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Season 3 - Episode 1: Waffles


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Maki has been sent a message to come to a room in a government building. Sanya would have also been sent the same message. Once arriving at the room it looked like some sort of lab. There was a receptionist behind a glass window.

Sanya smiled at the receptionist and gave a little wave to Maki. "Hello, I have an appointment here today?"

The receptionist nods. “ You are both new...” The person verifies their photos and then opens the door buzzing them through. Once they came in, he escorted them to a room with a few chairs in it. There was also a large chair that looked similar to something you would see in them ophthalmologists office except that there was this cap at the top of it. The receptionist left the two and eventually another man comes in.


He has two files in his hand he looks over them both. “ Good afternoon… Or is it still afternoon maybe it’s evening I don’t know… Anyway I’m Marcus I’ll be your intake specialist. Part of our job here is to help both of you adjust to this new environment and to give you some base knowledge to work with.”


“ We have people like you where I come from.” Maki said.


“The first step of this process is for us to give you some base knowledge. From the medical information we got from your records it appears both of you are compatible with the device before you. Which of you would like to go first and do you have any questions before I begin?” Marcus asked.

"What is this device?" Sanya asked as she took a seat in her chair. "And what do you mean by 'give base knowledge'?" Her brows furrowed and she seemed uncertain.

"This is a neurological implantation device. Without going into extremely complicated neurological scientific jargon it pulls knowledge and experiences from a database and copies the information into your neural pathways basically providing use that information as if you had learned it. There are certain things you would still have to learn yourself or through training but basically this device can at least give you a basic understanding of what’s going on around you. Since both of you are new to this culture providing you some basic understanding of humanity and how things work is a good thing. We do this procedure quite often and it’s an integral part of the Citizen re-integration program which as new citizens from outside of the Federation you both qualify for.


After you complete this step you will be assigned a social worker who will be able to help you adapt to how our society works and be able to answer any questions you might have about our world operates, what type of careers you can take and so forth even though from what your records state both of you are already serving with the Trinity combined service this is also something that we offer to everyone in the event that they feel they might be useful somewhere else.” Marcus explains.

Sanya pursed her lips together and nodded. She smoothed her hair back behind her ears, her posture relaxed. "Ah, I understand. If it helps me define my purpose while I search for home, I am willing to try."

The man nods. He helps make sure she’s seated in a comfortable position and then places the cap on top of her head. He then goes over to a holographic terminal and begins to type into it. When she is ready he says. “ let me know when you would like this to start. It does take a little bit of time to download everything.”

"We can begin," Sanya softly replied, silently reciting a prayer. Her silver eyes appraised the man as she waited.

As she said she was ready he pressed a button. For a brief second everything around her disappeared and then she suddenly felt like she was experiencing certain things but it was strange because she knew she had them for experienced those things but they were still giving her details. Marcus takes maki into another room and get her set up with one of the caps then begins the process for her.

After about eight hours under the machine both of them are returned to the normal world. Once they exit the information there is someone sitting next to each other. Different people from before they both just make sure that they are OK and then ask if they have any questions.

Sanya rubbed her forehead as she noticed the doctor, "Hello."

The doctor merely just asked her series of questions to verify that she knew where she was, who she was what was happening and various other things to make sure that she was OK. After that she was asked if she had any further questions or concerns.

Sanya shook her head. "No, I am okay. My concerns lie elsewhere with the uncertainty of my family... wherever they are in the sea of seas."

"We have no information on that here. That might be a question for someone in your unit who handles gathering of information and intelligence." The doctor responds as she gets up and opens the door after taking the cap off of Sanya. She then escorts her to a desk where Maki is sitting with a person whom is completing paperwork. The social worker gives them both an allotment of credits and makes sure their records are up to date. Once that is done the social worker releases the girls unless they had questions for her and suggests they get breakfast as it was early in the morning on the next day and considering they hadn't eaten likely they should.

Sanya took a deep breath and let her expression shift to a smile. "So, did you want to get food? I keep hearing about chicken and waffles?"

Maki smiled; she usually didn't express emotion but the mention of food was tasty. The mention of waffles in particular was yummy. Why chicken though. "Chicken on top of waffles... never considered that... I guess if you like sweet and savory..." Maki said shrugging.

"I've been experimenting with Earth food, it has more flavor profiles than I'm used to, so I guess, the VX says there's a Waffle House nearby?" Sanya suggested, straightening her half jacket.

Maki chuckled. "I mean; food... how can you pass it up... lead the way."

Sanya meandered through the streets, marveling at the way that the sunlight made the tall glass buildings glitter and bounce light beyond a brilliant blue sky. "It's so beautiful here. How do the stars look from here?" She paused at the crosswalk signals, seeming to understand what those were now. She came to a stop outside a large yellow and black sign with one letter light out making it read, "Waffle Hous."

Most traffic were aircars now and so there were limited streets; most areas were just open sidewalks but the few crossing areas there were Maki also understood. She followed Sanya wondering if she had ever seen a large city like this before; it seemed she had not. Once she spoke Maki replied. "Due to all the lights in these large cities its hard to see the stars..." Once the arrived at the building Maki said "Food!"

"That's disappointing... but yes! The reviews saw that there is 99% less grease at this establishment," Sanya offered a smile as she entered the sliding glass doors and taking in all of the aromas of the thriving diner. "I'm sorry, I haven't asked but when are you from?"

Maki followed her in and took in the building and the sights of the foods there. Once she was asked a question she replied. "I am from a world far away from your and even these peoples... Where I come from we are fighting a war against evil spirits and the empire I server has taken over most of the world but it is relatively peaceful... Most normal humans don't even realize there is the secret ware with the Arioshi going on." Maki explained. "I work in the sort of spirit police in my world."

Sanya grabbed a seat at an empty table and watched as a waitress in a blue uniform brought over their menus - offering drinks. She ordered a coffee and held the menu as she considered Maki's statement. "I'm from a city ship. The last time I was on a planet... we were in a warzone, so.. this is simplier. Human enemies are easier to face. I have never fought against the spirits, it seems daunting to war with the unseen."

"Specially when only the contractors whom have spirits can see them; like me... You know the magic I used with you is actually from my partner... Mega... he is a non-formal cloud of energy. Basically a pure Aura... Without him I am just a normal girl." Maki ordered a juice that was local to this part of space; it wasnt a normal fruit from earth.  She then became thoughtful sand replies. "As for the war; it is hard but Ryuji; the sniper who is with me is really good and due to me being basically jsut here for support magic most people don't attack me." She explained.

"I don't understand this concept of 'normal'. I have the definition and its usage but.. is power that bad? Oh, that's what that is, I don't dwell on the strange energies too much. This is all different and new for me," Sanya replied scanning the menu- settling on her chicken and waffles but considering the other options.

Maki nodded. "Normal really doesnt exist... its a standard that is set upon people that is different everywhere so such standard actually has no general purpose or meaning; its subjective based on society." Maki then prosed her menu stopping on some cinnamon roll type waffle thing.


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