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[Side Plot] Exploring the Darkness


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Cecilia "Mira" Lowin
USS Everest; Cecilia’s Quarters
November 27th 4566


The ship was on its way to the next target to survey; it would be a long time for her to wait before being able to restock again. Mira was in her long nightshirt that was large enough to be a dress as she was out of her pod looking over the mission report. There was also a footnote at the bottom; apparently, some Trinity ship would be in the area. In the area was rather vague though as they were literally going to be out in the middle of nowhere. The nearest Federation planet of consequence would be hundreds of light-years away. A quick thought about why a tactical ship would be out that far crossed her mind but she shrugged it off as she gave herself a nanomachine injection sitting cross-legged on one of the two chairs in her module that were bolted down to the metal frame. She summoned a holographic menu up with her mind after injecting herself and began a scan of the area. Finding the planet that the Trinity ship would be heading for she decided to send them some quick scans of the planet unannounced; her gift giving deed of the day was over… She dismissed the holoscreen with her mind placing the injector in the replicator next to her. It summarily converts the injector into energy. After that, she got up looking out the window on the door into her module. Still the same uneventful ship…. She then returns to her pod sealing herself inside closing her eyes and letting the machine put her into stasis. The ship was still on course to its destination; a few days now and she could survey this planet and be done with this assignment.


[This is nowhere near the Lavie or Repulse; the ship would only get a transmission from this ship. It is nearly outside of Federation space and out in unexplored space.]

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