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Season 3 - Episode 1: Discovery and Reflection

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atsumariLast Monday at 6:08 PM


Ari had decompressed in more ways than one only to be summoned by yet another Orteria Minister; these summons were getting old but she was the fleets head of intelligence and basically in charge of all things intel or counter-intel so that should be expected... With Sumire now more having to handle matters of state Ari wondered if that would require her to take up charge of the Lavie once more; she also wondered how Aidan with his new role as commander-in-chief would fall into the overall structure of things. Lots of changes were ahead but none of them knew that as of yet.


Upon arriving in the office of the minister whom summoned her Eru Yun was there; it seemed the head of the Royal Security Service's Judicators was involved in whatever was happening here. "I will get to the point; your interrogation operative found out more information which was corroborated by our Secret Intelligence Service... It sounds like a name but that is just what we call that entire side of our intel unit; they don't actually have a name." "Yeah, yeah, yeah... more clandestine bullshit... I get it; you said you were going to get straight to the point?" "We've located some of the Senators involved in the control of Echels and the black funding which her unit was created with." "So the assholes who were behind the cult?" "Even more then that; their financial dealings have much more long-standing long-running connections." "Hang on; this seems to be something that needs more than just little old Erin...." Ari chuckled at herself in her own dismay messaging Aidan to come to this office.


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 6:15 PM

Aidan responded to the message and that he was on his way. Using the VX he changed into BDU's, his level one power armor underneath.

He walked into the room and saw the usual suspects. He tried to keep his face neutral but even he knew he failed. "What are we walking into now?" he said plainly, leaving the scowl on his face.


atsumariLast Monday at 6:19 PM

Ari shrugged. "Wow... So you see messages from me and assume it's work.... I could be having another existential crisis you know..." she zinged at Aidan. Eru replies without even acknowledging either of them. "General; We have intelligence regarding the group of Senators that is behind the cult and numerous other galactic conflicts within the last say ten years."

"The Senate raids by Delta Force when they were on Mars was the right idea.... In short... if you understand my meaning... The elements your organization and others attempted to quell in fact escaped." Eru continued

(You remember the mission a long time ago when we overthrow the senate before; we didn't do good enough)


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 6:26 PM

Turning to Aro first, he said, "Smart ass," and left it  at that. "Thank you for the Intel. I guess it's time to go back and clean house. No more running. I feel like we are endlessly chasing our tail. Other doesn anyone have other ideas."


atsumariLast Monday at 6:29 PM

"A small team of people you trust; one unit.... and small landing parties.... This should stay under the radar as not to have anyone discover this operation is actually happening.... Especially with my agents understanding of how intertwined this is with the Galactic Federation Government.... My analysists believe that this has links to events even before Orteria was forced to join the Federation or what has become the Federation." Eru advises.


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 6:31 PM

"I think that goes withouth saying. My problem is how do we get there without raising suspicion. The Lavie is pretty hard to miss." Aidan commented.


atsumariLast Monday at 6:33 PM

"It is much easier to miss than a Cityship and a large armored unit of ships.... I could see about acquiring your team a ship from our merchant channels; you would need to crew it however." Eru said.

"We have enough people to crew ships; just picking the people we trust the most or whom are least likely to have had anything ever to do with any of this... Like me... Time traveling girl from the past... totally some alias an evil old man senator using cameras to watch your daughter undress would.... oh..... uh..." Ari stops rambling.


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 6:36 PM

"Problem is the Lavie is faster than most. Have to think about that. But I agree. The smaller the better in this case. " Aidan poured a cup of coffee while thought about his next move.


atsumariLast Monday at 6:37 PM

"Who should we bring in the loop... I can think of a couple people off hand; like our new people... As fucked as that sounds Orteria citizens who have nothing to do with the cult were like... entirely uninvolved with the Federation.... I mean being forced into a galactic empire never really is met with happiness and joy...."Ari said.

"Plus all the people from another world...Jack Sanya...." Ari adds


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 6:41 PM

"That makes sense. I guess that's why I keep you around." He said to Erin. "I going to want to go into training with them. This is going to require polished skills." Aidan said.


atsumariLast Monday at 6:45 PM

"Oh you know you lust about me in your dreams too.... That is really why you keep me around" Ari teased him even though they both knew that was true. Eru coughed. "Leave the fraternization for the lounge please you two. Nobility should not wreak of lust... Might I suggest your resident persons attached to ships... As having reinforcements you could call in at a moments notice might be useful and unexpected by the enemy should they say; jam communications in a normal sense and such."


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 6:48 PM

"I have ways around jamming." Aidan said. "Okay, then let's not tip around hand too much. Just the Lavie. Round up everyone. Quietly. Let's make up a story that makes sense. Small mission, short trip." He said to Erin.


atsumariLast Monday at 6:49 PM

"Okay...Who should be bring into this this early to help us plan out things? Could you get us a small transport ship we can take with us to use for deploying our crew... looks less conspicuous than a shuttle." Ari asked Aidan. Eru nodded. "As you wish your highness."


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 6:51 PM

"I am open to suggestions. Nik and Lumi come to mind." He said


atsumariLast Monday at 6:54 PM

"Well... Seleni I mean Miss Yuna did just suggest her. Sanya as a fresh take on our situation from someone not from our humanity might be helpful.... Maybe our new trainee pets... New minds put to a new idea come up with different ideas or so half the lecturers I skipped in college pounded into me." Erin said.


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 7:00 PM

"Okay, Let's quietly start assembling things. No more running away from problems."


atsumariLast Monday at 7:02 PM

She nods. The minister in the room with Yuna and the two of them leaves to get a ship together for use to deploy for the mission. Eru leaves to get them a room. Ari covertly sends each of the people they mentioned a private encrypted message.


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 7:05 PM

Aidan moves closer to Erin. "So I am incessantly lusting after you?  I think it's far more mutual than that." The smile on his face apparent.


atsumariLast Monday at 7:09 PM

She scoffs. "As true as we both may know that is there are tasks in the way and an angry queen... Besides; unless you are offering you did make things clear awhile ago... Unless I misunderstood...." She had not thought of their attempt at getting together once in awhile... Back then he didn't look her age though.... She dismisses the teasing blessed that Sarissa gave her better skills at controlling her own emotions even if she still had outbursts.


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 7:13 PM

Aidan said, "that was a different time." His thoughts going to Yuka and Emily and how that had blown up in his face. It still stung. "The timing has never been right, but timing is now longer an issue."


atsumariLast Monday at 7:15 PM

Ari changed the subject. "Our minions are coming or did you forget...." She then leaves the room to head to the conference room that Eru just sent the two of them. Where they would meet and train with the folks they were bringing in on this.


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 7:18 PM

"Let do this." Aidan said following her as he caught up to walk beside her.


VeilfloeLast Monday at 7:24 PM

Veil enters the room being guided by someone as the situation was obvious that she didnt know the way to exactly get there, before saying "dang i need to get one of those vx things.. that minimap would be so good.." under her breath, meeting eyes with Ari and Aiden followed by an apology "Sorry guys, I had a bit of trouble finding the place.."



BlinkJettLast Monday at 7:32 PM

as jett walks through the door he stumbles over his own feet causing him to stumble forward  a few feet. bup bup bup. he says before regaining his balance before looking around the room to see if anyone noticed. Clearly knowing that there was he then walks over to the group in the room. hey what’s going on in here?


Angel the Cutie (Valona)Last Monday at 7:34 PM

Valona would enter the conference room as well, following the message that had come from Ari, noticing as Jett would stumble over his own feet.

"I came as soon as I was notified to."


VeilfloeLast Monday at 7:35 PM

Veil looked at the two other coming in and thought "I've never met these two I think" before retracking her gaze back to Aiden and Ari

"is this everyone that was on the roster?"


Angel the Cutie (Valona)Last Monday at 7:37 PM

Valona would flick her eyes to Veil as she looked at her, before her own gaze went towards Ari and Aiden.


OscarLast Monday at 7:42 PM

I walk over into the conference room a bit after the others, since I like to do things at my own pace.

"Yo, I'm here as well now. So, what's going on?"


atsumariLast Monday at 7:43 PM

"Totally military introductions.... like totally...." Erin chuckled amused by the people's way of introducing themselves.


Inori YuzurihaLast Monday at 7:45 PM

Seleni arrives wearing casual clothes for a day off, with Dawn in her usual attire. "You called?" Seleni asks.


KimLast Monday at 7:49 PM

Sanya adjusted something on her belt as she answered the summons to the conference room. It had been a strange day. The customs of integrating new crew were odd. It was like learning the proper food pairings. She was uncertain of vanilla and chicken, but they would make it work next time.


atsumariLast Monday at 7:51 PM

Ari had something occur to her as the last member entered the room. "Yeah... Wow... So it just occurred to me for the completely new people there were no formal introductions.... I'm Ari Mizriki Trinity Intelligence Commander... This is Aidan Thornton our General and Chairmen of the Orteria Military Authority." She said introducing herself and Aidan.


VeilfloeLast Monday at 7:52 PM

"to be fair, i'm not part of this military" veil slid in

"yet" she then added


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 7:53 PM

Aidan starts off. "We have a mission. This is going to require secrecy, but until further notice, the group you are now with a few additions are the group we go with. I won't tell you where or who. If you aren't settled on going with us. Leave now."


VeilfloeLast Monday at 7:54 PM

"im sticking around, I have nothing to really do except become a snowcone vendor." Veil said followed but the small quip


BlinkJettLast Monday at 7:56 PM

Finally a mission! jett says in excitement not one for sitting around doing nothing he would much rather be getting his hands dirty. I’m in one hundred percent


Inori YuzurihaLast Monday at 7:56 PM

Seleni looks at Aidan before giving him a small nod and leaves. "I'll tell you after the brief." Seleni messages both Aidan and Ari as she leaves.


VeilfloeLast Monday at 7:57 PM

"if we're going after whoever brought me back to life, i want to make them regret that."


Angel the Cutie (Valona)Last Monday at 7:58 PM

Valona nodded lightly at the introductions from Ari, bowing her head lightly towards her and Aidan, and then continued to listen as Aidan spoke, and nodded lightly. "I can keep a secret. I'm in on the mission."


Inori YuzurihaLast Monday at 7:58 PM

Dawn stays behind and observes the new additions to the team.


atsumariLast Monday at 8:00 PM

As Seleni is leaving Ari says "Your adjutant wont be able to relay this to you You decide here or you don't go."


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 8:01 PM

"Plus once we leave orbit, there will be no outbound communications. If I find someone that does,  you will be placed in an escape pod and hopefully we alive when we come back." he added. "That's how serious I am."


KimLast Monday at 8:02 PM

"Is it often that new personnel refuse orders?" Sanya looked confused. "It's a mission for the good of the society so why would one refuse?" Her voice carried a strange accent, she was speaking without her translator it seemed.


