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Lavie Personnel Manifest

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Command - 8
Commanding Officer/Trinity Intelligence Director: Rear Admiral (Duchess) Erin "Ari" Mizriki-Clark (Staff Officer)
Executive Officer/Marine Commanding Officer: General (Duke) Aidan Thornton (Staff Officer) 
Trinity Administrative Officer/Chief of Operations: Lieutenant Lumiere Trouvé Ph.D, M.D. (Staff Officer) (Pilots the ZLM Zeus) 
Admiral Mizriki and General Thornton's Assistant: Ardent Dawn 


Flight Control - 15
Chief HELM Operator: Pending


Tactical Operations - 40 (Security) 30 (Tactical/Weapons)
Second Officer/Chief of Security: Lieutenant Commander Hikaru Ino
Assistant Chief of Security: Pending
Chief Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Trent Raven (in memory of Mic Maharaj (A Simmer from an old sim of mine)) (PPC) (Staff Officer)
Tactical Officer/Ship's Chaplin: Lieutenant James Ross (Staff Officer) (NPC)
Brig Officer: Number 12 (NPC)
Armory Officer: Number 8 (NPC)
Security Officer/Bartender: Ensign (Provisional) Kirin Dragmawl


Engineering/Operations - 40 (Engineering) 20 (Operations) 20 (Mech Support/Flight Support) 8 (Communications) 2 (Fire Control)
Chief of Engineering: Lieutenant Tory Trace (Staff Officer)
Assistant Chief of Engineering/Trinity Weapons Smith: Lieutenant (Provisional) Nedious "Ned" Luminos (NPC)
Operations Officer/Quartermaster: Warrant Officer Zoe Middleton (NPC)
Fire Control/Suppression: 
Robotics Specialist/Research Assistant: Nik Bloom (Tugar)
Systems Manager: Ensign William Shert
Biological Augmentation Specialist: Dr. Misa Kitsuki M.D.


Medical/Counseling/Science - 15
Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Junior Grade (Dr.) Natsumi Yamane MD LCSW 
Doctor/Surgeon: Ensign (Dr.) Thomas Petell M.D., FACS (NPC)
Nurse: Crewmen Josh Orin, BCNP (NPC)
Nurse: Ensign Ayasha Thornton 
Medical Assistant/Social Worker: Crewmen Mika Remi, LCSW (NPC)
Science Officer: Pending

Alchemy Commission Researcher: Owain Danforth


Intelligence - 10
Chief Intelligence Officer:
Interrogation Specialist: Lieutenant Junior Grade (Dr.) Yumi Bella M.D. (NPC)

Trinity Operations - Marine Detachment 50
Marine XO: 

Fighter Squadron 20
Chief of Flight Operations: Ensign Paul Del-Toro (Acting) (Staff Officer) (NPC)

Mech Pilots (AMC Detachment) - 12
AMC Detachment CO: Lieutenant Ayano Layton (Pilots the DCU-02 Judgment) (Staff Officer)
AMC Detachment XO: Lieutenant Kiyoko Ino (Pilots the ACU-03 Seeker)
Seeker Systems Manager: Lieutenant Junior Grade Hikaru Ino (Pilots the ACU-03 Seeker)
Mech Pilot/Officer Training Instructor: Dale Flint (PPC)


Trinity Tactical Team 1:
Kirin Drawmawl - Tactical Team Member (Tactical Operator)
Oscar Kashima - Tactical Team Member (Tactical Operator)
Valona Longweave - Tactical Team Member (Mission Support)
Desiree Allard - Tactical Team Member (Tactical Operator)

Jack Pine - Tactical Team Member (Sniper)
Sarah Pine - Tactical Team Member (Sniper)
Kessler Ryzka - Pilot/Systems Manager

Ryuji Yamamoto - Field Operations Agent/Sniper; SNIEF; Laviesta Government

Veilfloe - Tactical Team Member (Gem Specialist)
Sanya Isilme - Tactical Team Member (Gem Specialist)

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Fleet Level
Trinity Fleet Commander: Queen (H.M.) Sumire Rembrant
Trinity Fleet Executive Officer: General (H.M.) Aidan Thornton
Trinity Fleet Operations Officer: Vice Admiral Yuka Layton
Trinity Medical Division Director: Commodore (Dr.) Sarissa Slane, M.D.
Trinity Science Division Director: Commodore (Retired) (Dr.) Scott Johnson, Ph.D
EMF Division Leader: Commander Ayano Layton 

TFS Lavie Command Personnel/Senior Staff
Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Erin “Ari” Mizriki-Clark
Executive Officer: Commander Ardent Dawn
Second Officer/Chief Science Officer: Commander Haruka “Haru” Sumimori, B.S. C-PEIG
Chief Security Officer: Lt. Commander Hikaru Ino
Assistant Chief of Security: Lieutenant J.G. Desiree “Dezy” Allard
Chief Services Officer: Lieutenant Tory Trace 
Assistant Chief Services: Ensign William Shert
Chief R and D Specialist: Lieutenant (Dr.) Nedious "Ned" Luminos, Ph.D
Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant (Dr.) Natsumi Yamane, M.D. LCSW 
Chief Tactical Officer (Team One): Lt. Commander Jack Pine
Chief Gem Technologies Specialist: Lt. Commander (Dr.) Owain Danforth Ph.D
Chief CONN Officer: Ensign Tim Rogers
Chief Holographic Mapping/Spatial Mapping Specialist: Captain (Provisional) Mira Lowin
Senior Flight Officer/Mech Pilot Trainer: Lieutenant Kiyoko Ino
Robotics Specialist/Assistant Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Niklas “Nik” Blom

Team One Personnel
Pilot: Kessler Ryzka
Tactical Team Member: Angel Longweave
Tactical Team Member: Lieutenant J.G. Desiree “Dezy” Allard
Tactical Team Member: Ensign Oscar Kashima
Tactical Team Member: Lieutenant Kirin Dragmawl
Systems Specialist: Lieutenant Tory Trace
Field Sniper: First Lieutenant Ryuji Yamamoto
Field Operations Support: First Lieutenant Maki Tahoshi
Field Medic: Lieutenant J.G. Ayasha Thornton

(The thread above this needs updated so this lists senior staff, assistants and team one members which makes up all the players currently)

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