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  2. Federated Nations of Rema A planetary mega-metropolis taking up the entire world of Rema Prime. It is a massive city broken into districts where each district is controlled by a different government operated corporation. Said corporations all control their own area of the planet and report to the Governing Board for major concerns. The Royal family; of which the only remaining member is the young girl Chi is more a figurehead but maintains the worlds protection and oversees the worlds protectorate agency the Advocates which police the planet, ensure peace and keep the people safe. Due to he
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  4. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 3: Behold Unto You… December 5 4566 Late Night Narrated by Haruka Sumimori While the away team and I were working to gather information on the mission that the planet's AI was sending us on planetary guards from this world; Rema, showed up at the Lavie while its power was being drained by a mysterious phenomena. The crew comes to find out that this was being done to keep the Lavie from leaving. After getting communications back between the ship and the away team I offered to try to get us answers by distracting th
  5. Fully mobile works well... cool.

  6. Good morning, We have been largely quiet since the release of the second scene but I want to assure you that we have not abandoned the project. The reason for this update will explain why we have been largely silent but is also a good thing for the goals with this game and any input the community may have to make the game better as we develop things. - We are scrapping the current engine and moving to Unity to allow for better support, customization, more mini-games and an overall more useful experience. - We are clearing up some character and background art discrepancies
  7. Dr Ashton Cordelia Rachal (Nicknames: AC or Ash) Chief Medical Officer Born: Alexandria, Louisiana, Earth Age: 36 Education: BS in Biology & Psychology - Louisiana State University, Baton Rough, LA Earth MD in Trauma Surgery - LSU Medical school New Orleans, LA Earth MD in Psychology - Starfleet Medical Completed Starfleet Academy with qualifications in medicine and science Siblings: James Rachal 31 married with no children living in Texas, Earth Father: Wayne Rachal Deceased Mother: Addie Rachal - 59 living in Louisiana, Earth
  8. Fleet Level Trinity Fleet Commander: Queen (H.M.) Sumire Rembrant Trinity Fleet Executive Officer: General (H.M.) Aidan Thornton Trinity Fleet Operations Officer: Vice Admiral Yuka Layton Trinity Medical Division Director: Commodore (Dr.) Sarissa Slane, M.D. Trinity Science Division Director: Commodore (Retired) (Dr.) Scott Johnson, Ph.D EMF Division Leader: Commander Ayano Layton TFS Lavie Command Personnel/Senior Staff Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Erin “Ari” Mizriki-Clark Executive Officer: Commander Ardent Dawn Second Officer/Chief Science Officer: Commander
  9. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 3: Behold Unto You… December 5 4566 Evening Narrated by Haruka Sumimori The Lavie has now arrived at a world we detected on sensors and in the hope that it is less hostile than everything else we have met in this sector. A team including members of the science department, team one and I were sent to investigate the world and meet with its leader after the allowed us permissions to dock. We arrived on this strange world to realize it is a cold barren dark sad place but seems un-phased by the space monsters.
  10. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 3: Behold Unto You… December 5 4566 Morning Narrated by Haruka Sumimori After leaving the outpost we spent time studying the data collected from the researchers only to find out that the creatures consume all matter of energy. Based on their age and size we can overload them with power and make them pop due to overfeeding them. They seem to mindlessly consume whatever they find; with a particular interest in gems. Meanwhile as the research teams and engineers were working on recovering the data nonstop and
  11. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 2: Into the Unknown November 29th 4566 Midday Narrated by Haruka Sumimori We have arrived at the planet after encountering the rather strange organization without a name threatening to kill us if we did not hand over gem users and those with the cult. A field team was sent to the surface of the planet including myself and others from science and engineering to discover what happened to the colonists only to discover more questions than answers. Seems like that is what this assignment will be for me what wit
  12. Yeah no worries, got it finished with the rollie stuff
  13. When you have time a staff member will help you roll stats and set skills. We can also just do this part for you if you want.
  14. Character Information Name: Wolfrick Wolfgang Nicknames: Mr. 13, Wolf Who Never Misses, The Hunter Gender: Male Species: Human Age: 20's to 50's DOB: Unknown Blood Type: B- Physical Appearance Height: 6'0" Weight: 77Kg Eye Color: Light Blue Hair Color: Black and White Dick Measurement: 11 Inches Physical Description: Tealish Blue Hunter's Garb, with a black opened vest and a green highlight near the bottom, green pants, Black combat boots. He has a scar along his left cheek, two scars along the chest, scar along the right side of his chin, and a bullet wound i
  15. Name: Jahn Irons Nicknames: Jan though not his favorite Gender: male Species: augmented Human Age: 32 DOB: 4534 Blood Type: O+ Physical Appearance Height: 5' 10" Weight: 195 pounds Eye Color: Hazel, but they change to partially blue on occasion. Hair Color: Light brown Physical Description: slightly stock build. Light brown hair with light skin, and light freckling. Neatly trimmed van dyke (mustache and beard around the mouth only) Usually wears glasses. Not because they are needed for vision but they are advanced and can displ
  16. Character Information Name: Haruka Sumimori Nicknames: Haru, Sumi Gender: Female Species: Augmented Human Age: 30 DOB: 4/15/4536 Blood Type: AB + Home: Memorial Center, Earth; Sol System Physical Appearance Height: 5’ 6” Weight: 128 lbs Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blonde Measurements: 34 – 28 – 34 Physical Description: See picture. Personality & Traits General Overview: Haru thinks of herself as a savior of others. She wants to help other people and feels compassion for others. Her self-worth however can fluctuate vastly from feeling as thoug
  17. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 2: Into the Unknown November 28th 4566 Nighttime Narrated by Mira Lowin The crew of the TFS Repulse had successfully completed their mission only to find my little ship having completed its survey of the sector. A tiny little survey vessel which only just got out of having its own problems on a planet out here was looking for something else to do anyway. Now I have joined this crew in its mission to respond to the emergency call to the world at the edge of known space in this unexplored sector where we have fi
  18. Atsumari