Inori YuzurihaLast Monday at 8:03 PM

"I understand." Seleni says to Ari before closing the door behind her.


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 8:03 PM

"People get stupid and make bad choices." Aidan said simply to Sayna


OscarLast Monday at 8:04 PM

"I'm also going to stick around for this mission, even though I don't think it'll go along my specialties. But I will try my best." I then whisper under my breath; "I am not going to let the same thing happen twice.." and clench my fist as I do.


VeilfloeLast Monday at 8:06 PM

"whatever you need me to do just tell me, I'm practically suited for outerspace and climate shifts." veil plainly replied


BlinkJettLast Monday at 8:06 PM

jett zoned out for a moment watching as seleni leave before coming back to his sense. w-whoa who was that?


atsumariLast Monday at 8:07 PM

Ari sighs. "We will be gone for some time; our mission will likely last awhile." She made sure everyone understands.


KimLast Monday at 8:10 PM

"I will do my 100 percent. I want to carry my share," Sanya added with a nod.


BlinkJettLast Monday at 8:10 PM

Eh that’s fine with me not like I have anything else going on in my life right now


Jack PineLast Monday at 8:13 PM

The door hissed open one more time as the guard they would have recognized from the other day, had slipped in with the rest when they had arrived. As the meeting had gone on so far, he had sat and listened gathering all the info they had been given. "I'm game, you know I have the experience and training. May not be powerful or anything, but I'll put my rifle to work where needed.", he finally spoke throwing in his hat so to speak.


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 8:15 PM

Aidan said, "I will have the details once we leave orbit. Not until then. Questions?"


atsumariLast Monday at 8:16 PM

"I will be sending each of you and your respective department heads additional information on assignment reporting information. As Aidan just said we won't be giving out any more details on the actual mission until we leave."


Angel the Cutie (Valona)Last Monday at 8:16 PM

Valona's feline ears would swivel around towards Jack when he spoke, her head following, before turning back to Ari and Aidan once more, and thought when he asked if there were any questions.


atsumariLast Monday at 8:16 PM

Ari replied.


Jack PineLast Monday at 8:16 PM

"We bringing designated loadouts, special requisition, or acquired on site sir?"


Angel the Cutie (Valona)Last Monday at 8:17 PM

She would nod towards Ari as she spoke, listening and understanding.


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 8:18 PM

"Equipment isn't an issue." Aidan offered.


OscarLast Monday at 8:20 PM

"I'm all good to go, if there's nothing more to be said."

I cross my arms and lean on the wall near the door after speaking up.


atsumariLast Monday at 8:21 PM

"Alright then; dismissed unless you all have other questions that we can answer now... get prepared to leave as we will notify you as soon as we are ready to depart." Ari said.


Jack PineLast Monday at 8:23 PM

"I've noticed a theme with the participants in this meeting, is there anyone not in attendance I should nudge to meet with you for this. Sarah perhaps? She's a far better shot then I am, in the case we need overwatch."


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 8:23 PM

"If i found out someone talked. You will be staying here on planet." Aidan added.


atsumariLast Monday at 8:23 PM

"Jack; we will be bringing in support personnel as needed; the people in this room are just the primary ground team."

"As I said department heads and such will be fed to you soon."


Jack PineLast Monday at 8:24 PM

Jack nodded, "Understood, I have no further questions then. I will take my leave now."


Angel the Cutie (Valona)Last Monday at 8:25 PM

Valona nodded as well. "Understood." She looked to Aidan as he spoke, and nodded to him as well, and his warning.


atsumariLast Monday at 8:27 PM

Ari seeing the cat girl's ears move struggled to keep her fangasm inside; actual neko people did exist.... Ari quickly suppressed the emotional glee.... She wasn't dreaming at elast.


KimLast Monday at 8:28 PM

"Understood," Sanya perked up at the mention of "fed". "Oh! Are we going to get food next? I heard about this chicken waffles thing."


atsumariLast Monday at 8:29 PM

"Yes; I'm going to tie you to a chair and forcefeed you informational documents Sanya." Ari said sarcastically but she knew it was a lost cause at this point.


Angel the Cutie (Valona)Last Monday at 8:29 PM

Valona couldn't help but let out a little chuckle at the sarcasm and the question of food.


Aidan got runover by a reindeerLast Monday at 8:29 PM

"Be prepared for training, training, and hard work." He added at the last second.


KimLast Monday at 8:30 PM

"Documents are food?" Sanya tilted her head to the side since the mental picture was strange. "Opposite of interrogation, it seems."

"Zamorit’ chervyachka?"


atsumariLast Monday at 8:32 PM

"Yes; feeding you information; its the most effect--- Okay; I'm going to stop being a bitch now... It seems someone needs to actually teach you metaphors..." Ari said pinching the bridge of her nose.


Angel the Cutie (Valona)Last Monday at 8:34 PM

Valona nodded at Aidan's last addition, having also noticed Ari's struggle to keep her emotions inside about her cat ears, but not reacted to it herself.


KimLast Monday at 8:36 PM

Sanya nodded to Aidan, that she understood.  "Ah yes. Always ready to work."


OscarLast Monday at 8:40 PM

I inspect Valona's cat ears from afar, intrigued.

"I just hope I can be of use on this mission.."

I say before falling silent again.


(to be edited)

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(This happens shortly after the meeting above; there might be some short posts between this and that; I will add those here....)

{ This is a placeholder]

Erin "Ari" Mizriki
Aidan Thornton
Royal Compound; Orteria/ Exective Suite; TFS Lavie (Orteria Orbit)
November 17th 4566; Nighttime


After many a conversation and some leisure time Erin had now completed everything she needed to here before departing. She was well ahead of the game in that regard and just found herself in the lounge again; she wondered if she should just go up to the ship to make sure everything was prepared for everyone. It has been a little while since she was on the Lavie last and since it had basically been the place she lived while she was here from the beginning it felt like a home to her; even if not really her home. After a drink she headed into a holodeck and began to tend to her violate flower which she had started takin a liking to back on the Lavie; Sumire may have preferred VR but Erin was more into this holodeck stuff; there was just something about doing things physically as opposed to controlling everything with a mental version of yourself. She was removing imperfect leaves from the giant flower; it had grown as she tended to it; meanwhile outside of the small area she was tending to it was a snowstorm and harsh cold that gave a reflection to her own mind; moments of beauty trapped in a cold hard deadly unforgiving shell.


Aidan had moved the last of his equipment he needed right now to the Lavie. The armory has regular items but he liked a few specailized items that had been tweaked just for him. Once in his old quarters, he felt more than a touch of nostalgia. Locking the weapons the room safe, he secured everything save his service pistol, put on some slacks and a pull over collared shirt and started wandering around the ship.


Erin finished her work on the flower saving the program and transferring it back to the Lavie's computer; she then left the mansion's holodecks and made her way to the Lavie via the transporter. The thought had occurred to her if the whole worry she had heard nerds on her time rage about; involving you not in fact being you when you get vaporized and reconstituted in a matter of seconds elsewhere. She chuckled to herself internally about this thought as she arrived on the Lavie herself then headed for her own quarters. There was only a small wall that was more of a partition separating Aidan and her quarters as the modular nature of the room and it being changed to how it was for Yuka and he made the room possible to become one massive room once more. She contemplated the room as she unpacked; it was fast to do as she still did not have all that much of her own; just all the things Brandon gave her and a back of her own belongings. She had never really gotten a round to getting a lot of her own stuff as in the past six months she had been too busy.

(they just missed each other lol)


With everything that had happened, the nostalgia was making Aidan feel even worse. He turned around the same way and figured he would take one of the replicated antique firearms to the makeshift range in cargo bay 2. He walked through the doors, seeing Erin there, stopped mid room. "I'm sorry. We kind of left the room one big area."

(moving to desktop)


As he entered and she had finished unpacking she was just sitting on the bed. She shrugged. "I mean... it has its practical purposes and there is a partition that can be called up... so it is not that bad... I wouldn't mind sharing the space if you are okay with it... It is not like there is much we don't know about each other by this point... Considering how many times I have basically unloaded my soul into you... Besides; privacy is an illusion in the military; just cause I am female and an officer doesn't mean I should expect an individual room..." She stuck out her tongue; she was no longer an officer though and she was forgetting the fact that now as flag staff she had even more perks; though those themselves came with even more responsibilities.


"Not to mention spending several weeks in the trenches together." Aidan added. He thought about it for a few seconds. "It's not going to bother me. " He had spent years in just such predicaments. Usually is was a platonic professionalism, though not without the occasional sideways glance or erection in his case. There was only so much he could control. "Plus it should make it easy to keep each other up to date on the ship functions."


"Having half the ship filled with bodies does kind a make quarters tight..." She said cynically. "How will this work though?" She asked. She then nodded and observed him for a moment; more glancing him over... She was obviously looking him over. There was no lack of understanding that they were attracted to each other but there was always a wall in the way... She was right to ask how this would work especially spending two years as the live in girlfriend with Brandon... What even were they to each other... She wondered.


"We have a few options. You can take the big bed, and I'll take the spare room. Plenty of pillows and blankets around the holo-firepit. Or get rid of the bed and split it into smaller twins." Aidan said, then added, "unless you have a better idea." He wasn't sure if he'd noticed Erin checking him out, though he certainly had a hard time not concentrating on the wonder twin she carried.


"A better idea... So... What do you mean by that... We could just make two different beds... Unless...?" She said as a question.


Aidan figured he was done dancing around the issue. "Sleeping with me would be a bad idea. You'd wake up with my hands on your boobs at the very least. It's not conscious, just the way I work. Something warm, soft, and female automatically gets assigned cuddle status."


"And who here is saying that wouldn't..." She sighs for a moment letting her impulsive side take over. "Look; we both know we want each other... Sumire has as much given me her blessing with anyone... as fucked as the situation may be it is something we both are not opposed to... So... does this stay or do we just separate the room again?"

(the only more direct she could be is saying "are we sleeping together or not; are we a thing or are we still forbidden?)


"She has given me the same speech, and you're right, it's not something either one of us are truly opposed to. Just our own overwhelming sense of duty making us feel guilty even though there isn't a reason to. So you want the left or the right side of the bed." He said ending with a grin.


"Doesn't matter to me; a twenty something girl who had a sex crazed lover who made her basically a wanton sex machine and a guy who physically is in his twenties and prime again but has the experience of someone who is almost fifty... we will end up in the middle of the bed most nights anyway..." She said.


"Well let's get something straight off the bat. I like sex and I like a lot of sex, but if you're looking for the Kinkmaster General, that isn't me. Not that I am unwilling to try things, I just have my limits." Aidan commented.


"I totally get that; I'm not expecting you to... nor do I want you to be Brandon... He went a bit far even for my tastes... I was with the guy because we got along; I loved him and we had things in common... Pretty much the entire reason I would date you... If we are being honest." She said.

