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Hikaru's Dreary Day (S3E1) [Erin/Hikaru] [ERP]


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Erin "Ari" Mizriki-Clark 
Hikaru Ino
Ino Twin's Quarters; TFS Lavie - Rendezvous Point
November 19th 4566 - Late Night
As the mech teams were on standby not much was happening because of the fleet sitting outside of the ship basically blocking the crew from moving. This meant not much for anyone to do; The twins room was left open as Hikaru arrived at the door. Inside was his sister... at least at first glance her long black hair seemed to go further down than normal and she was in their academy uniform... something else seemed different though Hikaru couldn’t quite place it with her back to him.

"Kiyo?" Hikaru walked back into the room, but there was something odd about it, they had left the door open, and Kiyo's hair was longer than he really remembered seeing it last. He felt kind of odd. Looking at her in the academy uniform... that brought back some memories. "What's with the nostalgia?"


As she turned to him. “You’ve been naughty nii-Chan... and for that I get to punish you...” somethings seemed totally off with her. She didn’t look like herself... For one she seemed shorter, for two... did her chest triple in size... something was not right. She just smirked at him quite devilishly.


Nii chan? Kiyo hadn't called him that name probably ever, so alarm bells started to go off, then looking at her, she was easily too short, and her chest was two steps too large. Hikaru pulled himself into a fighting stance really quick when he saw the face. "Drop the act, and who the hell am I dealing with?" Short, rounder breasts... "Ari?"

As he seemed to be analyzing the situation she approached still smirking “she does call you niichan when your the older one silly... I heard you like your academy’s uniforms...” she winks. She did pull of a pretty good appearance as Kiyo even got her voice just she couldn’t exactly make herself taller and boob jobs were no fun. She shrugs “of course who else would dress up like Kiyo to screw with you... Sumire...” Ari laughed.

"I haven't been in the older role for a while." He wouldn't tell Ari that he was a touch disapointed that it wasn't his twin, that he didn't get to see enough of Kiyo anymore, but honestly it was nice just to have Ari back for a bit as well, he had been rather lonely lately. "The academy outfit was..." He looked at Ari for a moment with a soft chuckle. "A pleasant surprise, but you did give me a bit of a spook."

“If only I pulled it off better; would have been hot and hilarious if you started toying with me like I was your sister... then you’d be sad though...” she shrugged.
“So where’s the rope when you do find her again?” Ari teased about him tying Kiyoko up and never letting her escape. “I’d like to be part of that domination...”

"Nightstand top drawer." He said with an amused smile, actually having some rope just for that occasion, but looking at Ari he did smile. "Maybe next time you wanna try it, you could not stand with your back to the door." He had to admit that he had seen far too many horror movies involving ghosts to not be a little creeped out when he enters a room with a woman standing in the middle of it. He gently put an arm around Ari, and then not so gently tossed her onto the bed. "Laying down, with the skirt pulled up, would have drawn my eyes away from the chest, and been a lot less creepy."

“So show you her panties... I mean I did make this entire thing like one of her uniforms from the replicators; just my sizes...” she smirked at him still looking enough like Kiyo that even though he knew she wasn’t the illusion was like fun role play. Ari showed her panties playfully after being thrown to the bed. They did look like Kiyo’s. “You want me to stay like this or does it creep you out?” She asked.

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