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A Moment of Normalcy (S3E1) [Maki/Aidan/Ayano/Arisa]


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Makigisa "Maki" Tahoshi 
Ayano Layton
Aidan Thornton
Resident Cafe; Edgemont Housing Facility; District 5 - Earth II

November 20th 4566 Evening

Maki was in the lounge of the temporary housing they had on Earth II while being here. She was in a kimono eating a rather large sundae.

Having returned the rental car, Aidan walked back through the housing complex, and his stomach growled. He thought about beaming up to the Lavie but spotted one of the newcomers in the a small pub. He walked in and ordered a couple of sandwiches.  Not even asking, he sat down. "Hi."


“Hello. The girl isn’t on this planet anymore.” Maki said without emotion as she assumed he was here to check on the mission from earlier.
She continues to eat the large sundae


"Not sure if that is a good or bad thing." He said honestly. Taking a bit of the large club sandwich he marveled at that taste of fresh tomatoe.


“Are we still working?” She asked seeming to more be asking if she could talk about personal matters.


"Always." He said, catching the tone. "You take any opportunity for down time when it presents itself. As the saying goes, seize the day."


“... I see... then I have two questions for you... first you like food? Second you seem smart; older than you actually seem... what does it mean when your heart aches after you’ve had a fling with someone? I ask as I had an experience after being with someone that; well... it felt good but... something was missing.” She said.



Aidan chuckled. "Yeah, I have to eat more or less all the time as I work out and I have a very high metabolism."
He paused. "as for the second part to that....missing what....you feel not yourself unless they are around?"

“It felt like... I wasn’t connected...” she replied. “Food is like the only joy I get.”

"It's a big universe. Sometimes takes time to find that special someone. Even that changes over time. Yes I am older I look. Sometimes I feel like the old man I truly am, at others I am the over stimulated near teenager my body is physically." Sensing where this was going, he offered, "too many people don't understand that love and lust are separate entities. You can have one without the other, though it's wonderful in the rare moments they align."

“I see... well sort of... So well... this is probably a stupid question to ask someone who is basically my boss but... how do I find someone... who do you value in that way?” She asked.

"Sex is sex. If you're looking for more, find someone that you like as your friend. Someone that makes you want to be a better person when you are around them." Aidan offered.


Maki finishes her ice cream. As she does Ayano comes in waving at Aidan; really she was following him and just hid outside the door deciding to come in now since it looks like the conversation was over. “Hey... What’s happening in the world of Aidan; counseling another lost girl...” she said coyly smiling at him.


"I'm some kind of lost girl magnet. The Creator loves me and she wants me happy, what can I say?" He retorted. "Maki, meet the Ayano Layton."


“Makigisa Tahoshi” maki said. Ayano shrugged waving at the ice cream finishing girl. “ you didn’t answer the second question.” Maki said. She stares at the now empty bowl. Ayano sits next to them. “I pilot the ships giant death robots... and I’m one of Aidans friends.”


"You ask some pretty deep questions. What do I value in someone. It's more than just lust and more than companionship. "I chased this one pretty hard." Aidan said, snaking a hand around hand. "We've been there for each other, and helping each other figure things out. Sometimes it's that simple. I wouldn't call if friends with benefits, there is more to us than that hope. Geez" Aidan said.


“ I was honestly just playing it safe… I didn’t realize that you- yeah... there is more there... I mean you did save me from having a mental break down when I first came here...” Ayano smiled at him. “I’ll tell Sumire your cheating on her with me...” Ayano teased. Maki nodded. She didn’t say anything else. Ayano observes her. “Hum...” Ayano said breaking the silence created by Maki no longer speaking.


Aidan stuck his tongue out at Ayano. "Oh please. That's not a threat. I have a harem remember?"
He looked at Maki, and shook his head, saying "not really"


“You have three girls I think...?” Ayano asked “ yeah I don’t think that qualifies as a harem...”
“ even if there’s technically two of me… One is evil”
“Twins?” Maki replied


"Multiverse. Whodathunk this one is the sane one?" Aidan said, smacking Ayano playfully. "So lets recap. My unfaithful ex-wife. Your 'twin', Emily who was her lover from 2000 years ago, and the now Queen of Orteria. Did I leave anyone out?"
He left Erin out on purpose.


Ayano didn’t say anything. Maki nods grabbing her bowl and sending it to be disassembled. She then walks out without speaking. “A woman of few words?” Ayano asked


"Probably glad you didn't ask her to join us. Running for safety." Aidan teased.


“I mean... That’s a trap and a trick question... we haven’t had time together since Orteria speaking of.” Ayano said to him
(Why’d he leave Erin out; not sure if it’s just lust or?)


"NOW the truth comes out." Aidan offered in soft tones. "Probably before that even." He added. "You've been tracking me I'd wager. Kind of random for you to show up here."


