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  3. Hello, As we are getting closer to release for the VN we have opened up pre-registration for the Android version of the game. We have also just made a forum and other support related functions. We also will be putting devlogs into the announcements section on the forum. Thanks for all the support and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out. Josh
  4. If you require assistance with an issue during our development tests please DO NOT post a review or feedback here. Please reach out to a member of our development team over Discord. Thank you.
  5. Hello, We have some updates on our development and reasons for the initial delay. As mentioned in our store page our game has adult content. Our story team and publishing team have been working to meet specific guidelines with the adult content in our game. This along with our coming support for Linux, Android and our Windows version are the reasons for the delay. We have updated our release into early access to being in October. To get our artwork for the game done faster we have also released a KickStarter. We will be giving Steam keys out to backers as Steam will be our primary method of distribution for this game. As it has taken some time for us to get the game to you I also wanted to showcase some of our art to the Steam Community. Thanks for your interest in our game and for those of you who have supported us over the years writing the story this game goes along with. The characters are Sumire; her sister Yuki, and her classmates Akane and Arisa (Arisa's image is the lineart.) Atsumari TNU Productions Community Team
  6. Rules: 1. Respect yourself and others. 2. Do not spam or advertise stuff. 3. Don't do anything that will get us sued or our Discord deleted. 4. Do not post titles in all capts. 5. Be a part of the community; that means play and chat together. This is not just one type of group; we’re all here to have fun. 6. If you cause any drama our admins IMMEDIATELY reserve the right to ban you no questions asked. 7. While we are happy to help friends with problems and be a community we are not mental health counselors. If you have MAJOR life issues call a crisis line or find a support group. 8. Do not attempt to distribute someone's personal information. These rules are subject to change without notice. To appeal decisions staff have made related to a ban please file a support ticket to the community team or email gamesupport (at) tnuproject (dot) com. Do not discuss appeals in open forums. Management decisions on appeals are final.
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    Steam Page

    Hello, The site has had some minor updates with the release of our Coming Soon page on Steam. There is also a plan to release more information about the VN soon. I will keep everyone updated on our progress as time goes along. Thanks, Josh
  8. Hello everyone, There are some issues with the web version of the VN with its in-dev build. We are going to release a completely different version soon and so have abandoned fixing that version. We also know of some content issues with the main site and writing site. Our story and community team will be working to resolve those issues in the coming months and into release. If you notice any issues or have concerns we will soon be setting up a service desk for the community, donors and people with Steam related concerns. Thanks for your support and sorry for the limited updates to this site. Josh
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    Holy Cow its a update from me!!! Yes i know it has been a while since i touched the site well here it is a new theme to better fit the site should also be mobile friendly as for the Visual novel i am hoping to get a Pre Dev Release soon at least some sort of actual software ppl can download or test online to see whats going on. I have also added a Military Roster system complete with a operations center kinda like the player site but integrated into the main site
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