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Maki's Little Adventure


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Makigisa "Maki" Tahoshi 
Maki and Ryuji's Quarters; TFS Lavie/Engineering Entrance; TFS Lavie - Earth II
November 25th 4566 Afternoon


Maki was in her and Ryuji’s quarters and in a new form of her kimono that was made more like a dress that she had ordered. She figured that if they were stuck here for a while, she might as well take advantage of things while she was here. In her new clothes she thought she might as well learn about this ship. She left the room wandering around the ship starting at the bottom first. Security would not let her in engineering so she carried on her exploration only to encounter a giant sleeping wolf. The girl marveled at the sight of the big fluffy creature. She then got on the floor laying against him. The wolf was so huge that she could envelop herself in his fur. She rested against the wolf deciding to take a nap on him.


A short while later as she drifted into slumber the wolf; Adar awoke. Finding a person laying on him he tilted his head glancing over the girl. He could sense something within her. Unmoving he just casts a soothing spell on Maki to let her dreams or whatever was going on inside of her be well and happy. Adar seemed to sense Mega.  The wolf stared at Maki some more feeling a need to protect her and the strange magical energy emanating from her. 

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