(and yes; she is saying she loves him; its not a romantic love right now but he has been a rock to her; he kept her from killing herself after Brandon died; with Sarissas help but for that alone he has her love and respect and always will)


"Date me. Interesting." He said, closing the gap some between them and sitting at one of the stools near the counter in the kitchenette. "Where would be go, O' voluptuous one?"


"There are some pretty good holodeck programs you know and I am not familiar with Earth II much; but... i have been known to prose a directory or two when necessary...." She chuckled nonchalantly.

(she was going to say phone directory but figured that would be... too old)



"I think somewhere more neutral. We are going to have our fill of Earth II real soon. Where would you take me where you are from originally?" He asked her, not bothering to avert his gaze.


"Um... Well... There are a lot of places I wanted to go but never was able... Journalists may see the world but we don't really get to experience it... At least in war and violence type reporting... My job sucked...." She laughed at her own dismay.

"France.... uh... hey... now that is a thought... A beach as the sun is setting during a rainstorm... thunder... hum.... A hike on a snowfilled mountain.... god... these so don't sound like locations you would go for a date...."(edited)


"It depends more on the company than location," He offered, "but I am not hiking through the snow."


"Oh... You don't want to go... aww... but I always liked snow and the cold.... just... It never snowed where I lived... That is another idea... watching a super nova happen or a sun flare from a distance; I've heard that or other space phenomena would be lovely... You would probably know more about that then I do though..." (in some ways it is obvious she's a closet nerd)


"Snow is great. For 5 minutes. After that it's cold and semisolid water. That sounds more like 5th date." Aidan said. "But I would be happy to take you on a scenic space tour. "

(What is she wearing?)


(shes in her usual college uniform, white short sleeve blouse, skirt and thighhighs with a vest; she basically wears this because she know people have a thing for school uniforms even if she graduated college and all that she kept it)

"So then you don't like storms either... cold isn't so bad; just throw on some cute as fuck winter clothes and you'll be fine... for girls some of that winter wear can look pretty cute... he he... men have some pretty fashionable stuff too... gotta look refined.... hey that female butler would know what to throw us in for some of that old day Victorian style... minus the corset..." Erin said seemingly lost in her own wandering thoughts about cute clothes, nice places and other such things that were making her happier as she babbled about them.


"I have no problems with storms. In fact you in a swimsuit on the beach raining sounded pretty interesting." Aidan said.

"One day I will take you to my old farm in Upstate NY during winter. That'll cure you." He smirked.


"um... but no more Earth.... Anyway... You know I was thinking more just watching the storm and the ocean... but getting all wet in a bikini for you in a rainstorm on the beach wouldn't be all that bad... Hell; minus the vest I'd go frolic in the rain for you in this any day..." She said batting her eyes at him.


"Careful what you wish for." He said to her. He reached out for her hand.


She took his hand but first taking off the vest with her uniform now in her blouse and skirt. "So you do wanna watch a schoolgirl run through the rain all playful like... you pervy boy..." She teased.


"What guy in his right mind would say no to a wet shirt on a busty babe?" He pulled her towards himself softly, watching her walk the short distance. :Especially one that he's dreamt of, taking cold showers over...."

"But isn't the reverse also true." He added


"Oh so you just wanna see my boobs wet... You could have just asked me to shower in my clothes for you.... There are dryers... In fact; that is something we could do here... and I can do both; watching a cute boy or girl do anything... just take that into your mind close your eyes and burn it into your mind for later so you can totally just lust over being there again with them watch.... - I'm sounding like a pervert myself now; time to shut up erin..." She stopped herself from further babbling on.


"Oh hell no. I don't want to see dinner through the restaurant window." He said as pulled into a tight embrace, forcing there to be nothing but clothes between them. "If it comes to that, i want to the whole experience." His hands were tight on her hips, but he stopped from going any further without a mutual understanding between them.(edited)


"I wasn't going to just make you stand outside the shower; its an interactive experience... and the mental thing is for later silly... c'mon... see thats why it proves how much of a pervert I am; what girl would tell their guy to remember them doing something lusty and burn it into their mind for later..." She tried to shrug but since she was in his embrace now she couldn't. She relented and hugged him back pushing herself tightly against him making sure her breasts were pressed hard against him.


As she pressed herself more into him, Aidan stared hard into her eyes and took a tentative first kiss. "Maybe you aren't only one that wants the other to remember something." Without removing his hands from her, he guided them over her supple flesh and cupped an ass cheek in each hand. He picked her up too far on purpose, enjoying the soft pillows against his face before letting her down against his manhood, her skirt was against her stomach. Only her panties and his jeans were between them.


"Oh... if you are wanting that; silly... All this playing... We still have a ship to prepare... when we are done though..." She kisses him back holding her pantie covered mound next to his obvious erection. "Gotta do work; then play; maybe discussing this all now was a bad idea as it torture's both of us..."


"Don't you tease me. I'll tap you like a keg." He said playfully.


"I think thats what we both need... but after we do what needs done..." She lets go seeming wanting but keeping herself from further expressions of her wanting to just jump into his arms and make sweet love to him; the kind of love that they both have wanted to make to one another for months.


"I hate you when you make too much sense," he said, smacking her on the ass for effect.

atsumariLast Tuesday at 10:00 PM
After the two had a close encounter but delayed things due to work Ari had went to make sure the crew was all settled. It seemed most of those whom were coming with them and whom were assigned to the ship were on board or in the process of traveling to the ship. They would be ready to go sooner than initially expected. At least the time traveling to Earth II would be uneventful giving them time to continue the lesiurely goings about of the world around them; something that the crew had not had in awhile with battle after battle, Earths evacuation and even between Yuka and Aidan... There wasn't really ever a moment of time slowed down... Now would be that time as much as it was different than it was before; 

