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  2. Luis


    Holy Cow its a update from me!!! Yes i know it has been a while since i touched the site well here it is a new theme to better fit the site should also be mobile friendly as for the Visual novel i am hoping to get a Pre Dev Release soon at least some sort of actual software ppl can download or test online to see whats going on. I have also added a Military Roster system complete with a operations center kinda like the player site but integrated into the main site
  3. - RisaXSeph -

    Site Updates

    Hi, I have updated the site a minor bit. For the most up to date information it is recommended you join our Discord at https://discord.gg/GAfVFUB, view our wiki or the player services site at https://players.tnuproject.net .
  4. - RisaXSeph -

    More Updates

    I updated the site, wiki and various other things. If you need something there is also a link to our Discord on the forum.
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