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Something New... (Aidan/Natsumi/Mira)


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Natsumi Yamane
Mari “Mira” Lowin
Aidan Thornton
Bridge; TFS Repulse
Cockpit; Federation Survey Vessel
November 28th 4566 Morning


As the hours passed and the ship continued to limp along and systems were restored it soon came upon a small vessel; due to the fact that all of its systems were not fully back up sensors were only able to determine one life sign was on board but not much else. One of the Repulse's small fighter scouts was nearby; the one piloted by Jack Pine's former comrade Kesslar. he was back in the fighter. It seemed that the pilot was now asleep. The scan of the ship did identify that it was registered to Lonhorn and was a ship assigned to the Federation Survey Team. It was a lightly armored scientific survey vessel designed for fast long range recon with light armaments. Ayano was back in the admin office and Maki was still in engineering. Aidan had been in engineering as well and Nik was watching the bridge along with a couple junior officers whom were pretty ready to shit themselves since they were being put in positions of authority over the ship with limited crew while the power was out while the small number of senior personnel were trying to stop the ship from breaking.

Aidan got up and stretched. It had been a few hours and his stomach was protesting the lack of nutrition. "Chief your in charge here. But you know what to do. Call me if anything changes." The Chief nodded his hands deep in cabling and a tool in his mouth.  Climbing up the short ladder to the next deck he headed to the food slots and then started towards his ready room.

Aidan with sandwich in hand, walked past the bridge, and as usual  scanned a few consoles along the way. "Ensign?" He said in a stern tone. "Why is there a ship out there with you running your mouth instead of your hands?"

"Shit...I mean, sorry Sir. The young man's hands flew of the console and a few missteps along the way had an answer.  "She's not moving very fast General. I guess it didn't seem very dangerous."

Aidan countered. "Let's hope it's not a Nova bomb" By then he had stepped over and read the console for himself. "Hail them...if you aren't too busy not doing your job today?"

"Yes Sir."

As the ship was hailed a com channel opened to a service robot. The droid greeted. "I am service unit R-6... Our pilot is no longer on board and the Captain is in her medical chamber. What can this service unit assist you with today?"

Aidan didn't like mysteries. He ordered a Marine contingent to start a sweep of the ship for intruders. "When did your pilot leave and do you know where to? Also who is the Captain and is she in medical danger?"(edited)

"The pilot was left on the previous planet per his request after repairs were completed to the ship; The Captain of this vessel can be provided for official reasons only. Upon analysis it appears you are a Federation Starship... The Captain of this vessel is Mari Lowin on a contract with the Federation Survey Authority through Lonhorn Corporation's Logistical Services Association. Capt. Lowin is medically infirm and cannot leave her medical module but is currently in no danger inside of the module." The robot explains. "When functioning normally this service unit and the ships AI can effectively manage this ship in an entirely automated manner. Obviously the existence of the pilot is ideal and assists in survey missions however it is not required. The fighter vessel outside did board for an inspection earlier and found no issue upon its inspection." The droid continued.

"This is General Aidan Thornton. We have a Medical bay. Can you tell me the nature of the infirmity? Perhaps we can help her."

"She has a type four genetic anomaly. This combined with heightened immune response results in a hyperactive response from her immune system upon entry of pathogens which results in her body's destruction of its own cells eventually leading to her own death." The robot explains.

Tapping the comm to be sure Aidan spoke. "Dr Yamane to the bridge on the double" to the ship he offered, "standby r-6."

"Sickbay to bridge; understood; will be there shortly." Natsumi said over the comm as she headed to the bridge. The blue haired girl soon arrived due to the small nature of this ship. "Good morning General; how can I be of assistance today sir?" She asked timidly. (don't know if you remember this character; she is extremely shy and is afraid of new people but hides it to do her job.)(edited)

Aidan replayed the log to the doctor. "Can you explain that in English for this ground pounder?"

Natsumi reads over the information. She looks up the disorder in further detail. She then explains. "Her body kills itself... it sees anything that comes in contact with itself as a threat and her immune system goes into overdrive killing everything even itself... to the point of no return... So yes... her body literally kills itself. Current treatments are nanomachines that she likely already has that allow her to basically stay in a cage... experiments are being worked on to allow patients with this to be outside of their cage for extended periods of time; they would have to return to their quarters or a module eventually for another treatment but it would give them a better quality of life than being trapped in an ICU room for the rest of their life." She said.

"Okay. So what happens if we stick her in power armor? Self contained, has life support and would allow her to walk around?" Aidan asked.

"That's unnecessary with the experiment I mentioned. It would be like 24 - 48 hours between injections and she would be able to live a fairly normal life; its relatively new. Different from what the current nano-treatments are... Like I said experimental... Though a light nano armor mesh suit could even do; something like what the mech pilots wear just with something over her head; a full powered armor would not be required; just something to prevent entry of foreign bodies." Natsumi explains.

"Okay. That should be easy enough to get. The helmets allow evac, we just need something more like a fishbowl with heavy duty filters." Tapping the com. "R-6, is the Captain. Medical post self sustaining so that we can transport it?" Aidan said, then wondering if it could just wake the Captain.