Ari was down in security checking over with the assistant chief. They would be bringing Lai-Lee Echels with them to at the very least identify her superiors. It was agreed upon all thsoe in Orteria whom handled her security that she be kept under extensive guard with her mental manipulation powers.
TugarLast Tuesday at 10:07 PM
Checking his marines was a normal ongoing and never ending task. Not so much to find anything wrong and correct it, but to keep the well oiled machine working at peak performance.  He personally checked the armory and  settled into paperwork. His assistant was fairly good at filtering most of the minutia out.
atsumariLast Tuesday at 10:16 PM
Once Ari was done with her review of security she moved on to engineering. Lumiere oversaw Ops and since she was the ship herself it was redundant for anyone to check on her. Ari also knew that medical was a well maintained machine; left to their own devices Sarissa, Petell, Yaname and Blom could manage their entire department themselves even if three of the four were disposed.  Once she completed the check over engineering an alarm sounded throughout the ship. "All hands intruder alert deck 7 section 4. Tactical response teams secure your stations." Ari opened a link over her VX to the bridge. "What is going on?" "The escort team bringing in  Miss Echels is under fire." "From who; better question is how did they get on the ship..." "Unknown." Trent replied again.
(deck 7 is security; section 4 is the interrogation rooms and combat droid storage room; pretty much the death droids are there; anyone would be stupid to break into the room those droids are in unless they want Ceci to kill them fifty times (as all her combat bots are there)
(its actually not far form wehre your character is; the armory is in the secured area)
TugarLast Tuesday at 10:23 PM
Aidan was in the corridor when the alert siren went off.  He called to the bridge and got a status report. A secondary command brought up his full power armor, he preselected the ODM sword and big Thunder for ship corridors. He headed towards where Trent has said the fight was taking place. Sword in left hand, pistol in his dominant one.
atsumariLast Tuesday at 10:30 PM
As he and a team of marines whom were always on tactical standby responded in full gear; the team; also in full gear covering the what appeared to be muzzled girl with them were held up in between two doorways. The access areas to interrogation 1 and 2. Whoever this was they had attacked the team right as they were entering interrogation to put her in  holding. The Orteria soldiers whom were bringing her her were exchanging fire with... what appeared to be nothing. At least until it returned fire. a cloaked enemy was unloading projectiles into anything that moved; only the corner of the wall saving the team from being blown away. A portal opened at the other end of the hallway at the secured door that would lead to the lift. Ari popped out in her own powered suit with Mimi and one of Orteria's Science Ministry agents that was on the ship; in short this person was like the Alchemy Commission's Special Policing Unit which Mimi used to be part of; a gem tactical specialist. This soldier created a barrier with multiple gems as the cloaked object fired in their direction partly distracted and only hitting a sort of forcefield made of gem energy.
(its an assault robot; you know like ED209s from robocop; sort of like that just more powerful; not as stupid and with cloaking tech)
TugarLast Tuesday at 10:32 PM
(in the corridor?)
atsumariLast Tuesday at 10:32 PM
(yeah; that is trying to fight you guys)
TugarLast Tuesday at 10:32 PM
(are we rolling for init?)
atsumariLast Tuesday at 10:33 PM
nah; its you me then the enemy.
TugarLast Tuesday at 10:34 PM
(this gem shield....protecting them and blocking me too?)
atsumariLast Tuesday at 10:35 PM
(it fired back at Ari and the two gem folks arriving; that was its turn; its staying stationary but its cloaked and no the gem shield is just stopping Ari, Mimi the ODM soldier from being attacked. Basically you and marines are on one side of the hallway; Ari et el is on the other. Robot is in the middle; its blocked in right now)
(between many secured doors)
TugarLast Tuesday at 10:37 PM
Aidan uses the VX command to switch to the guass plasma carbine. He fired the metallic hydrogen penetator at the center where the fire was concentrating.
The sonic boom is deafening as the  metal slug leaves the muzzle at Mach 10.
(He'll apologize for deafening everyone later :D)
atsumariLast Tuesday at 10:45 PM
The ODM Gem Specialist moved forward his shield closing the distance to the enemy. basically only giving it one choice; head into the marines fire. The shield also seems to deafen the sound from harming the three behind the shield; it seems to help protect against anything that could be deemed harmful. This was some advanced stuff he was using.  As he was standing in the middle of the hallway using the shield and the hydrogen weapon the cloak on the robot fails and it is severely damaged. The sudden explosion distracts the specialist though and the man is shot. Ari was about to tell him running from cover was stupid but being shot proved that; in a quick impulsive act Ari opens a portal under the bot quickly and then closes it as soon as the bot falls through. it burns up in a sun. She and Mimi move to aide the ODM soldier. "Who told you it would be a good idea to run out in the middle of the damn hallway... there is confidence in battle and then there is just being a moron......." Ari chastised the injured man as Mimi starts healing him. marines immediately secure the area. it was only one robot which is now gone. (yeah falling through a portal and appearing in the atmosphere of a star will do that).
TugarLast Tuesday at 10:46 PM
"Report!" Aidan said, moving the muzzle towards the deck plating. "What the fuck is going on!"
atsumariLast Tuesday at 10:52 PM
One of the ODM escorts replied to Aidan. "the target just appeared out of nowhere and began firing at us as we were transferring the subject to your custody." The ODM Sargant replies. "Out of nowhere  you say; why?" "Not a clue sirs." he replied to both of them. "I can only assume they were after her.... un restrain her." Ari told them. The ODM soldiers do as told. Lai then replies when she is allowed to speak with the restraint removed. "You really thought my employers would just let me live; the moment you guys captured me I became expendable; or do  you not remember how the Senate works; didn't they try and do as much to you... They are just bad at trying to kill people; politicians should leave killing people to professionals.... not their hired thugs...." Ari shrugs "At least I don't have to have Yumi pound your face into the ground for that answer as sarcastic as it was..."
TugarLast Tuesday at 10:58 PM
"Can it!" Aidan said loudly, using his drill sergeant voice. "Bridge this is General Thornton. I was the shields up until we are at cruising speed and constant sweep for however this thing got in here. Thornton out. " Turning to Lai-Lee, he offered. "Any other obvious nuggets of wisdom you'd like to impart or can we get on with this?" He said in a softer tone. He wasn't about to lay out any plans or strategies just yet.
atsumariLast Tuesday at 11:04 PM
"You are asking the woman you captured for tactical advice... I wouldn't be stupid enough to ask you to free me; as that would lead to death; one way or another... however... I can give you want information I have on the senate and their forces... I am a mercenary in effect now... I was forced to work for them in the first place or is capturing you, killing your family and shoving gems inside of you to make  you fuck peoples minds implied consent... There is only so much someone who can tear apart and restructure minds can do; when the people she is fighting have the same powers..." She chuckled sarcastically. Ari thought for a moment. "How about I just open the bulkhead to this area and save us all the trouble..." "If it were me; thats what I would do." She said honestly. Ari scoffed. "you'd kill yourself to prove a tactical advantage... Lucky for you he and I have actual people we report to as opposed to your asshole crony bosses...."
TugarLast Tuesday at 11:10 PM
"I can certainly understand your plight. Lai-Lee. I have been used far too many times in a political nature, lied to, had friends and comrades killed around me. I would certainly appreciate any useful data or support you would like to give us. I plan to lead us. But let me be blunt since you have no problem with getting to the point. Either follow or get the hell out of our way." Turning to his marines, I want three guards near her heavily armed at all times."
Aidan waited for a response from her.  (Barring that, he leaves)
atsumariLast Tuesday at 11:14 PM
"I guess it is as Veilfloe put it... As much as I may be a prisoner... I am not... It is a respectable way of doing things; something lacking with other governments that just throw you in a stone box and beat you. I can give you locations once we arrive at earth." She replied. The marines take her from the ODM security detail. Ari follows Aidan and Mimi takes the ODM gem g uy to medical.
TugarLast Tuesday at 11:16 PM
Aidan changes back to BDU's with his level 1 armor still on. After some distance was between them, he said, "i don't know if the Creator is watching us or we just are that damned good. Scary sometimes."
atsumariLast Tuesday at 11:20 PM
"The robot was an idiot... I mean cmon fighting anyone in a two way hallway; absolutely moronic... As for Echels... If you want my opinion she wanted someone to stop her. She gave up too easily for someone with her powers and now shes just handing us information after Yumi spends what; two hours with her... I mean pain hurts but anyone trained to resist it... She wanted to be found and pulled for information." erin said to him shrugging again. She then pecks him on the cheek almost having to scale him to actually do this. (so short in comparison... almost having to climb him)
TugarLast Tuesday at 11:21 PM
"So trust nothing coming out of her mouth. Got it." Aidan said, letting the silence go for second, then added. "Did she want to be captured to aid us, or hurt us? I am not that naïve anymore."
atsumariLast Tuesday at 11:25 PM
"From the emotional shit I get from her with a bit of Sarissa's skills... She wants something... She wants people in her life... Yeah she may have motives but doesn't everyone... As for trusting her... Don't trust anybody... hell even trusting me might end up biting you in the ass... maybe not by either of us intentionally doing things... I'm too impulsive for my own good sometimes... I think you decided to hang around me with that in mind though... Silly little Erin still doesn't know what the hell she's doing with herself..." She shrugged again.
(she means that last part as she is still adjusting to her life here)
(she has a future she doesnt know what will happen)
TugarLast Tuesday at 11:27 PM
Aidan chuckled once. "I only know the general direction. Been a soldier to long to do anything else and too old to change careers now. But I will tell you, you don't trust yourself enough. Your meteoric rise here is something to be proud of."
atsumariLast Tuesday at 11:31 PM
"It is like I am the protagonist of some fucked up novel or something... How else would I survive time travel; watching my SO be killed... and still survive; either that or I just love pain..." She shakes her head back an forth in pity for all that she had lost; she had a better life that she did before but losing all the other good things she had were hard. A thought then occurred to her. She looked up at him. "Before work pulled us away..." She grabs his wrist and takes him back to the lift heading to their quarters.
TugarLast Tuesday at 11:32 PM
"Are you going to finish that thought?" Aidan said, he mind still reeling from the combat while his body started to deal with the aftereffect of adrenaline rush.
atsumariLast Tuesday at 11:38 PM
She tilted her head at him as they were on the lift heading back to their quarters. "I am not sure you would like me to finish that thought in public..." She said with a light blush.
TugarLast Tuesday at 11:41 PM
It took him a second before realizing what she meant. "Sorry, I get super focused sometimes." he smacked her ass for effect. "Where's your sense of adventure?"
"Then again, my fan club is too large as it is. Spectators might want some for themselves and I don't share well when it comes to that."
atsumariLast Tuesday at 11:46 PM
When he smacked her ass she almost short up and blushed even more. "Your fan club; I assume in the vulgar terms you mean your short list of female sex partners.... I hope you see some as more than just that..." She turned to him and got right in front of him then jumped into his arms. "You make it hard to not... do this... I don't wanna have sex in a public elevator...." she was apparently trying hard to not just start furiously making out with him.
TugarLast Tuesday at 11:51 PM
"Good. I like my women wanton and wanting." Aidan retorted as he winked at her. His look changed as he stared at her."If you weren't important to me, my guilt would not have held me back before now. I honor my relationships. " He started to carry her the rest of the way to their shared room.
atsumariLast Tuesday at 11:56 PM
She was continuing to blush. “... so we both didn’t just see each other as sex toys...” she leaned into him hugging him and resting her head on his shoulder closing her eyes letting her hormones subside for a brief moment letting the words sink in. “It’s amazing I’ve made it this far... you’re right about that.”
(Happy new year by the way.)
TugarLast Wednesday at 12:00 AM
"If I am being honest, it's hard not to look at you and think about very little else. You are one spectacular woman. It's not all you are and I know that. Smart, energetic, and damned sexy. You're the whole package." Aidan offered. "I was in doubt when you first came on board. We've rescued so many that just fill a niche. You weren't satisfied with that and started carving a path."
(happy new orbit around the sun 😄 )
atsumariLast Wednesday at 12:06 AM
“I am a journalist who was taught to fight by my uncle who turned out to be like one of the EU guys... I was too stubborn for my own good... it took me through hell and back... I never thought I’d work in intelligence... Sumire was originally more suited for that but I got here before we found her... eh... geez... all this talk might make me an ego maniac...” as they arrived at the door she kisses him.
TugarLast Wednesday at 12:09 AM
He kissed her back hard, moving her forcefully against his own body. "I think the discussion portion of the night is over."

(post will continue; needs editing)

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(needs editing) 

atsumariToday at 6:57 PM
Ari had finished with everything arriving for her and... Well... Basically she and the ship were completely ready. Even Lai was prepared. She was just waiting for the rest of the group to arrive as she was sitting in the office once occupied by Yuka.
Aidan got runover by a reindeerToday at 7:04 PM
Aidan delegated a junior officer to welcome and late arriving shuttles before they left orbit. To that end Ensign Niklas Blom was in the shuttle bay with his pad, for effect as his positronic net didn't need it.
Tory TraceToday at 7:07 PM
Tory had packed a duffel bag, gathering what equipment and clothing he brought down to the surface from the ship before. He figured that such an event would have something exciting but not of a large scale combat event. Luckily they managed to get through it. He had his pass present as he would board the shuttle ready to take them back up to their ship
atsumariToday at 7:07 PM
Ari finished the report she was working on about the robot incident; poor robot... He met a sun and couldn't even'ed himself into vapor. She left the office heading to the bridge continuing to have thoughts about what would come from here and how long they would be traveling to Earth II without the gem drive cityship... After all official channels to arrive... Nope... They needed to be undetected.

