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  3. This still needs work.... Character Information Name: William Reed Shert Nicknames: Something seems obvious here. Gender: Meh. Species: Human Age: 32 DOB: 4534 Blood Type: A+ Physical Appearance Height: 5.9 Weight: 154 Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour: Ginger Physical Description: Just about qualifies to serve. He looks like a strong wind could murder him. Personality & Traits General Overview: He's not insane enough for this place. Strengths & Weaknesses: Strengths??? Got some brains. Well he can make a good Latte? Weaknesses: Not the smartest, barely much of a fighter. Gets shot at quite often. Ambitions: Aspires to retire. Hobbies & Interests: Sleep. Reading comics. Sleep. Wasting the hours away online. Life History and Relationships Family: He's got a Mother & three younger successful sisters. History: Spent years avoiding study, work, anything outside the normal activities of a sloth. He comes from an average middle income family where each younger sibling has left to have successful careers, while he slobs around achieving little. This was the norm until his Mum enrolled him into the Starfleet [I should really think of something less generic] Academy and thus sent him on this new Military career alongside the other younger recruits. Education: Starfleet Academy: 4560 – 4566. Originally trained as a fighter pilot, swapped to Infantry to extend training and avoid going into the field. Changed to Medical. Changed to Engineering before finally being forced to graduate. Languages: Starfleet/Military Service Information Assignment: This should be the first assignment. May as well have been sent to die. He insists that it must be a mistake. Service Record: I'll add to this as we go along. Service Medals: Lol. Stats STR = 9 DEX = 12 CON = 8 INT = 14 WIS = 11 CHA = 11 Skill Ranged Combat – 6 Close Combat – 3 Martial Arts (Fill in type) - lol Leadership – 4 Starship Engineering – 8 Civil Engineering – 4 Equipment Repair – 4 Information Systems – 5 Intelligence Gathering – 5 Domestic Skills – 2 Survival-ism – 1 Medicine – 6 Research/Innovation – 4 Piloting – 8 Diplomacy – 4 Bio-mechanic Mastery – 0
  4. The Unified Council To be filled in. Federation Government Personnel Executive Officials President: Lady Hukari Carain Vice President: Sir Alion De Neresa President’s Cabinet Chief of Staff: Jake Noris Executive Overseer: Minister Norath Chief Representative: Representative Mir’Aler Chair of the Senate: Senator Shawn Kent (Killed during the attack on the senate; hasn't been replaced) Minister of Finance: Dr. Zack Asomo Ph.D Minister of Civil Services: Lucas Robinson VI SAD Operations Coordinator: Rex Lin Minister of War/Defense: Dr. Huris Magevine Ph.D Minister of the Interior: Jessica Ulson Foreign Affairs Minister: Wes Denton Special Adviser, Delta Force Operations: Commodore Misuki Raion Galactic Internal Security Adviser/Special Adviser, Alternative Technologies: Arisa Norinette Military Commanders Planetary Security Forces: Senator Glast Delta Force: Admiral Zorel Bryce Federation Fleet: Admiral Frank Taylor Marine Corps: Brigadier General Joshua Forester AMC: Commissioner Artirus Governing Council Council Chair/Representative of the EU: Elios Adams Representative of the Western Alliance: Master Shing Chu Representative of the Terran Union: Wes Denton Representative of the Outland Worlds: Acu Darlos Representative of the Aloris Alliance: Lady Naomi Westbridge (Foreign Representative) Representative of the Caldarian Union: Serena Elings Rei Oringari-Wellmarth Representative of the Varaxian Union: Mas'hal Representative of the United Forces Alliance: Captain Jake Frost (Remains of the UFA that were not absorbed into the Terran Union) Military Representative: Admiral Jacus Uakiem Orteria Sovereignty Orteria Royal Family: (Erin and Aidan are members of the Royal Family by decree from Sumire) Elric "Ric" Shoji - Sumire's Father/Abdicated King Queen Regent Sumire "Remi" Rembrant - Governor of Orteria/Orteria Military Commander-in-Chief Lady Eru Yuna - Commander and Judicator; Royal Security Service Princess Yuki Rembrant - Remi's Adopted Sister/Princess of Orteria Lady Ellen Hayes - Remi's Bodyguard Lady Estelle Tonwell - Sumire's Butler Royal Military Authority: Duke (General) Aidan Thornton - Sumire's Fiance/Royal Military Authority Chairmen Admiral Yuka Layton – Deputy Chair, Royal Military Authority/Commander; Trinity Naval Service Rear Admiral Lumiere “Lumi” Trouve M.D., Ph.D - Administrative Services Commandant/Adjutant; DFS Lavie Brigadier General Brigid Merkara - Security Services Commandant Duchess (Rear Admiral) Erin “Ari” Mizriki - Military Intelligence Commandant Captain Tinya Pryde - Logistical Services Commandant Rear Admiral Sarissa Slane M.D. - Chief of Medical and Surgical Service Rear Admiral Kelby Steiner - Chief of Research and Development
