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Current Governments/Organizations

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This thread will contain a list of organizations, councils and other governing bodies as well as their members if known as well as an except of what each is and where it stands in the universe. This document will grow, be updated over time and is living.


Key Players in the Story
Galactic Federation - The Federation is a democratic republic consisting of Member States throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. It is governed by a Senate and Representative Chamber. Each member world has two senators and appointed representatives based on population of the member state. It spans multiple sectors and is the largest government in the Milky Way Galaxy to date. Most of the TNU stories occur within Federation territory. The Federation currently has a President appointed as its Head of State and Military Commander. The current President is the founding President of the current iteration of the government; Hukari Carain known for her defeat of the Terran Dominion's control over Earth. Multiple races created the Federation after Hukari Carain and Delta Force took down the United Universal Alliance of Republics and the Terran Dominion. Below is a list of the organizations which are under the Federation. The Federation use to be split up into the United Forces Alliance, United Universal Alliance of Republics and various alliances. All were merged to create the Federation during the above mentioned conflict.
Orteria Sovereignty - Orteria is a small system of worlds ruled by a monarchy. Its populous appears to be humans of Asian decent due to the geographical set up of its planets and their climate. Orteria for its size has one of the largest and most powerful military forces in the galaxy. It was annexed by the Federation while keeping its civilian government, military and monarchy intact to prevent a war between it and the Federation when the Federation attempted to force the small empire to become a member state; in essence making it a member in name only.
Outer Rim Worlds - The "Rim Worlds" are the edge planets of the Federation where the government has little control or authority. Due to the size of the Federation it often is not able to send aide; leaving these worlds on their own. This creates a political divide between the "core" planets and the rim planets. The Rim worlds have their own security forces known as the Special Armored Division due to their need for protection when the Federation is not able to send assistance.

Military/Para-Military organizations
Planetary Security Forces - Planetary Guard; think of them like the National Guard. Every planet has them; most of the time they are also the police forces. Not really seen much in the story just like they are not seen much in actual star trek.
Marine Corps -  there is a need for more than just security personnel. Marines handle ground based tactical operations and related missions. Usually work with Delta Force. 
Starfleet - Federation exploration fleet.
Delta Force Counter Terrorist Organization - the defense and special forces arm of the Federation it was branched out of Starfleet so Starfleet could focus on exploration though most people consider it still the same since it still follows Starfleet protocols for the most part (obviously since its a tactical organization it has exceptions as you have seen)
Armor Mechanized Corps (AMC) -  highly trained starfighter pilots; marines with starfighter certifications that fly mecha instead of starfighters.
Special Armored Division - Part of the Citizen Welfare Ministry. They handle outer rim security. 
Alchemy Commission - A special government commission under the direction of Delta Force and a number of civilian government agencies. They handle extremely advanced technologies that one would almost consider magic. They also handle all gems and similar technologies.  They maintain the Special Policing Unit a team of Special Investigators who handle "magic" or extra-physical type cases. 
Paranormal Response Unit - Renamed after the Chaos incidents. Handles Paranormal aces. Not really relivent to the story anymore. Technically now part of the Alchemy Commission.
Temporal Security Service (Temporal Directorate I believe they were called in Star Trek) - The time police.

Government Contractors
Inter-Universal Technology Command - A government owned technology development and research company. it also manages the inter-space transit systems and space "highways". 
Lonhorn Corporation - Ship, mech and medical technology design firm. Also owns multiple holdings companies that operate the galaxies internet services, mobile phone services and the backbones of all telecommunications infrastructure.
Arvonus Corporation - Weapons contractor. Also builds VX tech and AI.
There is a large list of these guys on ship design plans, mech design plans... Half of them are NEVER mentioned in story... 

Other Governments
Aloris Alliance - Far out government. It is not explained who is part of this alliance. They were mentioned in a mission when Misuki was sent to negotiate a treaty with them. They are led by one of the EU (Q) ascended Naomi Westbridge (Use to be a main cast member back in like 2006)
Mint Republic
Caldarian Union - They are a race that is near Earth II that is in rocky footing with the Federation. Better relations since the Federation became the Federation again.
Varaxian Empire - Same as above; I could explain more but at this point in the story that information would be meaningless.
Terran Dominion - A militaristic government that ruled over Earth and its nearby systems. Xenophobic to a fault.
United Universal Alliance of Republics - The predecessor to the Unified Council; the galactic united nations.
Universal Defense Commission - United Forces Alliance Military.
United Forces Alliance - The previous government prior to the Terran Federation and later the Galactic Federation.
EU Council - A universal governing entity which oversees divine matters and issues of universal significance. 
The Council of Overseers - EU governing council for the Milky Way Galaxy.
United Watchers - An organization who just records happenings of time and space. Considered omnipresent.
WIS (Watchers intelligence Service) - The security and intel forces of the United Watchers.
Hentori - A government on Kiru which was the first to create a functional space agency. it is a member of the Kiru World Alliance which was formed after the defeat of Asimo Honda and the Empire.
Laviesta - A local government of the Hen-Shu Empire on Allen-Morien the world where Atsikai takes place. 

