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Fateful Strike [VR Joint-Thread]


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[This is the thread for the VR Game Fateful Strike a fantasy VRMMORPG with PVE and PVP elements designed to feel entirely real thanks to the IVRC technology. Player characters would be playing additional characters within the VR game. Some of the TNU characters who come from side stories would already have avatars within this world like Tory, Veronica, Valona and Sumire.

For additional canon information you can view parts of this world in https://www.fictiondepot.com/adult-roleplay-forum/index.php?threads/coming-into-reality-risaxseph-punishment.14709/ and https://www.fictiondepot.com/adult-roleplay-forum/index.php?threads/our-true-selves-risaxseph-hellsangel.14732/. Other stories like those in the manor occur in their own sub-plot and are not effectively canon but still show the usefulness of IVRC.]

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