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Seasoned Partners (S3E2)


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Makigisa Tahoshi
Ryuji Yamamoto
November 27th 4566 Afternoon (Shortly after the team returns from the deployment on the cityship but before the ship loses power)


Maki was in the mess along after chatting with Ayasha a bit about Earth's food. This place was interesting but she still found something lacking as she stared off at the stars whilst lost in thought. She sent Ryuji a message to see if he could meet her in the mess since the room was currently devoid of people and it was between shifts though she did not mention as much. She had been trying to get his attention for awhile now but it seemed as though either he didn't share her feelings or he was oblivious because every attempt at showing she liked him was met with a negative result; or at least what she saw as one. Though she could be misunderstanding this... As she was not well versed in these things herself.

Ryuji enters the mess soon after he got the message he wasn't going to keep her waiting he sits next to her as she is staring at the stars he leans back at looks at maki "did you want anything to eat?"  he says while staring at the stars(edited)


"Ryu... Ryu... How has your afternoon been? Do you wanna watch    the stars with me?" Maki asked moving to take his hand into hers or rather seeking permission to take his hand into hers.

Ryuji nodded "Sure I'll stargaze with you." he doesn't reject  the hand holding but he isn't saying yes either

Maki stares out of the window holding  his hand smiling as she holds his hand enjoying the warmth happy to have this moment with him but wondering if she should make it even more obvious how she feels by taking this a step further. She leaves this open though and leaves him to open to talk.

"have you learned the constellations for this part of the galaxy yet?" ryuji asks her with a small smile as well

She shakes her head no. "Nope; I still don't know where we are... Ryu... Are you... seeing anyone?" she asked.

Ryuji will look around "Nope. what about you maki?"

Maki at this moment moved closer to him and as quickly as she could lightly moved in with her other hand pulled his face towards her kissed him and immediately returned to looking out at the stars like nothing happened without a word in response hoping that was enough of a response for him.

Ryuji doesn't respond.... he is in shock make has successfully gotten under ryuji's calm demeanor

As it is just the two of them and they are watching the stars Maki decides to go a step further and pulls him closer just putting an arm around his side just resting her head on his shoulder as she watches the stars with him; still not speaking a word not thinking anything else needed to be said between them right now; everything that needed to be said was already said.

Ryuji is still in shocked mode but he'll slowly recover and put one of his arms by her side

After a prolonged time of no response Maki looks at him and tilts her head.  "Really... I guess I was your first kiss huh... I guess that also means you... like me too? I've kind of been wondering that for awhile... What do you think?" She asked.

"mmm it was probably my first kiss I don't know what happens to me when I'm unconscious, I'm just glad all that cooking paid off."

"So that's what all the cooking was; I thought you were just being nice; I didn't know it was a date... you dummy; you should have said something..." Maki said poking him in the side with her hand that is at his side.

"You didn't see it as anything other then good food so I just kept making more, plus it was cheaper then eating out."

"And I just kept helping you cook... I guess we both got something out of it... multiple things; spending time with each other... good food  and cooking." She said since they both liked cooking even if it was not up there with stars it was still a hobby of Maki's.(edited)

"mmm, Would you like to go to our room and keep watching the stars just so we aren't in anyone's way for the mess hall?"

“Yeah. That is a good idea.” Maki said as he proposed moving to their room. Plus if she decided to kiss him again her display of affection would not be on public display which was still a bit awkward to her. She got up waiting for him considering their time together now that they understood each other’s feelings.

Ryuji will stand up and begin walking to their room now giving a bit of a stretch and yawn since he has been awake for a while.

Maki goes with him to their room and upon entering she removes her boots laying on her side of the bed.

Ryuji  kicks off his own boots and lays ontop of maki's bed as well right next to her

As he lays next to her she spoons with him; something the two of them hadn’t done before looking out the window. Their heat was together and bodies were pretty much touching, her small chest nearly against his back as she rested her head near his holding her arms around him close.

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