  5. Hello, This thread will contain a list of organizations, councils and other governing bodies as well as their members if known as well as an except of what each is and where it stands in the universe. This document will grow, be updated over time and is living. Key Players in the Story Galactic Federation - The Federation is a democratic republic consisting of Member States throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. It is governed by a Senate and Representative Chamber. Each member world has two senators and appointed representatives based on population of the member state. It spans multiple sectors and is the largest government in the Milky Way Galaxy to date. Most of the TNU stories occur within Federation territory. The Federation currently has a President appointed as its Head of State and Military Commander. The current President is the founding President of the current iteration of the government; Hukari Carain known for her defeat of the Terran Dominion's control over Earth. Multiple races created the Federation after Hukari Carain and Delta Force took down the United Universal Alliance of Republics and the Terran Dominion. Below is a list of the organizations which are under the Federation. The Federation use to be split up into the United Forces Alliance, United Universal Alliance of Republics and various alliances. All were merged to create the Federation during the above mentioned conflict. States: Orteria Sovereignty - Orteria is a small system of worlds ruled by a monarchy. Its populous appears to be humans of Asian decent due to the geographical set up of its planets and their climate. Orteria for its size has one of the largest and most powerful military forces in the galaxy. It was annexed by the Federation while keeping its civilian government, military and monarchy intact to prevent a war between it and the Federation when the Federation attempted to force the small empire to become a member state; in essence making it a member in name only. Outer Rim Worlds - The "Rim Worlds" are the edge planets of the Federation where the government has little control or authority. Due to the size of the Federation it often is not able to send aide; leaving these worlds on their own. This creates a political divide between the "core" planets and the rim planets. The Rim worlds have their own security forces known as the Special Armored Division due to their need for protection when the Federation is not able to send assistance. Military/Para-Military organizations Planetary Security Forces - Planetary Guard; think of them like the National Guard. Every planet has them; most of the time they are also the police forces. Not really seen much in the story just like they are not seen much in actual star trek. Marine Corps - there is a need for more than just security personnel. Marines handle ground based tactical operations and related missions. Usually work with Delta Force. Starfleet - Federation exploration fleet. Delta Force Counter Terrorist Organization - the defense and special forces arm of the Federation it was branched out of Starfleet so Starfleet could focus on exploration though most people consider it still the same since it still follows Starfleet protocols for the most part (obviously since its a tactical organization it has exceptions as you have seen) Armor Mechanized Corps (AMC) - highly trained starfighter pilots; marines with starfighter certifications that fly mecha instead of starfighters. Special Armored Division - Part of the Citizen Welfare Ministry. They handle outer rim security. Alchemy Commission - A special government commission under the direction of Delta Force and a number of civilian government agencies. They handle extremely advanced technologies that one would almost consider magic. They also handle all gems and similar technologies. They maintain the Special Policing Unit a team of Special Investigators who handle "magic" or extra-physical type cases. Paranormal Response Unit - Renamed after the Chaos incidents. Handles Paranormal aces. Not really relivent to the story anymore. Technically now part of the Alchemy Commission. Temporal Security Service (Temporal Directorate I believe they were called in Star Trek) - The time police. Government Contractors Inter-Universal Technology Command - A government owned technology development and research company. it also manages the inter-space transit systems and space "highways". Lonhorn Corporation - Ship, mech and medical technology design firm. Also owns multiple holdings companies that operate the galaxies internet services, mobile phone services and the backbones of all telecommunications infrastructure. Arvonus Corporation - Weapons contractor. Also builds VX tech and AI. There is a large list of these guys on ship design plans, mech design plans... Half of them are NEVER mentioned in story... Other Governments Aloris Alliance - Far out government. It is not explained who is part of this alliance. They were mentioned in a mission when Misuki was sent to negotiate a treaty with them. They are led by one of the EU (Q) ascended Naomi Westbridge (Use to be a main cast member back in like 2006) Mint Republic Caldarian Union - They are a race that is near Earth II that is in rocky footing with the Federation. Better relations since the Federation became the Federation again. Varaxian Empire - Same as above; I could explain more but at this point in the story that information would be meaningless. Terran Dominion - A militaristic government that ruled over Earth and its nearby systems. Xenophobic to a fault. United Universal Alliance of Republics - The predecessor to the Unified Council; the galactic united nations. Universal Defense Commission - United Forces Alliance Military. United Forces Alliance - The previous government prior to the Terran Federation and later the Galactic Federation. EU Council - A universal governing entity which oversees divine matters and issues of universal significance. The Council of Overseers - EU governing council for the Milky Way Galaxy. United Watchers - An organization who just records happenings of time and space. Considered omnipresent. WIS (Watchers intelligence Service) - The security and intel forces of the United Watchers. Hentori - A government on Kiru which was the first to create a functional space agency. it is a member of the Kiru World Alliance which was formed after the defeat of Asimo Honda and the Empire. Laviesta - A local government of the Hen-Shu Empire on Allen-Morien the world where Atsikai takes place.