“ oh come on I’m not like other me… The whole statement of you can look but you can’t touch does apply. I know where my loyalties lie...  besides you’re one of like three people that I have in this world… I wouldn’t burn it to the Ground by running after some little girl.” Ayano said honestly. “ besides I think all of us know our arrangement anyway… If we have partners as long as we all are aware it’s OK… Randomly sleeping with random people isn’t.”


"I came in for a sandwich. Nothing more. She asked me questions. I answered. Plus I wasn't looking. Rare though that may be." He added honestly.


Ayano chuckled
“ her boobs aren’t big enough for you anyway” she also retorted teasing


"Don't even start, I will clear this lunch counter and take you right freaking here." Aidan said.


She laughed stealing part of one of the sandwiches. “ Who said I would object to that...”


"No, you'd record it for posterity later. Hey....who said I was sharing." Aidan said.


“No one but I’m hungry... and there’s no recording devices or I probably would.”


“Here I’ll give it back to you.” She holds the part of the sandwich in her mouth without eating it and then gives the sandwich to him by kissing him.

He bit the other half off leaving he to have to chew the sandwich. "I missed your face, and your self, and your body if I am honest. Gotta have it all." He said pushing another quarter of the club sandwich her way.


“Then we can; in a little bit... finish your lunch first.” She takes the food “ or are you just content with me feeding you this way?”

"Let me put it this way. Keep your strength up. You're going to need it." He said, winking at her.


She eats chuckling


"You followed me for one of two reasons. You're checking up on me or were ordered two. The other being you need some me time." Aidan said thumbing at himself as the indicator.
"Kind of off the beaten path." he added


“ is it a crime to want to spend time with someone you’re close to...”
“ I mean we just got over two major battles… It sounds like they’re actually going to give us time off for once.”


"Hell no. Flattered even." He leaned in, and bit her earlobe playfully whispering. "Trust me, the feeling is mutual.


“ and I mean speaking of the leave… If she weren’t so damn far away and queen I’d say you and Sumire should just run off for private time... then finish all of that ceremonial bullshit that the Royals want... though you getting the official title of king would probably literally tie your hands and legs behind your back and turn your head and body into a giant cement block to where you literally would be unable to move... maybe being her fiancé is a good thing because at least you don’t have the nobility telling you you can’t leave.”
“ I totally expect that to happen when you finally tie the knot with her.”


Aidan called the waiter up, "Can we get another and wrap them both up to go? Add a couple of shakes too"

The serving staff nod and prepare

At the mention of Sumire, Aidan couldn't help but think of her. Being away from her was bad enough. He took consolation in that they seemed to be nearer the bullseye at the moment.


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Arisa Eirini
Aidan Thornton
Outside; Edgemont Housing Facility; District 5 - Earth II

November 20th 4566 Evening

Aidan was happily distracted by sway of Ayano's posterior. When he saw Arisa call him over, he changed course and walked over to her. "What can I do you for." he asked.


"I think the better question General Thornton; is... What can I do for you... You've been troubled... That much I can tell... In spite of all the female company you have that doesn't seem to cut it... intellectual crisis maybe?" She asked her thousands of years of living even if this girl was new to her consciousness gave her experience far beyond that of an 18 year old high school senior.


He smiled at her. "I've been under stress before. This seems to be an unending series of battles. I could do with a few months of R&R, but I am curious what you mean about an intellectual crisis?" he said


"Trying understand where you fit in things and why the cycle continues to perpetuate in the way it does. I do know what you mean about the never-ending war; this society seems hell bent on destroying itself..." Arisa stated.


"and you're wondering if I am cracking under the strain?" He asked pointedly.


"No; I am just wanting to be helpful; if there was any official nature to this inquiry it would be the first Arisa or Mr. Noris here... Not me." She explained.


"I'd be lying if I said I was unaffected." He said calmly. "We put out a fire and three more take their fucking place.." He said, with growing anger. "In a hundred crises, we have NEVER found those responsible, other than Darius. So yes, I am affected. My intellectual crisis is whether keep fighting this never ending series of battles is worth it or have I done enough to rate retirement. Buried enough friends. Ended up with enough broken relationships..." he trailed off.


"That question has an answer that can only be defined by you; eventually you are the one who has to say you have had enough. No one can help you with that. We can give you advice but at the end of the day the final decision and quest to answer that question is yours... As for advice though... These sorts of plots are often routed in massive conspiracy... Something this deep usually has its major players either hiding in plain sight, trying to act like your friends or hiding behind so many walls and so much anonymity you'll never find them unless you specifically look to find them. This answer may seem obvious but sometimes it is not as much so as it may seem or it might even be something quite often overlooked... Like your current tasks; a scanner to search outside of this system as your ship scanned the system. Your magic users only scanned this planet... Have you considered checking within your own forces or closer to Earth?" Arisa asked trying to give him ideas on how to solve his situation but also something to think on.
(The first Arisa is the basically national security advisor so she has lots of access)

"Okay, we can look closer to home. It's probably Adams." He said with a chuckle. "I do know when I find this person, or group of people, no one has ever seen me truly angry. Yell and bellow, sure. This will be a very cold anger and the Creator help anyone that stands in the way of retribution for the BILLIONS of people." He went silent while staring out at unfamiliar stars.

