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Summertime Leave (S3E1) [Erin/Jack]


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Erin "Ari" Mizriki-Clark
Jack Pine
CO's Office; DFS Lavie - Earth II Orbit
November 21st 4566 - Morning


Ari was sitting on a planter outside of one of the spaceports of Earth II. She decided to finally come down for a little bit and chill while she still could. She was in a sleeveless hoodie that zipped up. Under it was a tank. She also wore short shorts and sandals with her hair in one bun instead of her normal two.

A familiar voice cleared their throat as they walked up, "You know, you look like you could use some company. A plus one if you'd have me?" It was Jack, the man who had been such an oddity in his first days here in this universe. But now, he lived more and more like any other human did as he learned and adapted to a new life here.

Sporting the more natural black color of hair today, his eyes their bright blue, a swap he was thankful to the VX for making possible. When not displayed as the polar opposite, he bore a striking resemblance to his mother, Sarah. Giving a smile as he ordered his bike, the shine of it's materialization, highlighting the usual attire he wore commonly. Jeans, boots, a short sleeve shirt, and the old leather jacket currently hung over his shoulder casually.

Ari chuckled to herself as she looked him over. How he was dressed now and how casually he acted definitely showed why she jumped on him the first chance she got. He definitely was different at first and she herself even had to slap some sense into him a few times before eventually just walking away for a little while giving him time to adjust to the world around him before she gave him the time of day again. But now he seemed good again like someone she could take on a date, have a date with then drag off into the back of their car and have a moment or two together. “ I mean like we’ve only got limited time I’m down if you are… I totally expect our leave to be cut short by some retarded crap like usually happens with this place… If we get more than two days of leave I’ll be amazed I mean fuck if I actually have leave until my birthday I’ll just like offer myself to some fat random ass old guy...” she said sarcastically because of the rarity of actually having any length of time off.

"I can't say I'm random, but when I have my other hair color, I've got the old look down at least. Besides, you know some random wouldn't know how to fully show how special of a day it would be for you. I've never had one myself, but I'm pretty sure birthdays call for small parties, or extreme acts of fun. Sounds like a good excuse to blow all that back pay I've been saving, sure it would be enough to setup a nice day.", the man said in his usual warm fashion.

He gave a nod before adding, "But that's then, and today is now. So let's have fun today too while we have the chance. And if something comes up, then we'll beat them as always and just pick up where we left off."

Ari shrugged “well... yeah... sounds about right... and... you don’t have to buy me anything for my birthday... it’s a sweet gesture but really I’m good; save your money for yourself...” Ari said smirking as she got up waiting on him to lead the way to... Wherever… She really didn’t have a plan coming down here either way she just wanted off the damn ship.
“ and the old man comment was more like the pervy old men from hentai; was a joke... nasty cringe factor old dudes I’d normally bust the balls of.”
She smiled like busting old guys balls was a good thing.
“ totally would have to shower for like a week afterwards.” She added.

"Sounds like no fun honestly. So how about we take a ride around town, someone told me there were some nice down time spots to visit around the city.", Jack said before gesturing in offer of joining him on his motor bike. It certainly was different then what he used to ride around on. It looked vaguely similar, but clearly customized with newer parts this world had to offer.


"Sure; it's been awhile since a guy took me around and showed me the sights..." Ari got on the bike joining him wondering where they would go.

(In response to your OOC question of what is on Earth II; everything; there would be tourist districts and the like. I replied above so just respond then you ban.)

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