    Steam Sale

    Hello, Just a note that form now until July 9th on our Steam Page the game is 50 percent off. This is due to the Summer Sale. We released version 1 back in mid-May. We are slowly working on editing of the story for chapter two whilst writing more of the story for later installments. This is just a tiny little update on things here. Atsu
  19. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 2: Into the Unknown November 27th 4566 Afternoon Narrated by Ayano Layton Our team was sent to the cityship and went to rescue Yuki. We battled with the Cult and defeated them once and for all. We are now in the process of taking Yuki back to the Repulse.
  20. Approved. Assignment assistant HELM officer for the Repulse. You also have stat points left over did you just want to keep them for use later?
  21. Character Information Name: Timothy James Rogers Nicknames: Slim, Tim Gender: Male Species: Human Age: 21 DOB: 02/17/4545 Blood Type: O+ Physical Appearance Height: 5'3" Weight: 176 Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Measurements: Physical Description: A short guy with brown hair, brown eyes, and a look that shows he ready to help, no matter the situation, if he can help it. Personality & Traits General Overview: Is seeking a challenge out of life, he committed to serve his purpose. Strengths & Weaknesses: Strengths: Smart. Weaknesses: Cou
  22. Hi, Effective on May 14th after much work and preparation we were informed that The New Universes Project was determined to be a 501(c)3 nonprofit. This means that we are able to take tax deductible donations and are exempt from tax. This also provides us certain legal requirements and protections but much of this is stuff we already do not engage in anyway due to the nature of what we do as a fan based writing group and group that keeps writing alive for people. In short it has a lot to do with politics and for profit ventures; all of which don't apply to us since as mentioned we don't d
  23. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 2: Into the Unknown November 27th 4566 Morning Narrated by Ayano Layton Those of us who were assigned to the Repulse, one of the little ships assigned to support the Lavie; have begun our trek to the furthest reaches of Federation space. Our mission is respond to the emergency call sent from a Rim Colony. As we were on our way out, we were approached by the Onyx cityship and its governor came aboard to request assistance with remnants of the cult which had captured Yuki; Sumire’s sister. It seems like we ca
  24. Hello everyone, Welcome to the next community update. We are only midway through May but I am happy to have some announcements for you. Effective as of last night we have released version 1.0. This build completes the first part of the Chapter 1 story. With this, we have also verified all things are working on our first full build of the kinetic portion of the game. In particular the following things have been completed: - Additional minor grammatical changes to the game. - Scene transitions fixed and match content of the story. - Music added to each scene and during s
  25. Name: Mari Cecilia Hassam-Lowin Gender: Female Age: 24 Race: Human; Augmented Blood Type: B+ Height: 148.5 cm/4' 8" Weight: 46kg/101 lbs Description Mari or known by most people online as Miracila Hersom; a play on her real name. is a Hikikomori girl whom works for Lonhorn’s Computer technologies unit and is currently on loan to the Federation’s exploration survey team. She suffers from a mixture of genetic and auto immune disorders which causes her body to be extremely vulnerable to any type of viral or bacterial infection. Such things would cause her immune system to go into
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