"That's the spirit; channel your rage into whatever demon did this... As for Mith Gorth Goth, Elios Adams and their minions; they have been playing the puppetry of time for longer than either of us have been alive or even a dream in the eyes of our mothers so alas... Trust should be something given very frugally with them... Even if my other self-helps them out and did take on the role of a guardian that doesn't mean that we're in league with them; there are many books where the gods themselves were once men and actually weer the antagonists of all." Arisa said with a grin.

Dreams of ancient tortures from his own ancestry clouded his mind. Wet stretched leather and someone baking in the sun, eventually popping like a pustule. "If it's someone on the Lavie, they better start running now."
Nearly everyone was a suspect and Aidan hated that.

"Ironically the human adage "Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer" has merit at this moment." She replied. "You know; if you think you should retire maybe its time for the Carain girls to finally retire..." Arisa said candidly as if reminiscing on old memories. "They really should pass the torch on to new leaders...." Arisa became thoughtful.

"What I think is I don't know who I can trust anymore. That pisses me off. I am a soldier. Point me at something that needs to die and I can make that happen. I am not a master spy or detective, able to unravel the mystery of things. I feel I am in over my head with no support." Aidan said.


"Hum... I can tell you any of the folks from other times or other places would be acceptable allies as this has been on longer than any of them have been here; so that shows... You at least have some people you can trust... if your deductive skills are not enough hang your hat on them for help... If you need more help... I could arrange to join your crew on a temporary basis... I do need a ride back to the Onyx anyway once classes resume and since it is as Orteria; eventually you would be heading there anyway." Arisa offered leaning against the wall.

"Except Yuka." He countered.

"Which Yuka..." Arisa asked

"The one that used to command the Lavie. She was here before all this started. Olend's fascination with her." He hated the thought entered his head and even more that he spoke it, but hearing that moles could be on the Lavie, even someone he has been around for  nearly a year now.
"You've rattled my cage and not in a good way." Aidan said.

"Hum.. The original Layton..." Arisa's eyes glazed over for a moment as she checked historical records. Her eyes return to normal. "It couldn't have been her; she arrived in the middle of the FSF incidents involving RINZ and their research. This went on before that... We talking back when Misuki Raion was on Marsia Academy... These events started even before my original self arrived here... that Senate Committee really would have been the key to all of this as they authorized the use, hiring, murder of the family of and so forth... Basically sending Lai-Lee Echels to start killing people as part of some stupid master-plan of some sort...  I think really the only think that is left is that girl who killed them; she just have had a reason...." Arisa explained. "Though you are right; if someone let her on the Lavie; there is other problems that need addressed and really bring in to question who can be trusted at all times."
"if you can get me a room on the Lavie I can use my own spells to see if she is on board disguised or otherwise." Arisa said.

"I can make that happen." Aidan said simply, thinking now that giving up alcohol might have been a mistake.

"I'm sorry; in my attempt to calm you down; I may have made things worse."
She said apologetically.

"You think?" He said with more frustration in his voice than he wanted there to be. Turning to the side for a moment away from her, he spoke aloud in a practiced even tone. "Thornton to Lavie. Prepare guest quarters for Arisa on my orders."

She chuckled to herself "omniscience doesn't really mean you know everything... because even if you have all knowledge you really don't your not everywhere..." She mumbled.

When the com was closed he offered. "but you're smart enough to know that this intel was going to bring me nothing but misery. Necessary perhaps but I think you're also smart enough to realize your timing and delivery need polish."
"And how long have you known?" He asked with intent.

"I wanted to solve everything for you; but... that never happens... And if you are asking about the woman who killed the senate; only found out about that one recently; that Senate committee we have been investigating for awhile; never able to get anything concrete until your team detained lai-Lee; I believe that the senate was using very advanced magic if they wee able to fool even me so like you suggested maybe Adams or someone in the EU is involved; I don't really know."

"Well you certainly have given me quite a bit to think about." Aidan offered, happy that is was dark out. He was seething with a 100 different emotions and not many of them good.

"I feel like I really was unable to help at all. Hopefully my skills will be of better use than my intellect...."

"I wouldn't go that far. It's information we need to win. But hearing there are traitors all around me. Not inspiring. I'll get over it, just not in the next few hours." Aidan said.

"The truth is; we don't really ever know who we can trust; its an illusion... My other self's fiance turned out to be evil and she had to kill him to save her world... " She explained.

That made him think of Sumire. He pushed the thoughts from his mind. He didn't that level of hatred and mistrust. "Feel free to teleport at your convenience. I sent a message to Lt. Blom to have your quarters prepared for you. Unless there is more."

"No; that is all... I'll let you know via message spell when I have more; if we have a mole... normal comms... well you know..." She then headed off.

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