continue in times of need. It was officially recognized in May of 2020 in the United States as a public charity. It was formed in the United States in the State of Oregon. It currently runs role playing games and supports literary works as mentioned above as well as as inter-role playing community building operations, efforts and conferences as well as supporting a stance on equality within simming and role playing. It is overseen by a committee of role playing, publication and technology hobbyists and professionals whom want to see stories be successful and write fun engaging stories together ensuring fun for all. More information on the groups structure can be found on our charter. The project was started in late 2001 by Josh Hina. For more technical information about the charitable foundation can be seen on the GuideStar page.

    You mention role-playing; what do you mean? What is "simming"?

    This group writes in a collaborative writing format as a group known as play-by-post; this form of role playing "game" exists in a mixture of interactive fiction elements and combining collaborative writing within a set setting. Basically each writer portrays an individual character or a few characters within the universe developed by our team and interacts with other writers and staff members whom control others within the universe and live one another's lives. Posts consist of instant message based chat one on one sessions, group sessions and those over message board which are offered 24 hours a day for those with other time commitments. Staff members oversee universe rulesets and monitor the bounds of universe "law" which players can confer over should they have questions when writing.  For additional explanations of play by post role playing please see the Wikipedia article which provides a brief overview of the topic or join our Discord server and ask a member of our community.



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