KimToday at 7:20 PM
Ensign Sanya Isilme reported to Aidan in a clean uniform with its new rank insignia. Her hair was pulled back into a complicate braid to keep it from her face. All of her worldly belongings were few and everything else had been provided to her. "Ready for instructions," she stated in a cheerful accent with a smile.
Aidan got runover by a reindeerToday at 7:23 PM
"At ease, Ensign." Aidan said without getting up. "Have you settled in, medical records and quarters all squared away?"
(Not room enough to take that shuttle with us but it can fit barely in the shuttle bay)
Angel the Cutie (Valona)Today at 7:24 PM
Valona made her way to the ship, gear packed. She had made sure to bring everything she thought she would, or might, need, as she, too, boarded the shuttle for the ship, soon arriving onboard, nodding to the Ensign in the shuttle bay as she arrived.
Tory TraceToday at 7:25 PM
sorry i stepped away for a moment to make lunch. Tory would be on the shuttle everyone is boarding, im assuming there's only one which is going back to the ship
Aidan got runover by a reindeerToday at 7:25 PM
Nik stopped her. "Hold on their sport. You need to check in" as he stepped in Valona's way."
KimToday at 7:27 PM
Sanya relaxed as she put at ease. "Yes, sir. The doctors transferred as much of my data that she managed to compile. The tests are still inconclusive but I have finally mastered the controls for the room," she sheepishly admitted.
Angel the Cutie (Valona)Today at 7:28 PM
Valona nodded to him as he stopped her. "Of course. Valona Longweave."
Aidan got runover by a reindeerToday at 7:30 PM
"You'll get the hang Isilme. For now, relieve one of the Marine guards on the bridge. Carbine optional considering. I'd like you get one, assuming you have the training. Otherwise get the training. It looks more uniform and no one is likely to look past the carbine and guess that your powers lie elsewhere."
Nik pulled up the pad. "Thank you Longweave. He VX'd her the quarters she was assigned as well as inprocessing documents. "Welcome to the Lavie."
Tory TraceToday at 7:33 PM
[are we back on the ship?]
Aidan got runover by a reindeerToday at 7:34 PM
(We'll say everyone arrived on the Mastiff shuttle)
(or use the teleporters)
Angel the Cutie (Valona)Today at 7:35 PM
She nodded, with a smile. "Of course, thank you." She then went to head towards the quarters she was assigned, to drop off her gear.
Aidan got runover by a reindeerToday at 7:36 PM
(go ahead Tory)
Tory TraceToday at 7:40 PM
Tory was glad to be back on board as he exited the shuttle, lifting his duffel bag over his shoulder. "Home sweet home, in a way," he said as he had EVA link back up with the ship system. He was then walking next to Valona. "Going my way too?" he said to Valona
Aidan got runover by a reindeerToday at 7:41 PM
Nik checked off Tory as he walked by, they nodded to each other.
Angel the Cutie (Valona)Today at 7:42 PM
Valona nodded lightly to Tory as she walked next to him, luggage in tow. "Seems like it." She chuckled lightly.
atsumariToday at 7:43 PM
Ayano notices Tory and comes over saying "Home... Yeah... as homey as home can be when your actual home got flattened...."
Aidan got runover by a reindeerToday at 7:43 PM
Aidan looked up and said. "Is there anything I can do for you personally Sayna?"
Tory TraceToday at 7:46 PM
Tory smiled at Valona and then Ayano. "Look on the bright side, this home can take us to places, in the scary cold dark space," he said
Angel the Cutie (Valona)Today at 7:47 PM
Valona nodded at that, as she walked along with the others.
atsumariToday at 7:48 PM
Ayano follows them considering she and Tory had talked to her before and since he was talking to Valona; why not join them. "So; what is your assignment anyway?" She asked Valona
KimToday at 7:52 PM
Sanya turned to leave and paused as Aidan asked her. "I don't have anything, thank you. Everyone's been helpful in helping me adjust. It's lonely for the halls to be so silent of the laughter of children. The VX assistant helps but it's a just a distant dream faded to a wistful memory," her expression softened and she shrugged. "I'd rather remember the laughter than the rest but.. counselling helps. I will retrieve a carbine and relieve the watch, sir."
Aidan got runover by a reindeerToday at 7:52 PM
Aidan stopped Sayna for a second. "You would be hard pressed to find anyone on board that hasn't suffered a loss or three. We rely on each other. You need something. Let me know. I mean it."
Angel the Cutie (Valona)Today at 7:55 PM
Valona turned to the other girl walking with them as she asked her of her assignment. "I can do a number of things, honestly. Stealth, use of magic, knowledge of a number of different firearms, diplomacy... I'm a jack of all trades, really."
atsumariToday at 7:56 PM
"So they have not given you your official assignment?" Ayano asked.
atsumariToday at 8:00 PM
(we will need to pause and continue later; probably tomorrow as some of us have work in the morning; final posts for now?)
Angel the Cutie (Valona)Today at 8:00 PM
Valona shook her head. "Not officially, no. From what I've been told, though, I'll be additional tactical support for team one."

KimToday at 8:00 PM
"Thank you." Sanya nodded and offered a soft smile to Aidan. Before she continued on.
atsumariToday at 8:02 PM
"So you'll be supporting my team then... Okay... I'm Ayano Layton; I pilot Team One's mech... More or less I'm air support and artillery on missions that require it." Ayano replies as they three resume walking.

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Group Post
Ari Mizriki
Hikaru Ino
Scott Johnson
Ardent Dawn
Kirin Dragmawl
DFS Lavie - Bridge
November 17th 4566; Late Night/Early Morning
(Needs editing)

As Ari was still on the bridge Trent got the notification from the shuttle bay that the last group of crew had arrived on board. Trent informs her "Admiral; all departments report preparations for departure completed most of the crew are back on board... We are waiting for final confirmation from the transporter chief that the last of the crew have arrived on board." Ari nods back to him. "So then... ask Orteria's orbital control for permission to depart upon final confirmation. As soon as we get that confirmation of arrival set course for Earth II and set a course at your leisure." "Yes sir." The reserve helmsmen replies.
Inori YuzurihaToday at 9:53 PM
(assuming dawn is with them?)
aqace100Today at 9:54 PM
scott  just starts teaching himself to juggle
Inori YuzurihaToday at 9:59 PM
VeilfloeToday at 10:00 PM
(alrighty still on the bridge, last time i remember i was still on the shuttle where everyone was at, though veil just kinda stood there and watching and stuff fow now ill just assume im around/waiting around said ship just so i know when to safely insert?)
atsumariToday at 10:00 PM
(a new demension where there are seven Ari appears as a result; she kills the entire crew when having an emotional breakdown)
Inori YuzurihaToday at 10:00 PM
(actually before i afk)
atsumariToday at 10:00 PM
(Veil went to the bridge?)
Inori YuzurihaToday at 10:02 PM
Dawn would walk up behind Ari and stand by, awaiting her orders.
kevingToday at 10:06 PM
(i just got home)
aqace100Today at 10:07 PM
scott decides to quit practicing juggling and heads to the bridge
masorinToday at 10:10 PM
Hikaru arrived to the bridge immediately walking up to Ari, a smile on his face. "Hello Ari." He said giving a salute, and hoping that she had learned her lesson from last time.
VeilfloeToday at 10:10 PM
(oh not to the bridge, it was er.. i think on that shuttle where aiden and kim were talking that one time, like he posted a picture of it)
atsumariToday at 10:12 PM
"Hi Commander; Take your position." Ari siad pointing to the tactical and security station Trent was at. "Mr. Raven have you tried your hand at flying?" "Yes Admiral." "Since we have no one but a few ensigns on our helm staff to fly the ship... considering your experience... take us out of orbit." Trent nods to her and relieves the poor 19 year old ensign who only got promoted due to war and death; he never even got to finish his second year of the academy and was now flying starships."
OscarToday at 10:15 PM
(I'm here now)
masorinToday at 10:15 PM
"Of course Admiral." For some reason the moment she used his rank instead of his name his return was a lot colder, as he walked over to the security station, and started checking reports.
aqace100Today at 10:16 PM
scott walks into the bridge and says hi to ari
atsumariToday at 10:17 PM
Ari greets Scott "Have you considered working on the bridge; take the engineering post while we leave orbit?" She said to him.
masorinToday at 10:17 PM
As he checked over the reports, he sent a quick message to the mech bay, asking his sister  what her situation was, while at the same time sitting looking at Ari with an almost unimpressed snark to him.
atsumariToday at 10:18 PM
Kiyo replied to Hikaru that the pilots were in order; their belongings were on the ship and she had a "gift" for him the next time they saw each other.
aqace100Today at 10:20 PM
scott considers it for a second and debates the merits of a bridge position that could lead to him killing everyone or staying in the bowels of the ship able to deter people from investigating the weird cackling laughter and ominous screams of pain that may or may not emanate from ned's forge.....he takes the engineering post and tells ari
masorinToday at 10:20 PM
"one gift at a time sis, btw, would you like to help me train my new pet, she's refusing to be house broken, won't bark on command yet." CC Ari
atsumariToday at 10:22 PM
Ari seemingly detecting the energy in the room replies to Hikaru over VX. "Look; job... K... I thought we went over this... were in the middle of like super deadly times... me jumping INTO your arms at every moment when I have to order a bunch of dumbasses that are like 15 to not be 14 year old girls and get themselves killed in a war.... In other words personal time - personal time... work... Well my boy... is work... I am going to tie you to a chair and shove hot pepper up your dick if you keep this up...." Ari nods to Scott as if she's not telling someone she is going to subject them to sexual torture.
aqace100Today at 10:23 PM
scott vxs ari telling her not to investigate neds forge
OscarToday at 10:24 PM
(Wait, do I have a VX implant now?)
aqace100Today at 10:24 PM
OscarToday at 10:24 PM
(Thought so.)
aqace100Today at 10:25 PM
scott laughs to himself about the hikaru show
masorinToday at 10:26 PM
Hikaru shook his head, all things were clear on his terminal, so he just sent a vx back. "All I want is for you to say hi, and use my name instead of a rank, I'm not asking for PDA, I am a professional, could you get your mind out of the gutter?"
VeilfloeToday at 10:28 PM
(yeah it took me a minute to realize i had my VX)
atsumariToday at 10:30 PM
"Oh... uh... Sorry; I was totally thinking you wanted me to like go HAI I LUFFF YOU!!!!!!!! and like hugs all day or some shit... Okay.... :hug: " Ari replied to Hikaru over VX. "How was your trip here Hikaru?" Ari asked him.
Inori YuzurihaToday at 10:30 PM
aqace100Today at 10:32 PM
(josh i sent a vx to ari)
masorinToday at 10:32 PM
"I actually ended up taking a shuttle, I wanted to do rounds on the ground before we left, checking the ports security before I left. Helps me get back into the mindset of working. The mansion was a nice little vacation, but I was born on a ship, and I've spent more time in a cramped mech, I'm actually really glad to be back in an enclosed space." Hikaru spoke with Ari passing her a warm genuine smile. "It was uneventful for the most part."
kevingToday at 10:33 PM
kirin sends a message to commander over VX, "i think i am ready for next mission or deployment mam. any place i would need to meet up at?"
atsumariToday at 10:34 PM
"Totally uneventful but fun no less...." Ari replied to Hikaru and then replied to Kirin over VX "If you are on the Lavie we will have more orders for you once we arrive."
"All crew hands reported on board by operations." Zoe replies from the operations position on the bridge.
aqace100Today at 10:36 PM
scott heads back to his office to plan the doom of the fleet i mean a planet
masorinToday at 10:38 PM
(discord chat crashed for me)
Inori YuzurihaToday at 10:40 PM
(-sips boomer juice-)
(at me or dm me when i need to respond im being dragged into a thing for another group
OscarToday at 10:46 PM
I appear on the bridge via teleporter and greet everyone.
"Yo, I'm here now."
atsumariToday at 10:50 PM
Once Ari got confirmation from Zoe "Alright; so Trent.... take us out." "Yes Admiral; orbital control reports permission to leave orbit" "Aye." As Oscar walks into the bridge one of the marine guards looks at him. Ari laughs. "You know... in the future beaming straight onto the bridge could get you shot in some ships you are good now though..." Ari advises him.
ACTION: As Trent activates the engines the ship moves to leave orbit.
OscarToday at 11:02 PM
I respond to Ari, chuckling and grinning a bit.
"It's fine..~ I have fast reflexes."
Then I walk over to a wall and lean on it.
atsumariToday at 11:04 PM
She chuckles "You can't outrun Lumiere.... She'd just teleport you into space..." She shrugs.
(Final posts since its getting to a point where there is not much left for the group post)
OscarToday at 11:05 PM
"Good point." I shrug as well. 
"Even I'm not powerful enough to avoid something like that..~"

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Erin "Ari" Mizriki
Captain Gainz
November 18th 4566; Afternoon
Admiral Mizriki's Office; TFS Lavie/ Ice Hell/ Karv'atku

