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Cecilia Hassam-Lowin (Alias Mira)

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Name: Mari Cecilia Hassam-Lowin
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Race: Human; Augmented
Blood Type: B+
Height: 148.5 cm/4' 8"
Weight: 46kg/101 lbs
Mari or known by most people online as  Miracila Hersom; a play on her real name. is a Hikikomori girl whom works for Lonhorn’s Computer technologies unit and is currently on loan to the Federation’s exploration survey team. She suffers from a mixture of genetic and auto immune disorders which causes her body to be extremely vulnerable to any type of viral or bacterial infection. Such things would cause her immune system to go into overdrive to the point where it would kill her. As a result she lives in a small contained room within a module specifically designed to attach to small cargo vessels. She interacts with her surroundings through a Always-On always connected stasis pod which allows her to interface with technologies, experience the world through virtual reality and Control her surroundings through android avatars and mechs. She is a manga and visual novel illustrator which allows her to pay for her lifestyle outside of what is provided to her by her employer due to the extreme costs involved in her medical care and expenses to live the way she lives.  She wants to find friends and happiness but generally doesn’t feel like she’s deserving of such things and so she hides behind a shy exterior. She enjoys photography, computers, writing, drawing, anime and fanfics. She is constantly glued to some kind of tech. Due to her current situation and her basically living as a shut in all her life she has a very pessimistic look on life and is very submissive. When people try to get close to her she purposefully avoids them and tries to make them leave because other than interactions online she doesn’t feel safe interacting with others. Due to this most of her assignments with colleagues only last a mission or two before she is reassigned.

Physical Appearance: Long straight light blue/purple, almost white/silver hair, blue eyes. She’s short, lightweight and petite.

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