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  • This is the contact page for The New Universes Project. If you want to know information about our group you can look in the "About" page. For a run down of our story you can view our "Story" page and for a look at the community charter please see our governance page. Below is a list of our key staff; for contact details please look below that. Links to our Discord server and Facebook page are at the bottom of the page.

    Leadership Team:
    Council President/Administrative Coordinator: Josh Hina (Discord: atsumari#0001) (jhina (at) tnuproject (dot) org)
    Council Vice President: Brian Furman (Discord: tugar#0537)

    Contact Details:
    Support Requests: Click Here (Must sign in; guests can use the emails below.)
    General Contact: Click Here (Non-Members, support, community, VN or privacy matters only)
    General Phone: 1 (971) 303-8274 (Leave a Message)
    Legal FAX: 1 (503) 907-8081
    Community E-Mail: community (at) tnuproject (dot) net

    Visual Novel Specific Matters: gamesupport (at) tnuproject (dot) net

    NOTICE: If you do not want to register and need to contact us please note we will only assist with privacy matters, issues involving the visual novel or community concerns. All other requests will be ignored. TNU Project staff members and official representatives of our charity, game development arm or affiliated organizations will contact you only from a tnuproject.net (service), tnuproject.com (game dev) or tnuproject.org (charity) domain.

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