Ari while bored after they left Orteria had gathered her gems And begin practicing with her portal power… The few times she had used it so far she hadn’t screwed up and so she just was teleporting from one part of the ship to another. She apparently had reached the end of her luck as one particular portal caused her to arrive… Somewhere. She looked around the planet and it seemed to be nowhere she had been before… She thought that her uncle told her that she couldn’t go anywhere she hadn’t been before... The planet was covered in snow and in just her short sleeve blouse and skirt she wasn’t exactly warm. “What the fuck!?” She whines freezing as the violence of the blizzard nearly blows her skirt away. She hurriedly creates another portal going through...
MomoSSYesterday at 7:57 PM
When she arrives on the other side, she arrives on a planet that seems to be in pure chaos with anthromorphic insectoids attempting to defeat some...short man with orange hair by any means necessary.  The small statured man seemingly overpowering all of them, even their big tough looking ones.  The bug people even have ships that they are trying to crash into him and explosions are happening, but the man just walks through the flames causing some of the insectoids to fear that he may be some kind of demon.  Some of them flee in terror.
atsumariYesterday at 8:02 PM
Ari Close is the portal looking around at all of the death and destruction… She pulls out her phone takes a picture of all of the massive explosions and death and says “well this is going to be my new wallpaper” she then sees the figure approaching as they ship fires a torpedo at him and it just explodes. He then just walks all bad ass like through the flame and explosions out of the ensuing smoke. His white cape just being all amazing and looking as bad ass as ever. One of the bugs gets the great idea to come at Ari, only as the bug approaches her it falls through hole and ends up on the ice planet she was just on.  “Nope... totally not my type...” she said as the bug was falling through the hole. She glances over at Gainz as he approaches. “ I figured it was you… I mean who else would cause this level of death… The other guard guys seem kind of like pansies they would just blow up the planet instead of fighting them all by hand...” she shrugs and then socks him in the shoulder. “ what’s with you and always running off on me... and where the fuck are we anyway?” She crosses her arms.
MomoSSYesterday at 8:08 PM
"Heh, I apologize.  We are apparently in some place called 'Karv'atku.  Had to track down these bugs to their source.  Blowing up a whole planet has unforeseen consequences to the spatial environment of the galaxy.  It's hard to explain, so I figured I'd just handle things on the surface." Gainz said.  He then gives a curious look at her.  "How'd you even get here?  Pretty sure im hella far from where you guys were."
atsumariYesterday at 8:13 PM
Ari puts her hands on her hips. “ how did I get here... eh... I mean sure that’s important but like; no running up and patting me on the head, no hug, no sorry for leaving you crying by an elevator after basically dumping me...” she turns around looking away from him but looking at the wall of bugs that are still there seemingly paralyzed in fear. “I guess I can excuse that this once.... I mean after all the fuckers are still alive so A heartfelt reunion wouldn’t exactly be appropriate in front of these pervy bugs... after all they probably lead to tentacle monsters at some point so they all need to die... go on; finish them off...”
MomoSSYesterday at 8:18 PM
More grunts of the insectoid army spot Gainz and flee in terror screaming things in high pitch.  "Ari... has it really been that long? (The time didnt seem long to him, space/time stuff)  To be honest, I lost track of the time of how long this battle has been going on.  I'm sorry..." Gainz said, giving her a light gentle pat on her shoulder.
atsumariYesterday at 8:20 PM
“... it’s only been like a month but yeah for all of us this month seems like it’s been 30 years; i’m surprised I’m not an old hag by now... my uncle’s gems are how I got here... pretty badass stuff but what can you expect coming from the pansy’s you work for; they would much rather fuck with the universe then actually fix it.” She shrugs. “ so have you been fighting these stupid like wannabe Swarm guys this entire time?”
MomoSSYesterday at 8:22 PM
Gainz looks at Ari with a blank face blinking a few times like hes surprised a month has gone by.  "Well...yeah.  Shit I thought this was only going on for like a week" Gainz said with a slight chuckle while with his hand holding the back of his head.
atsumariYesterday at 8:23 PM
“ yeah I’ve just stopped looking at the calendar… Time in this future is so fucked up it’s like you think six months has gone by and it’s been three days...”
“ you think they made it to torture us 20th century folk?”
MomoSSYesterday at 8:27 PM
"Time is relative.  For someone traveling it could seem like only a day goes by and for someone else its been 100 years.  Time is crazy like that.  Space and Time are intertwined in strange ways." Gainz says.  "Really a month.  You guys still dealing with the swarm?" Gainz asked
atsumariYesterday at 8:29 PM
“ they actually disappeared for some reason… like we defeated one part of them and then they just went away... Remi is queen now... and the senate are still being corrupt asshole pricks... why didn’t you kill every last one of them when you have a chance I mean come on just annihilating the entire Senate would saved everyone a shit load of crap...” She shrugs; again. Ari then looks directly into his eyes with her hazel ones and hugs him. “ it’s good to see you even if it’s in the middle of a war zone and I just kind of randomly ended up here...”
MomoSSYesterday at 8:33 PM
Gainz embraces her.  She could probably feel how warm he is since his body gives off more heat than normal people, probably even more now since hes been fighting.  "It's good to see you too Ari.  I'm glad you've been doing alright." Gainz said.  As the hug parts a little his red eyes meets hers for a moment, but then he senses something and they trail off to the side as something comes up from underground.  A massive rumble and then a very large humanoid shaped bug with gold markings comes out.  It looks pretty pissed.
atsumariYesterday at 8:33 PM
Ari laughs at whatever it is… It is not seem very happy to see them.
MomoSSYesterday at 8:40 PM
Gainz instinctively moves in front of Ari as he glances over at the large humanoid bug.  Other than that he doesnt seem phased at all.  "Was about time, was wondering if I accidentally killed you already." Gainz said tauntingly.  "DEMON, YOU COME TO MY WORLD & DISGRACE OUR EMPIRE.  HOW DARE YOU.  WE ARE RIGHTFUL HEIRS TO ALL OF THIS QUADRANT.  YOUR SPECIES ARE PESTS...TO BE OUR FOOD AT BEST." the giant bug guy says.  "Tch, see thats where you messed up a-aron.  You got your food chain all fucked up.  You cant just go around to other sentient beings places and start tearing up the stuff and not expect any consequences.  And I'm the furthest from any bug food nigga." Gainz says
atsumariYesterday at 8:43 PM
Ari smirks at his words. “ that’s why I love you… Such a bad ass” she summons armor out of nowhere a full body powered suit protects her as she uses her powers making a sort of reverse portal within the area that they’re fighting to stop the others from joining battle. “Sorry; this is a one on one battle shit for brains.” She said to the other bugs which were fearful standing all around the battlefield.
(basically if the other bugs try to join the battle they end up teleported to that ice planet)
(so they freeze to death in the middle of a blizzard)
MomoSSYesterday at 8:49 PM
"DEMON, I WILL PERSONALLY SEE TO YOUR DESTRUCTION.  I KNOW OF YOUR KIND...YOUR KI POWER, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE TO POSESS IT.  I WILL CRUSH YOU AND AFTER OUR EMPIRE IS REBUILT WE WILL SHOW NO MERCY TO YOUR KIND." the giant bug guy says.  Gainz raises an eyebrow.  "Interesting.  Alright, I'll call your bluff bitch.  Give it yo best shot, bitch ass." Gainz says with his arms out like 'come at me'.  Interestingly enough the bug leader does seem to generate some kind of energy, but its not KI.  It's some energy being pumped through by whatever he is wearing that makes it so he has the potential to combat some KI.  The bug leader charges at Gainz and attempts to strike him with a glowing claw and Gainz just catches it with one hand.  The bug leader is completely caught off guard by the sudden strength that he didnt sense before.  "Let me let you in on a little secret.  This whole battle....I was holding back." Gainz said.  The bug leader's eyes widened before Gainz just tears his claw off with a flick of the rest.
atsumariYesterday at 8:51 PM
“RIP... Time to die.... Demon.” Ari taunted the bug leader.
MomoSSYesterday at 8:56 PM
Gainz suddenly turns serious and goes into a hyper mode state where his hair stands up and goes intense.  A fiery Ki aura forms around him and spirit pressure is enough that anything weak near him could feel the air press against them.  The bug leader senses intense danger, and his instincts are now screaming to flee.  "N-NO!  Y-YOU ARE TRULY THE DEMON INCARNATE!  AWAY FROM ME....GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTER!" the bug leader says.  The bug leader scrambles but as he gets up he notices Gainz is no longer behind him but now is in front of him.  He moved... -that quick.  Gainz moved the palm of his hand in front of the bug leader's face and in an instant a massive Ki energy blast obliterated the guy and left a scalding hole in the ground that trailed for 300 feet.
atsumariYesterday at 8:57 PM
She snaps another picture
Capturing him obliterating liter
MomoSSYesterday at 8:59 PM
Gainz looked truly scary in that state.  He seemed stronger even than that time he went up against the Phoenix.  But as fast as he entered it, the Ki energy dissipated as he let go and went back to normal.  He walked back over to Ari.  "Sorry.  Guy was kinda annoying and I wanted to let loose a little.  The spirit pressure didnt hurt you did it?" Gainz asked.
atsumariYesterday at 9:02 PM
“Nope... remember who my uncle is; he trained me... kinda fucked but no wonder a little girl like me was able to beat peoples asses... Heh...” she lowers back to the ground and her armor disappears revealing her once more. She gracefully lands on her feet like a cat. “Hum... so who do you have to fuck next? Any idea when we can expect you back?” She asked coming back to him.
MomoSSYesterday at 9:09 PM
"Im unsure how extensive these bug peoples 'empire' actually is.  They are just as persistent as roaches, they just keep coming.  Heh, thats what she said...  But even with the remnants running around, I think I'm done here.  Besides, you gotta leave a few of them alive to tell the rest of their clan that theres some crazy black man annihilating everyone.  If your friends with "the demon" it'll make em think twice before fucking with yall again." Gainz said as he crossed his arms with smugness.
atsumariYesterday at 9:11 PM
“I’d let you mess with me any time... but that’s beside the point... So you wanna come help us fuck this cult and the senate once you’re done with these bugs?” She asked.
(Got work in the morning too so we should wrap up soon; short but fun)
MomoSSYesterday at 9:17 PM
Gainz grinned at her comment and approached close to Ari.  He let his finger trail down the side of her face to kinda tease the urges.  "A cult and the senate.  I wouldnt mind a refreshing change of pace, sounds fun.  After I rearrange all the leadership here I'll make my way back." Gainz said with a smile.
(yeah probably should)
atsumariYesterday at 9:19 PM
“Okay... I look forward to it...” she kisses him. “I gotta find my way home now... otherwise I’d stay and let you play with me...” she winks before summoning a portal hugging him before entering it.