"That would be all we would need to do the treatment; its simple enough to do; after she has the treatments and an emergency mesh suit if she misses one to put on so she's safe then she can just live a relatively normal life; sort like how organ transplants work; sure you will see doctors the rest of your life and be on special medications but it beats dying or being bedridden forever... Though we have cloning technology; what better to fix your problem than your own liver... Tehe!" Natsumi seemed much less shy when actually talking about her job itself; she liked talking about medicine. Once Aidan asked the bot if the module could be moved he replies. "The unit can be moved. it is large though. It is advised that you transport out Capt. Lowin's stasis pod instead. Here are its coordinates within the room" The bot provides direct scan coordinates for beam out. "You could also come over to this vessel and come into the decon chamber." The robot replies.

"Up to you Doc. Away mission or beam it into the shuttle pod bay?" Aidan asks.

"I could go over there; its a simple thing; I will just need to get my gear together first." Natsumi said.

"Better get moving." Aidan offers. "R-6 move to within 10 kilometers of my position and then hold station."


"Undeerstood." The bot responds and pilots the survey ship within said distance. Natsumi heads off to go get her things together.




The short dark blue haired hazel eyed doctor appeared aboard the small ship with her medical bag in hand in a Trinity coat and skirt with thigh-highs and boots on. She had a sidearm though as a doctor never really used the thing. A small robot approached the girl nearly scaring her as she did not expect the being to appear. “Greetings… I am R-6” “I’m Dr. Natsumi Yamane from the Trinity ship Repulse.” “You are the one sent to treat the Captain… yes yes…” The little bot clacks along and hops about the room approaching an airlock with a panel. Natsumi follows the bot. The little thing then interacts with the airlock. “Enter” The bot said. Natsumi looked at the device. It seemed like any normal decon unit. She entered the airlock and it closed around her beginning scans. “Medical equipment detected… beginning rapid decontamination.” The chamber makes a hissing sound. Natsumi sighs. She always hated this. A minute or two and this process finishes. The light next to the door at the end of the room then turns from red to green and the system says. “Process complete. All clear.” Natsumi grabs the medical bag and comes to the door opening it and it depressurizes into a special chamber. 


The room was plain. It had a bed, dresser, desk, a medical terminal, replicator and a stasis pod. Then a small shower and hygiene unit. There was a suit up on the wall that looked like the only way the girl could go outside, it was a very; as Aidan had put it bulky thing. Natsumi found such a thing unnecessary with current medical treatments but it’s likely this girl had no idea about them. Due to the large-scale nature of this suit, she likely just locked herself in here. The occupant and Captain of this ship; identified to the crew at Mira even though her legal name was Mari whom had long light blue hair and blue eyes was a petite girl. She was seated on her bed in a zip up hoodie and shorts as she looked at the doctor while she was playing with her hair. Natsumi nodded to Mira “I’m Dr. Natsumi Yamane; I was sent from the Trinity ship Repulse to discuss a treatment option with you.” “Treatment huh… With how fucked my life has become you hear that and do not really get your hopes up… At least you came in here though… That is a plus… Two people in two days…” “This isn’t a typical nano-treatment; you would be able to leave your module… Without additional protection… You would be able to lead a normal life in between treatments. Obviously during treatments you would require medical attention and to have a room set up for this or to have a module.” “So I would never fully be rid of this place…” “99 percent of the time.” The doctor explains. Mira tilts her head at her. “How?” “First I need to inject this test injector into you to see if it will properly interface with your nanites.” Natsumi said as she pulled an auto-injector out of the medical bag. 


Mira nods letting her inject the test device into her used to injecting these types of things into herself by this point. Once the injection was done, Natsumi pulled out a scanner and began to scan. She was checking something. The nanomachines interfaced properly with one another. She then says. “Good it appears they are interfacing. This will take some time to flow throughout your body. Rest and I will return with permanent versions of the injection for you to take twice a week. The nanomachines battery last 72 hours.” Natsumi said. “So what do you guys want in exchange for this?” “Nothing.” “No… I need to speak to your commander again.” “I think you are being a bit hasty…” “Being grateful for something someone does… when most people don’t give a fuck about others in a galaxy that is falling apart at the seams… No… Honey I am not being hasty.” Mira said grinning at her as Natsumi looked back at her. " You have a nice ass..." Natsumi glared at Mira. Natsumi requested a beam back as she went to prepare the medications and verify her findings. She would also VX Aidan a message that Captain Lowin wanted to speak with him. 


[Holding for another post with Aidan]

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After Natsumi requested beam out to the Repulse she sent Aidan a message that Capt. Lowin would like to speak with him and that she would be finishing the final touches on her treatment so the woman could still not leave her confinement just yet. Natsumi then returned to medical to prepare the injections after verifying her scans and taking a sample from the injector to verify that everything would work correctly since these nano injectors still had to act like needles they still took a sample from Mira; this helped Natsumi test though to make sure things would work as she had a sample of the woman's DNA and biological information. 

