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Trinity Fleet Information


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(old with the merger into RMA)

Trinity Combined Special Operations Service Staff Officers
- Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Yuka Layton
- Executive Officer: Brigadier General Aidan Thornton
-- Director of Internal Security, Tactical Operations Support Services and Press Relations: Fleet Captain Erin Mizriki
-- Director of Experimental Technologies and Corps of Engineers: Deputy Director Scott Johnson
-- Director of Scientific and Medical Services: Dr. Elias Kegan M.D.,  O.D., M.P.H.
-- Director of Clandestine Services: Lt. Commander Cameron Soran-Ward
-- Marine Corps Detachment Commandant: Colonel Carrie Ulin
-- Logistical Support Services Director: Commander Charlie Levitson
-- Director of Home Office Affairs: Ambassador Arisa Eirini 
-- Flight Services Director: Captain Sophie Archer
-- Armor Mechanized Corps Command Liaison Officer: Commissioner Dale Flint
-- Alchemy Commission Command Liaison Officer: Commander Mimi Sorinson

Task Force 1
--- Task Force 1 Commanding Officer: Sakura Carain
---- Task Force 1 Executive Officer/Tactical Team 1 Commander/Onyx Commanding Officer: Sumire “Remi” Rembrant

11 Task Forces
5 Cityships per task force
12 Ships (1 Carrier (24), 2 Battleships (16) , 3 Lighter Cruisers (8) , 4 Frigates, 2 PT Boats)
700000 Personnel In Trinity

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