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Erin "Ari" Mizriki
Aidan Thornton
Kirin Dragmawl
November 18th 4566; Evening
Admiral Mizriki's Office/Holodeck 1; TFS Lavie



Ari was now in her office looking over the files of the three newbies they had. "Like seriously I mean these guys seem like military rejects; but then again so did I when that Major shoved a job in my face and told me how stupid I was... I guess its time to see what he can actually do..." She messages Aidan to have one of the holodecks set to one of his marine battle simulations and for him to wait for her there. She then messaged Oscar simply telling him to report to the holodeck. 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 08:31 PM 
Aidan acknowledged the message, wondering when her lost command. He got up and started got the holodeck 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 08:33 PM 
I arrive to the holodeck after a bit, as I had been resting in case I was needed for something.
"I'm here now."
I yawn slightly and stretch a bit on the spot. 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 08:36 PM 
Aidan walked in. Tapping commands on the control panel. It faded as the scenery changed to a plain on Oreteria. 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 08:36 PM 
Ari soon arrives in her uniform. One of the few times she wore one. "Lets hope you are not as useless as my mother. So your superiors gave you to us... and you say you can be useful; at the risk of sounding like a bitch... Show us. Words a cheap." 
Added a recipient. 
(For when you get home Kev) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 08:40 PM 
"Sure, I can show you what I can do. But I can't use my biomagnetism for now.. I need a bit more time for that."
He shrugs and takes his jacket off a bit after, clenching his fists several times and stretching some more.
"So, what would you like to see first?" (edited) 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 08:45 PM 
"Well... How can I respond to that if I don't know what you can do in the first place; your personnel file didn't list much and I assume that was on purpose. This is a combat simulation; please treat it like an actual battle or I'll disable the safeties... Our medical team is pretty good at putting people back together if they get messed up." She chuckled. "and to show you anything you do won't harm the room..." She pulls out a lightning gem and attempts to fire lightning into the holodeck. The attack does not physical damage to the room. "Part of our systems in the training rooms is designed to prevent damage. Dr. Johnson could explain more but that is not important." 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 08:46 PM 
Aidan vx'd the ship. Power armor materialized over his body.  He wasn't taking any chances with untested powers. Kevin made him learn that lesson. (edited) 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 08:47 PM 
At first a giant ant appears in the room; it is stationary. "Level one." The system replies. 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 08:49 PM 
The power armor shuddered at bit, Aidan unable to completely control the action (edited) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 08:50 PM 
"Well, I'm glad that I at least can't break the ship now. Not that I can recall most of my stronger moves yet." I take a combat stance, clenching both of my fists and staring at the giant ant. (edited) 
(I can't do much though, mostly basic attacks and dodges) 
(Since my moves aren't exactly ready for this rp, the stats are still fucked up) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 08:52 PM 
(this ant is the size of a couch.) 
(fuck the stats, concentrate on the writing) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 08:53 PM 
(Ik, Oscar can beat that thing with basics alone) 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 08:53 PM 
(erm; you can use yoru guys abilities; just becuase they are not stated down in stone doesnt mean anything; this is as much for story as it is for the GM team and council staff to see what your powers actually are in a situation; basically preventing too much OPness) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 08:56 PM 
(Dunno about op, that thing will probably die if I use a few abilities) 
(For basic attacks it would take like 5-10 maybe) 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 08:57 PM 
(Write my boy) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 08:57 PM 
(not if it tears you apart in two) 
(mwa ha ha) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 08:59 PM 
(So no dice for this battle, perfect.) 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:00 PM 
(I'm home now we're do you want me to come In at) 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:01 PM 
(up to you; just seeing how this new guys does in combat Kev) 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:04 PM 
Kirin sends a message to ari asking, "is there anything I can help with today or need to be done around the ship" 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:05 PM 
I quickly approach the ant and launch my "Hundred Fists" on it, depleting most of it's health, then launching another skill "Punch Through" in succession, finishing it off. 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:05 PM 
"Come to holodeck 1." She replied to Kirin. 
The bug was montionless as it is killed. Level 1 the creature does not fight back. "Completed. Level 2." Another bug appears but this one can move and spit acid. 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:06 PM 
Kirin starts to make his way to holodeck 1 as ordered 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:11 PM 
I takes a health drink out of my pocket and quickly gulp it down, increasing my damage for a bit.
"Hope this one goes down quickly as well." 
(Does the bug get a turn? Or can I just smash it) 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:12 PM 
When he drinks the creature moves to the left and lets out a screeeeeee sound . It waits. 
(it tried to debuff you with fear) 
As Kirin arrives outside the notices a program is active. 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:15 PM 
Kirin approachs the door of the holodeck and looked at what program that is active and then proceed to buzz the door and waits for an answer 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:15 PM 
The door automatically opens 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:16 PM 
Kirin walks in and looks around to see what is going on 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:16 PM 
I stare at the ant, completely unaffected by the screech.
"Trying to scare me, insect? Gimme a break." 
I clench my fists again as I grin. 
"I'll just smash it then." 
I quickly move to the ant's side and jump at the ant with "Punch Through", launching it up in the air. I then jump up to chase it and use "Neck Grab" to throw it at the ground, finishing it with a kick on the back of it's head. 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:24 PM 
(that's a lot of moves for one round) 
(especially and an the size of a lion) (edited) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:24 PM 
(Well okay, I could just kill it with one but I thought it would be going overboard) 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:25 PM 
(sounds like a monk move set get in close knockup ward then smash down in one turn) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:25 PM 
"Damn, I think I way overdid that.."
I stroke the back of my head as I sigh. 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:25 PM 
(right now it training and more a writing exercise. Later during combat would be rolling to hit and dodge) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:26 PM 
(Yea, not to mention a move takes your turn so I'll hardly be able to chain my skills in real combat) 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:26 PM 
Ari turns up the difficulty since she feels he is getting too confident. 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:27 PM 
The computer announces "Level 3". Two ants appear, these are a redder tint, and start charging as soon as they appear. 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:27 PM 
(Unless the knockup is high enough I guess) 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:28 PM 
Kirin notices it is an training exercise sits back and waits to a point the new guy needs help 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:28 PM 
Oscar dodges the other ant's attack, then punches the other ant hard enough to send it flying backwards. 
"I think I overestimated these ants and used a bit too much power, I'll need another drink soon." (edited) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:30 PM 
As the one ant is killed the other rights itself and spits a red acid towards Oscar. (edited) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:34 PM 
I use "Combat Dodge" to dodge the acid and move behind the ant, then using "Neck Grab" on it, smashing it into the ground and then kicking it so it flies and hits the (wall?), finishing it off. 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:35 PM 
As he goes to finish it off he is ensnared in an invisible web of sorts. 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:36 PM 
Kirin uses aura sense to see were the strings are attached to 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:37 PM 
A third bug is further away atop a building far off in the distance. It seems to just be launching webs froma distance unnoticed. 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:40 PM 
"Ugh.. Webs are always annoying, I hate it when they get stuck on my face."
I use "Cancel" to get the webs off me, a small pulse emanating from me in a 4 meter radius. 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:42 PM 
Kirin lay his hand on his hilt of the sword and active the red gem, swinging the sword toward the creature setting it and the string a blaze with yellow and red flames 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:45 PM 
"Ah, thanks for the help. Right now I'm not really in a state where I could deal with enemies that are far away. Close quarters is where I am at my strongest after all." 
(I mean he gets ranged moves as he becomes more powerful so at the end he will be pretty balanced.) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:46 PM 
The computer announces "Level 4, randomizing enemies". Two large mechanical spiders appear. The ground rumbles as they approach, their metallic black skin glossy in the noon sun. 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:46 PM 
(it isn't to bad to be versitile in close and range attacks) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:47 PM 
(Hint, they weigh a ton each) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:47 PM 
(How high are we going with the levels?) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:48 PM 
(Ask Josh) 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:48 PM 
(ok so they are slow moving spiders that can't be knocked up) 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:48 PM 
(probably not much further; I'm probably going ot move to a one on one before sleep soon; ast least people showed up though) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:48 PM 
(Fair enough) 
(I just need to know when it's the last level, since that's when I'll use my special move.) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:52 PM 
The spiders get close enough to start spitting webs. Thick as a climbing rope, one latches onto Oscar and starts reeling him in. 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:54 PM 
I activate my "Empowered State" and chop the web.
"Guess I'll go all out." 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:56 PM 
"I guess you got one I'll get the other or do you think you can handle both of them" Kirin ask 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:57 PM 
The other spider by now is within arms reach of Kevin and tries for a grapple with its powerful pinchers. (edited) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:59 PM 
"I think I can handle this."
I drink another health drink to restore some of my depleted power and health. I then dash to help Kevin by landing a powerful chop on the pincher, loosening the grip so Kevin is released. (edited) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:59 PM 
(you can break tritanium?) 
keving 24-Jan-20 09:59 PM 
Kirin rolls out of the way of the Pinchers and shoots balls of lightning at it to immobilized it 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:59 PM 
(Empowered state, normal state probably impossible) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:00 PM 
(no probably about it. Go break a leaf spring) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:01 PM 
(Fair enough, I'll edit it. But if I cast the special move now, Kev will get caught up in it) 
keving 24-Jan-20 10:01 PM 
(you won't be able to break tritanium with bear hands) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:01 PM 
(remember guys there are enemies that Marine fight.) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:02 PM 
(Yeah, if I had those gauntlet/brass knuckle-ish thingys I would probably be able to) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:02 PM 
One spider is immoblized, the other shrieks loud enough to cause physical pain. 
keving 24-Jan-20 10:03 PM 
kirin holds his ears due to the load noise of the shriek and lets out a scream of pain then a gust of wind starts to pick up 
(kirin is very sensitive to the load noises with enhanced hearing of the neko part of him) (edited) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:04 PM 
( I don't think the robot spider cares  ) 
keving 24-Jan-20 10:05 PM 
(i dont think they would either but i thought you guys might of cared) (edited) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:05 PM 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:05 PM 
The small health regen that my health drink gives me kicks in, but I still feel some pain and it shows up on my face.
"Ugh.. How the fuck does a shriek cause physical pain, seriously..?" 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:06 PM 
(go shooting with me, you will learn quickly) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:06 PM 
(I need breakfast ) 
MomoSS 24-Jan-20 10:07 PM 
(Lol Tugar, i learned that the hard way not too long ago) 
(guns are fucking loud) 
keving 24-Jan-20 10:07 PM 
(tugar im pretty sure you know what is about to happen with the gust of wind starting o pick up) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:07 PM 
(Do people not wear ear protection when they go shooting, wtf?) 
MomoSS 24-Jan-20 10:07 PM 
(we DO, its loud even with it) 
(every shot felt like having a car accident) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:08 PM 
The immobilized spider starts to move again, it's spinneret throwing off a vast network of entangling webs, trapping the both fighters. 
It's partner moves in closer as it hasn't been impaired. 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:09 PM 
"Guess I'll have to use "that" then." 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 10:09 PM 
(I’ll be doing a one on one soon) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:09 PM 
(I'm down for that after breakfast) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:10 PM 
The other spider spews gas at the half immobilized pair. 
(poison gas. yes it's green) 
keving 24-Jan-20 10:13 PM 
as the gas starts to head towards kirin and the new member of the crew while they are partly immobalized kirin starts to chant the summing of fenrir 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:13 PM 
(what the hell is a fenrir) 
(you aren't going to kill the lavie are you?) 
MomoSS 24-Jan-20 10:14 PM 
(a cute puppers) 
keving 24-Jan-20 10:14 PM 
(fenrir is a wind dog ill send you the file of all the summons and no it isnt going to destroy the lavie) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:15 PM 
(that thing the hulk fought in Ragnarok?) 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 10:15 PM 
(Ten minutes then we pause/end) 
keving 24-Jan-20 10:16 PM 
(the size of fenrir is no bigger than a size of the caster) (edited) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:16 PM 
I release a shockwave that blows the gas away, then pulling the spiders towards me with a wave of power. Then I immobilize them with a powerful stomp on the ground, hit them repeatedly, and then delivering a Phase Force-charged punch, sending forth a shock wave to attack the spiders. Then I slam the ground twice, creating a shockwave that finishes them off. (edited) 
(Special move logic) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:17 PM 
(no ants) 
keving 24-Jan-20 10:17 PM 
(it is mechanical spiders) 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:17 PM 
(Spiders, sry am still sleepy) (edited) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:19 PM 
As you shockwave the spiders, they self destruct, their fusion reactors go critical, blowing both of you off your feet. The holodeck resets to lined walls. (edited) 
Aidan chuckles. "Nice. You're both dead." 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:20 PM 
My consciousness fades as I used up the last of my power when I casted the special move. (edited) 
keving 24-Jan-20 10:20 PM 
(tugar did you get the file i sent you) 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 10:21 PM 
“ more like you killed all four of us good job.” Ari said smirking 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:21 PM 
( i did. I know norse mythology fairly well, just tired) 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 10:22 PM 
(anything else or end?) 
Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:22 PM 
Aidan comments. "At least we have starting point to work on when sleeping beauty wakes up." 
Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:23 PM 
(I got nothing more for this one) 
keving 24-Jan-20 10:24 PM 
kirin walks over to the uncounsious new member and places a tailsman on him to start the process of his healing and stamina recovery 
atsumari 24-Jan-20 10:24 PM 
<end sim>



