For those that do not know about FallFest it is a chance for the simming and roleplaying communities to meet, share ideas and have fun as a whole. It consists of panels ran by fellow simmers/role-players whom want to share an idea or help others learn something new. This is also a time where members of the role playing world can connect on equal footing. This years event will take place on December 15th 2018 starting at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time. It is hosted by Ongoing Worlds and The New Universes Project. FallFest is a yearly convention ran by Ongoing Worlds and a sort of child convention to the yearly SciWorld Conference held yearly; ran by the Simming League and later Ongoing Worlds.

Past FallFests

FallFest Dates Sponsor Host Chair
I Oct 28, 2011 Simming League Independence Fleet Charles Star
II Sep 21, 2012 Ongoing Worlds USS Asimov Jonathan Swift
III Oct 11, 2013 Ongoing Worlds UFOP: StarBase 118 Diego Herrera
IV Nov 22, 2014 Ongoing Worlds Phoenix Roleplaying Misty Taylor
V Dec 5, 2015 Ongoing Worlds UFOP: StarBase 118 James Drysdale
VI Nov 12, 2016 Ongoing Worlds Obsidian Fleet Myrkul Sharr
VII Dec 9, 2017 Ongoing Worlds Bravo Fleet Zachary O’Connell
VIII Dec 15, 2018 Ongoing Worlds TNU Project Josh Hina