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The Unified Council
To be filled in.



Federation Government Personnel
Executive Officials

President: Lady Hukari Carain

Vice President: Sir Alion De Neresa

President’s Cabinet

Chief of Staff: Jake Noris

Executive Overseer: Minister Norath

Chief Representative: Representative Mir’Aler

Chair of the Senate: Senator Shawn Kent (Killed during the attack on the senate; hasn't been replaced)

Minister of Finance: Dr. Zack Asomo Ph.D

Minister of Civil Services: Lucas Robinson VI

SAD Operations Coordinator: Rex Lin

Minister of War/Defense: Dr. Huris Magevine Ph.D

Minister of the Interior: Jessica Ulson

Foreign Affairs Minister: Wes Denton

Special Adviser, Delta Force Operations: Commodore Misuki Raion

Galactic Internal Security Adviser/Special Adviser, Alternative Technologies: Arisa Norinette

Military Commanders

Planetary Security Forces: Senator Glast

Delta Force: Admiral Zorel Bryce 

Federation Fleet: Admiral Frank Taylor

Marine Corps: Brigadier General Joshua Forester

AMC: Commissioner Artirus


Governing Council

Council Chair/Representative of the EU: Elios Adams

Representative of the Western Alliance: Master Shing Chu

Representative of the Terran Union: Wes Denton

Representative of the Outland Worlds: Acu Darlos

Representative of the Aloris Alliance: Lady Naomi Westbridge (Foreign Representative)

Representative of the Caldarian Union: Serena Elings Rei Oringari-Wellmarth

Representative of the Varaxian Union: Mas'hal

Representative of the United Forces Alliance: Captain Jake Frost (Remains of the UFA that were not absorbed into the Terran Union)

Military Representative: Admiral Jacus Uakiem



Orteria Sovereignty

Orteria Royal Family: (Erin and Aidan are members of the Royal Family by decree from Sumire)
Elric "Ric" Shoji - Sumire's Father/Abdicated King
Queen Regent Sumire "Remi" Rembrant - Governor of Orteria/Orteria Military Commander-in-Chief
Lady Eru Yuna - Commander and Judicator; Royal Security Service
Princess Yuki Rembrant - Remi's Adopted Sister/Princess of Orteria
Lady Ellen Hayes - Remi's Bodyguard
Lady Estelle Tonwell - Sumire's Butler

Royal Military Authority:
Duke (General) Aidan Thornton - Sumire's Fiance/Royal Military Authority Chairmen
Admiral Yuka Layton – Deputy Chair, Royal Military Authority/Commander; Trinity Naval Service
Rear Admiral Lumiere “Lumi” Trouve M.D., Ph.D - Administrative Services Commandant/Adjutant; DFS Lavie
Brigadier General Brigid Merkara - Security Services Commandant
Duchess (Rear Admiral) Erin “Ari” Mizriki - Military Intelligence Commandant
Captain Tinya Pryde - Logistical Services Commandant
Rear Admiral Sarissa Slane M.D. - Chief of Medical and Surgical Service
Rear Admiral Kelby Steiner - Chief of Research and Development

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Federated Nations of Rema
A planetary mega-metropolis taking up the entire world of Rema Prime. It is a massive city broken into districts where each district is controlled by a different government operated corporation. Said corporations all control their own area of the planet and report to the Governing Board for major concerns. The Royal family; of which the only remaining member is the young girl Chi is more a figurehead but maintains the worlds protection and oversees the worlds protectorate agency the Advocates which police the planet, ensure peace  and keep the people safe. Due to her age most governmental affairs of the head of state are not handled by Chi and are overseen by her AI caretaker Ekkes whom unknown to Chi has been reprogramed by the governing board.
Governor/Princess of Rema: Chi-Gina Rema
Planetary Guardian AI/Princess Chi's Caretaker: Ekkes
Commander of Chi's Advocate Squad: Kun-Ou

Lima Aionios - Student Candidate for the CRESCENT Shield Maintenance Program

The members of the Rema governing board are not known at this time.

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