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Once Enemies; Now Friends (S3E1) [Erin/Lily/Nicol]


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Erin "Ari" Mizriki-Clark
Lilliana "Lily" Ironwhite 
Nicol Bolas
CO's Office; DFS Lavie - Earth II Orbit
November 20th 4566 - Evening


Ari was in her office after her break with Oscar and her chat with Scott wondering what to do about the powered girl and the elements of corruption still within the government. It was then that Lily just walked in her office. “My master wants to talk to you.” Lily said “... um... who... you call everyone your master dear... hasn’t Aidan broken you of that yet...” “no I legitimately mean my master.” Ari tilted her head at the puzzling AI. Lily sighed hacking into the rooms holo projectors.
“Also learn to knock.” Ari replied to the sighing girl.

After some moments of Lily accessing the projectors, a blue toned hologram of a man appeared.  He looked in his late 40s and of russian decent.  "Greetings.  I am Nicol Bolas, head of the Biological Research Division of Skynet."  This became even more apparent as soon as he spoke, the accent coming through his english.

“Ari Mizriki Intelligence chief of the RMA and Trinity... aren’t you dead?”


He wore a cool lab coat with the stereotypical styluses in the chest pocket.  A vintage skynet emblem graced one of the shoulders of said lab coat as he gave a nod of acknowledgement to Lily's assistance.  "Ah yes, that.  Physically speaking, perhaps.  But to be fair, we have redefined what it means to be alive before."


“I guess that’s not the most fucked thing I’ve heard considering Gainz and I got thrown into this time by meddling gods... so Dr. Bolas; what can I do for you or are you as good at intel as you are at making well endowed ki powered black Super Sayians...” Ari said sarcastically to him.

"Gainz tells me you are from his time...in fact..." Nicol lifts his hand up and a holographic window pops up near him brining up the log files from the Assimilation of Japan.  He flicks his wrist assimilating all the text in an instant.  "You met him the day we released him upon Japan.  And now 2500 odd years later you are in the future.  With Gainz I know why, the Revengers whisked him off with some invention of my dear rival, Gates.  But I was always under the impression that gods did not exist...at least not until now."

“They call themselves gods but there basically power children in a galactic playpen with Demi-angel powers of sorts; we had one fuck with us; another take a copy of Yuka Layton from her side of the multiverse with a Dan and Vanilla and thrust them here... now we have some senators trying to revive an evil one so he can fuck the galaxy some more... some woman murdered those senators though. We are looking for her now.”

“And met Gainz would be an understatement... he used me as his personal fleshlight...” Ari quipped reflecting off the statement not to bring back memories.

"Whether they are actual gods or just beings we fail to understand remains to be seen.  But what I do know is this; Skynet sees them as a threat to Earth's well being.  And it is a sentiment to be taken seriously.  I have read Gainz's report about this Phoenix.  This being held a power even beyond him.  Gainz is the strongest thing we have even seen, for things to be beyond him...with the wrong mindset behind that power, this is some cause for concern.  There is no check and balance for these entities." Nicol said then added.
"Ah...that was not in the report.  Yes, Gainz his libido is...higher than average.  A side-effect of his....manifestation."

“We need assistance in blocking their abilities and finding this woman.” Ari said avoiding the other topic.

"We notice Gainz is part of their faction of sorts now, and since his joining of the EU, he has become even stronger.  He may have a foot in the door in regards to combating these entities beyond our power.  No matter how strong he gets, he will always be of sound mind, as designed.  As for this unknown woman, Lily will assist you in this task."

“Alright. Our scientist is competent but sometimes a bit overzealous... so if needed would we be able to use some of the technological research divisions bandwidth building a device to track these beings.” She asked.

"We will assist in any way we can.  Even now we are still in the process of replacing dated infrastructure within our city, but we are over 92% in efficiency and functionality." Nicol replied

“Cool... so since you’re like a hologram or something have you considered you know becoming a live again or I mean...” she wondered

Nicol shook his head.  "I appreciate the gesture but it is unnecessary.  I am one with Skynet, I can accomplish much more in this form.  Besides, I'm not the type that requires it...social life would just distract me from my purpose."

“ damn that’s like a total dedication there… Your totally like some mad scientist from some anime... so where did Skynet go after earth was destroyed anyway

"We never left.  We were always on earth.  After the Revengers left us broken and in ruin, our chain of command collapsed.  We could not maintain order over our Mazda and Honda branches nor the people that remained and through some bug in the system it led to war between the 2 over control.  The war came and went twice and afterwards few scientists and staff remained with Skynet, I was among them. Skynet still very much existed during and through all the dark times on Earth where the people fought amongst themselves.  We were crippled and had not the power to repair ourselves and just existing on what still functioned was a struggle.  By then my body was failing and it was becoming apparent that life was not sustainable within Skynet City.  In my last years I developed a way to transfer my consciousness to the digital realm and remain existing.  Keeping archive of records, watching, waiting, listening."
"We essentially became a ruin, much like ancient Imperial Rome, except we were not quite dead." Nicol said with a little grin.

“ so wait... everything is fine right now?” Ari asked.

"Yes.  Eventually, though this took many centuries...our ruins were found.  Once we were able to get back some form of functionality we started putting the infrastructure of the planet back together.  As our goal always was to bring mankind through the future through technology, that never changed.  After restoring Earth and bringing peace to the chaos that reigned our mission advanced to ensuring the planet and people are protected."

"This has been established for quite some time now.  Were...you not aware?" Nicol asked

“ we knew that you guys were repairing earth but we didn’t realize that nothing happened... so it’s good?”
Ari explained

"The swarm attempted to damage Earth and they were swiftly taken care of.  Then we sent Gainz off to deliver our regards.  As it stands now, Earth is good."

“ I will let my superiors know. anything else we probably don’t know about that you can think we should know?”


"Not off the top of my head, but if anything arises we will appraise you of the situation." Nicol says as he adjusts his lab coat

She nods. “ we should probably have a conversation later more about some of the stuff you did has some of your research seems kind of cool at least to me anyway… Outside of that though I think we’re good for now and we both probably have other things we can do with our time then Babel for hours about science fiction nerd crap.” She said with a giggle


Nicol gave a nod.  "Well then, until next time."  His hologram then disappears from Ari's office

Lily leaves without another word leaving her to her devices.


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