  6. Here is technical information on the gems. There are two types not listed the Ether and time gem which both have not actually been seen in the story. Calefaction Dante Rubie - Commonly referred to as "fire gems" This gem operates by simply adding heat to things. This can consist of actions that heat up an area or a room, or for shooting flames. Expert use of this stone can create magma out of the ground we stand on. Mastered use of this gem can create superheated fusion energies such as plasma. Aquatic Pleides Sapphire - Commonly referred to as "water gems" this gem operates but manipulation and creation of liquid water. Simple uses can be purifying, cleaning and creating flows of water. intermediate is manipulation of bodies of water and using healing properties of the gem. expert and mastered use is freezing and the creation of ice. Climate shift Fluorite - Commonly referred to as "lightning gems" or "wind gems". These gems are classified as both as they can manipulate and create both. simple uses is creating breezes and short ranged Shocks. Intermediate to expert uses can consist of creating updrafts to create flight, or can call down lightning, and creating wind storms. Once Mastered you can directly shoot extreme high voltage bolts and strikes of lightning directly from the stone and your body. Terra Nature Quartz - Commonly referred to as "earth gems". These gems can manipulate Earth and Nature. From manipulating Stone and earth and creating magnetism to manipulating and creating nature. intermediate uses can consist of using nature energy to heal wounds to being able to lift and create constructs of stone. Expert use can consist of earthquakes and heavy magnetism. Darkmatter Nox Alexandrite - Commonly referred to as "purple gems" or "gravity gems". Uses of this can be used to manipulate gravity, transfer energies and even create dark matter. These gems are normally used in Ships and other machine processes such as cloaking devices, and in-atmosphere airships. however these gems can be deadly in the hands of an advanced gem master as gravity is a hard force to overcome, there are not much reports of people using purple gems in combat or war outside of machinery. Demise Netherfallen Obsidian - Commonly referred to as "death gems" or "black gems. This gem is extremely dangerous because the act of removing life begins with the host, and using the surrounding area as a source of life to draw from. The gem simply removes life energy and returns them to the Energy Subspace. However the less life around you the more dangerous the gem is, as it will draw on your own life to remove the life of your intended target. This can be slightly remedied by carrying and mastering a Vita Lumiere Pearl however it is not recommended to carry many on you. Vita Lumiere Pearl - Commonly referred to as "life gems" or "white gems". This gem can summon and can imbue things with the energy of life. This means you can use this to resurrect someone from the dead aslong as they've been dead only by 3 days with little consquences, any longer death times can result in recommending expert or mastered use of this gem. In the wrong hands of this gem, you can cause cancers, cellular overgrowth, mass mutations, and can create things that can result in.. nightmarish proportions. if used to create raw life, it is unknown whether the life you create will become an infectious cancer of our world or can create guardians, it is better by the alchemic commission that it is extremely limited on who's hands these gems fall into.
  7. Hello, I am here with our March update a little early with some good news. We will be releasing our first major release. Along with this release, we will be doing a sale on the game and some marketing to get the word on our game out there. It is still in the form of a kinetic novel as we have only finished chapter one of our story. More patches will be incoming and more interaction with our community will be incoming. Now for a list of what has been accomplished this month: - Art for Alister and Reko has been added. - All Chapter 1 key areas have backgrounds. - All text for Chapter 1 of ENRB: C1 has been reviewed and quality checked. - Numerous code bug-fixes have been applied. - Character image spacing has been changed correcting some aspect ratios for characters. - Second Remi outfit added; more for other characters coming soon. We will be adding additional music and making more changes in the coming days. With all of these changes there have also been some internal process changes which will allow for faster release of patches, faster editing and more streamlined debugging procedures. We have also been able to call in one of our editors to help with direct development; also helping to increase in the speed of development. As a final but important note; we are aware of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the world; as a response to this, we want everyone to know that we are encouraging our staff to stay home. Since this is a remote project all of our team work from home already. This has allowed our team more time to work on this project; hopefully, this gives people access to something to do so that they can enjoy themselves in light of this crisis. Having something entertaining to do helps improve mental health and decrease stress so we hope that you are taking time to have some fun even if it is not with our product. Thanks, Josh (Atsumari) TNU Productions LLC.