Meanwhile on the small ship Mira had decided to take the doctors advice and rest until the General contacted her. Such an interesting thing this would be but what exactly could she do for them; they were the military and had many more resources than she herself had... Would her skills even be useful to them... As she was resting her body her mind was searching the internet for information about this group, ship and its people. She knew she had heard of Trinity somewhere before but had been out of the loop for so long that she could not remember where or even what it was... Or maybe she was confusing names... She didn't have a clue... Then she understood... These guys were part of Delta Force. She and Ceres went on Surveys long before Trinity broke off from the Federation but it seemed these people had made a name for themselves doing exactly what those before them had done; kicking ass and taking names. Saving people... yeah... how exactly could she help them...

Aidan was finishing more requisitions for equipment on the Repulse. Getting it back to fighting shape was priority one. Seeing the message he saved his work and made way to the teleport chamber. In his queue, he had a backup level 2 armor and a few goodies. With all the crap that had gone on, he wasn't taking any chances. 

Once inside the tiny ship, he walked to the chamber. "General Aidan Thornton. How are you feeling, or is that an inappropriate question?"

As he entered the camber and the decontamination  completed it was allowed entry. Once he was in her room the short woman with light blue hair and blue eyes sat up and looked over at him. "Good morning General Thornton; feeling... well in this illness it really doesn't cause pain its more that when I go outside if anything tries to give me a sickness... my body overreacts and kills me... So I am good... aside from the social isolation part... One gets used to that after years and years of it though. Besides my crew is usually only one or two people anyway..." She shrugs. "Well... I am not sure if the doctor told you why I asked you to come here; so I will just explain... in a galaxy full of hellfire, death and madness one typically does not expect random helping hands to be given unless you pay them. In my experience that usually involves my body in some way; usually virtually due to my situation. I mean as a side job I write and draw it so not like it really matters... ANYWAY.... Why I do I keep going off on tangents.... Look... You guys gave me something most people wouldn't; help. I am not sure I can do much but is there some way I can be of assistance to you especially being that after this mission my contract with the Federation is up. Once I send these maps... I'm kinda jobless again..." She chuckled.

Aidan thought about her response. "We've taken on stragglers and random personnel from so many placeless, I've lost count. Most find a useful purpose, and quite a few that I have personally relied upon from time to time. So if you are offering to join us, welcome aboard." He paused for a second, thoughts contorting his face. 

As for interaction, I can think of a number of ways to help you. I know I get stir crazy sometimes. I'll have to talk to the doctor about any potential side effects from a VX implant, that would allow you to enter a VR world and interact with anyone else that has the same chip. We call do." Aidan pointed towards his own head non specifically.  Beyond that, perhaps a simple holographic interface that would allow you to interact with us for the times you can't expose yourself."

"I have the civilian variant of that and with my ability... I don't really need it. I can interact with computers and technology thanks to the nano tech in my body that keeps me alive. Obviously since I run this ship by myself with like two droids and one AI I am fairly competent at operations... Plus; why would I be working for Lonhorn doing planetary surveys if I didn't know a thing or two about stellar cartography and mapping... You could probably find a use for me unless all those departments are full... Heh... My little ship here could be of use too; I mean its small but once its contract is up; nobody would ever suspect a little survey ship..." As she babbled she realized something disturbed him; she tilted her head in a questioning manner. "You good?"(edited)

"I'm fine, but I was thinking that a different interface would allow you more access than just your ship. I am a simple Marine, point me at something and I go, so just my typical male thinking that I need to get out the 'toolbox' and fix things. You know you situation better than I do. As for a helping out, we always have a need for talent and someone of your skills could help us fill a gap. I guess then....welcome aboard Captain."

He added, "is there anything else I can help make your stay better?"

"You know more about your military tech than I do General; I will differ to your judgement there... Men aren't just typical idiots like people think I mean marines have their purpose just like technically included reclusive sickly females like me have our uses. I may be a depressed socially isolated awkward pervert mess but even I understand that much... Being locked in a box perpetually makes you understand people have uses... and no I dont just mean that they need to be used; everyone has a purpose you know." She shrugged. "Once the doc gets everything set is there a way I could be moved to somewhere with more people since I'll be able to you know; do that?"

"Of course. Once you get clearance from Medical, we will assign you crew quarters. You may, for the time being, have to bunk with someone. The Repulse is a very lean combat ship. We can take it in tow and find a suitable spot once back with the fleet." Aidan offered.

"Thats totally fine... I could use company heh..." She said winking though Aidan probably got the idea. He could tell this girl was indeed a pervert; like Erin level perv or worse.

"Anything else?"

Aidan smiled at the flirt "Not that I can think of." Aidan sent her Nik's VX tag. "If you need anything, call Lt Blom. He can get you set up as we lack a quartermaster at the moment. Again, welcome aboard and hopefully get you amongst the rest of us in short order."

Mira nodded. "Thanks and hopefully your life isn't all work and no play... everyone has to have time to themselves... even in a war filled death trap like this place." She said as she got up nodding to him.

He returned her wink. It wasn't that he wasn't interested but he didn't know her yet. "Let me know if you have any other concerns."



[End of intro post; see group/other posts for further introduction of character]

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"Cheer up, life is too short to be sad all the time." - Misuki Raion

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