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  9. Skill Ranged Combat - 7 [11] Close Combat - 0 Martial Arts (Fill in type) - 0 Leadership - 5 [6] Starship Engineering - 8 [14] Civil Engineering - 7 [11] Equipment Repair - 10 [23] Information Systems - 10 [23] Intelligence Gathering - 7 [11] Domestic Skills - 5 [6] Survivalism - 3 [3] Medicine - 0 Research/Innovation - 10 [23] Piloting - 0 Diplomacy - 0 Gem Concentration - 5 [8] Gem Specialization (Yellow) - 7[11]
  10. Stats STR = 8 DEX = 10 CON = 11 INT = 14 WIS = 16 CHA =17
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  12. Character Information Name: Desiree Nicknames: Dezy Gender: Female Species: Human Age: 24 DOB: September 20 Blood Type: O Positive Physical Appearance Height: 5’2” Weight: 135lbs Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Black Measurements: 36 31 33 Physical Description: Desiree has medium length black hair, with curled pink tips. Both of her eyes are cybernetic, with the circuitry noticeable when looking into her iris. She also has a cortical implant over her left eye. Personality & Traits General Overview: Has a genuinely friendly personality and is occasionally flirtatious when she wants to be. Strengths & Weaknesses: She is highly skilled with ranged weapons, having superb accuracy largely due to her cybernetic eyes. Also because of her cybernetic augmentation, she can see into the EM Spectrum. The downside is that a well-placed EMP can cause her to lose her eyesight until the implants can be repaired. Life History and Relationships Family: Her parents are alive and well. Her sister is attending a prestigious university. History: Parents served in the military and retired shortly after Desiree was born. During training at the military academy, she sustained an injury to the eyes that required cybernetic replacements. Education: Graduated from the Naval Academy. Languages: Standard STR=6 (-2) DEX=16 (+3) CON=17 (+3) INT=15 (+2) WIS=15 (+2) CHA=9 (-1) Ranged Combat - 8 Close Combat - 4 Martial Arts (Self-Defense) - 4 Leadership - 3 Starship Engineering - 4 Civil Engineering - 4 Equipment Repair - 4 Information Systems - 4 Intelligence Gathering - 7 Domestic Skills - 4 Survivalism - 5 Medicine - 2 Research/Innovation - 3 Diplomacy – 4 Bio-mechanic Mastery - 9
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    Kiyoko Ino

    STR=16 DEX=14 CON=19 INT=12 WIS=14 CHA=12 Skill Ranged Combat - 9 18 Close Combat - 9 18 Martial Arts (Judo) 3 Leadership - 5 6 Starship Engineering - 5 6 Equipment Repair - 5 6 Information Systems - 5 6 Intelligence Gathering - 8 14 Domestic Skills - 5 6 Survivalism - 5 6 Medicine - 5 6 Research/Innovation - 5 6 Piloting - 10 23 Diplomacy - 5 6 Bio-mechanic Mastery - 5 6 Gem Concentration - 7 11 Gem Specialization (Blue) - 3 Total 150
  14. Hello, As we have been working on the VN for awhile here is a look at art in one place that we have done for the game or for TNU in general. As you will see the art styles are the same throughout as we only have an art department of two people and two modelers who sometimes do 3d things for our guns on our wiki. Outside of that we really just go with what we have. Remi - Shuttle Scene (ENRB Chapter 1 VN) Remi Dorm; Temp (ERNB chapter 1 VN) Lift - ENRB Chapter 1 Marsia Academy Cafeteria - ENRB Chapter 1 Marsia Academy Remi/Yuki Dorm Room - ENRB Chapter 1 Marsia Academy Arisa Eirini Alister Bai-Karu Takeko "Akane" Hassam Sumire "Remi" Rembrant (School Uniform) Sumire "Remi" Rembrant (Gym/Workout Clothes) Yuki Rembrant - Dress Yuki Rembrant - Marsia Academy Uniform Non-VN Art Erin "Ari" Mizriki-Clark I might add sprites and other things that have been done for us to this thread depending on responses from people to it.
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  16. Hello, Welcome to another community update announcement! In this announcement I will be covering what we’ve gotten done so far and also what our plans are. We are hoping to release the first chapter soon. As for the game release we had initially set for full release in August but are unsure if we can hit that goal. I wanted to let you know that now before we moved further along and missed expectations however below is a list of what we have done and where we are as of now. - The background art for Sumire and Yuki’s room is done. Akane’s is nearly done. - Art for Alister and Reko is done. - Editing for the entirety of scene one is mostly done. Just waiting on final checks by our senior editor. - The android security patch that I mentioned in the previous announcement has been completed. As we continue through this process we are always looking for feedback so please let us know what you think… As people who have reported problems in the past will notice we respond quickly to feedback especially if there is an error or problem that needs to be resolved. Even though we are a small development team we have dedicated customer service and community staff who are around specifically to respond to your inquiries; so feel free to reach out… If you have an interest in our larger story also feel free to ask questions and chitchat with us on our Discord. We are happy to grow the community and are interested in your input. Josh (Atsumari) TNU Productions
  17. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 1: Discovery and Reflection November 25th 4566 Midday Narrated by Misuki Raion It has been awhile since I did one of these and so why not... Trinity took some time to have leave but during this leave they found that finding their target would only take much longer than they expected. On top of that an Earthquake rocked Earth II as if not to add additional problems to their already full plate... So much for leave.... At least they got a couple days of leave though... See you again...
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  19. Character Information Name: Owain Danforth Titles: Sir. (for now only one) Gender: Male Species: Human Age: 26 DOB: Blood Type: AB+ Physical Appearance Height:6'7 Weight:200 Eye Color:Blue Hair Color:Black Measurements: (Optional; sometimes people like to do this especially with female characters... I dont require it) Physical Description: A tall man with broad shoulders Impeccably clean and well groomed Personality & Traits General Overview: Strengths & Weaknesses: Ambitions: Hobbies & Interests: Life History and Relationships Family: History: Owain is not originally from earth but rather a far off colony and is a bit of a researcher and engineer. While he is not a mainstream name Many in the alchemy and those of more science backgrounds may have heard his name as one of those new up and coming minds. He has worked on a few notable projects and that has been enough for the Alchemy association to get him transferred to the Lavie as a VIP for his protection. He has spend many a nights perfecting his newest project Education: Quantum physics Ph.D, Geology Ph.D, Magicology Ph.D DTS, Theology Ph.D Languages: Starfleet/Military Service Information Assignment: Service Record: Service Medals:
  20. STR = 10 DEX = 14 CON = 16 INT = 19 WIS = 10 CHA = 11 Skill Ranged Combat - 0 Close Combat - 0 Martial Arts (Taichi) - 4,4 (Taichi) Leadership - Starship Engineering - 10 ,23 Civil Engineering - 10,23 Equipment Repair - 10 ,23 Information Systems - 5,6 Intelligence Gathering -5,6 Domestic Skills - 2,2 Survivalism - Medicine - Research/Innovation - 10, 23 Research/innovation II-10, 32 Piloting - Diplomacy - Bio-mechanic Mastery - Gem Concentration - 6,8 Gem Specialization (Fill in gem type) - Summoning - Atsikai Affinity - Partner Affinity - Psi Energy - Ki Energy - Approved for 160 points per GM (Character background; prodigy)
  21. Atsumari

    Lumiere Trouve

    STR=14 DEX=19 CON=10 INT=16 WIS=14 CHA=16 Skill Ranged Combat - 7 11 Close Combat - 7 11 Martial Arts (Judo) - 1 Leadership - 7 11 Starship Engineering - 10 23 Civil Engineering - 9 18 Equipment Repair - 8 14 Information Systems - 10 23 Information Systems II - 10 32 Intelligence Gathering - 7 11 Domestic Skills - 7 11 Survivalism - 5 6 Medicine - 10 23 Medicine II - 10 32 Research/Innovation - 10 23 Piloting - 7 11 Diplomacy - 7 11 Bio-mechanic Mastery - 7 11 Gem Concentration - 7 11 Gem Specialization (Blue) - 5 6 Total 300 (Augmented character; ship combined with cloned human; genetic engineering)
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  24. From: Al Mitchner To: Aidan Thornton; Jake Noris Date: November 20th 4566 0935 Subject: Registration Good morning, As per your request Chief of Staff Noris I have sent the medical and vital statistics data on Ryuji Yamamoto, Makigisa Tahoshi and Sanya Isilme to the Vital records Office and Citizen Registration Division. The three of them have had temporary identification issued and assigned VX IDs. Their mail accounts with MicroNet should be up shortly. If there is anything more you need please let me know. Al Mitchner COA Office Services Supervisor Communications Service Galactic Federation Records Division
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