Group Post
Erin "Ari" Mizriki
Ayano Layton
Aidan Thornton
Ardent Dawn
Scott Johnson
November 18th 4566; Evening
Lounge; TFS Lavie


After Ari and Aidan checked out the new team member Ari left heading to the briefing room. She began gathering together as much information about what was happening on Earth II as she could; after all an informed team would be a happy team and a less dead team.
AidanYesterday at 8:27 PM
(actually, we left orbit right?)
(and if we have, which I think we did, comms blackout remains in effect)
Inori YuzurihaYesterday at 8:28 PM
(we have actually and yes it is)
aqace100Yesterday at 8:29 PM
(assuming my guy has his thumb up his ass in his office atm?)
atsumariYesterday at 8:30 PM
(yes we did and yes)
(and Scott yes)
(he is on lavie though and cant leave if he is coming with us)
(cause blackout of comms and gem teleport basically we wnat noone to know we are coming)
AidanYesterday at 8:31 PM
(not every is on the lavie though, there are people back where you are.)
aqace100Yesterday at 8:31 PM
(.....my office is TECHNICALLY a fuck you to the story remember?)
atsumariYesterday at 8:31 PM
(still; if you are in the Lavie  pocket space you cant leave)
(like the ship is heaidn to a battle; some slack jawed senator or magicy dude hears w ecome; element of surprise gone; we get killed by an entire fleet o ships)
AidanYesterday at 8:34 PM
Aidan was in one of those rare moments where he had a few minutes of free time. He headed to the Mess hall for a quick snack and fresh coffee.
They were serving roast beef wraps with avocado and horseradish mayo. He grabbed two along with fries, opting for a coffee shake and fresh apple pie topped with sharp cheddar. He sat down and started to work on his meal.
atsumariYesterday at 8:40 PM
As Aidan was getting food Ayano walked in. She got food as well.
AidanYesterday at 8:41 PM
His mouth full of food as usual when he spotted Ayano, he motioned for her to join him.
Inori YuzurihaYesterday at 8:48 PM
Dawn was in the room Seleni was assigned, sitting on the bed, in what looked like a state of meditation.
aqace100Yesterday at 8:48 PM
scott in his bunker making goodiebags for team 1
atsumariYesterday at 8:49 PM
Ayano joins him nodding. "So between my mech training and all... what is going on exactly with you?" She asked.
AidanYesterday at 8:53 PM
He chuckled between mouthfuls. "Same here. Whipping up the tactical teams shape. You know the drill. Sharpen the edge, then sharpen some more." He took a sip of the shake. "Slighty weird with Erin and I sharing that big ass dual quarters, but no more than usual around here."
atsumariYesterday at 8:56 PM
"The one you used to share with older me?" Ayano said after taking a bite.
AidanYesterday at 8:59 PM
"Yeah. probably enough room there for 5 people, but rank doth have it's privleges." He paused for a second. "How are you settling in to the new situations. I know we haven't had much of a chance to commiserate much lately." He asked, genuinely concerned.
atsumariYesterday at 9:05 PM
"I mean; work work work... Like I haven't had much time to myself but that is to be expected I guess..." Ayano said shrugging. "Has other me even tried to talk to you or? and... So why you and Mizriki sharing a room... kinda the same arrangement you have with Sumire?" She probed.
aqace100Yesterday at 9:05 PM
scott also makes some SUPER cloaks for giggles
AidanYesterday at 9:09 PM
"Pretty much. Erin and I have more of a mutual admiration thing going on. We haven't have any time to do anything other than work, again as usual. I don't know if we will ever go that far." Aidan shrugged. "And no, your evil twin sister hasn't said so much as boo to me. Especially since we aren't exactly on the same side anymore."
"I assume she put me out of her mind, as I have her. I'll never wish her ill, but we both made our choices."
atsumariYesterday at 9:13 PM
"Not on the same side? erm... Trinity works for Orteria though right?" She asked. 

Meanwhile as Ari is continuing to go through files she got an email with a literal wall of information. "Eh... where'd this come from..." The email it was contained to it had this emoji :uniflex:
AidanYesterday at 9:18 PM
"It's....complicated. Right now I just want to get this next mission over with and get us some breathing room."
atsumariYesterday at 9:21 PM
"I could definitely agree with wanting all this to be over... I still need to find myself..." Ayano said knowing that would sound odd but the whole situation was odd.
AidanYesterday at 9:24 PM
"I will help where I can, you know that. I hope I am not making it worse by being in your life." Aidan said honestly.
aqace100Yesterday at 9:28 PM
scott teleports to aidan with ceci and gives him a box with an improved strength suits for his new armour
AidanYesterday at 9:28 PM
(in the mess hall?)
aqace100Yesterday at 9:28 PM
atsumariYesterday at 9:31 PM
(just magical appearing...)
AidanYesterday at 9:31 PM
Aidan's hand stopped halfway on it's journey to his service pistol. "I asked you to STOP doing that." he said to Johnson.
atsumariYesterday at 9:31 PM
As he appears with the small girl Ayano says. "Fuck; your as bad as the EU...."
aqace100Yesterday at 9:35 PM
i know you asked but i decided not to listen
atsumariYesterday at 9:40 PM
"And you just ignore me... Okay; cool... I'll ignore you." Ayano said to Scott.
AidanYesterday at 9:43 PM
"Hopefully I won't shoot you in something important Johnson. So what brings you here other than boredom and scaring people." Aidan said.
aqace100Yesterday at 9:47 PM
Sorry ayano I just was delivering a gift to aidan. Aidan I just like acting like mith in that regard maybe I should wear my armour when I teleport to you.
AidanYesterday at 9:48 PM
"No just sent a message first. but thanks for the gift." Aidan said.
aqace100Yesterday at 9:49 PM
Okie dokie smokey I'll make you another gift box for our next mission
atsumariYesterday at 9:56 PM
"He likes acting like those guys... Hum..." Ayano focuses on her food.
atsumariYesterday at 10:24 PM



Erin "Ari" Mizriki
Captain Gainz
November 18th 4566; Late Night
Holodeck 1; TFS Lavie


After having some fun with Aidan Ari left and headed off to the holodeck to tend to that violet flower she had been using as her basically only non-work hobby.
MomoSSToday at 6:23 PM
(ima roll LOL since gainz teleporation isnt mastered, theres a 25% chance he can end up somewhere else.  So a 5 or less will cause that)
atsumariToday at 6:23 PM
(he could crush her plant)
MomoSSToday at 6:23 PM
(a 4 xD)
atsumariToday at 6:23 PM
MomoSSToday at 6:25 PM
For a while things are going as usual for Ari as she tends to her violet flower but then for a split second there is a strange sensation like theres someone else here and then poof!  Gainz appears teleporting almost near on top of her and unfortunately landing on her flower.  Gainz gets up haphazardly.  "Oh I'm so sorry.  Shit, that teleport didnt go well at all.  My bad."
atsumariToday at 6:28 PM
As something starts to appear she steps back and Gainz appears having crushed the poor little flower she had been working on for months. "God damn it... Can't you just like use a teleporter like everyone else... I mean god... And your bad; guy what if you appeared inside of me... L2P... Learn to Powers.... FFS....!!!"
MomoSSToday at 6:30 PM
"Well they didnt exactly have any working teleporters at that bug planet anymore... and besides, if I always use the teleporter I'll never learn to master this ability.  Speaking of that...I've been trying to work on the other stuff besides combat."  Gainz says.  He walks over to the plant and gently touches it to mend it back to life and have it stand up again.
atsumariToday at 6:32 PM
"I meant like use your powers to a teleporter; like memorize exact locations or something...And-" She was about to yell at him more but upon him repairing the damage she stops. "Your like a living blue gem or something... Cool... So how did fucking those humanoid bug things go for you; did you piss on someone's grave?"
MomoSSToday at 6:35 PM
"I fucked their shit up.  The swarm from there wont be a problem anymore, indefinitely.  Any remnants on other worlds will probably think twice before getting on the 'demon's' bad side again.  How you guy's been?" Gainz said with a grin.
atsumariToday at 6:38 PM
"Orteria was fucked by a cult that thought it would be a cool idea to revive the Phoenix inside of a reincarnated, more magically epic version of Flennel Lanreth... You remember our engineer girl who made herself a badass gem suit... Yeah... totally not thought out well by that cult; as if they could control the Phoenix... Now we are hunting senators cause one of their contractors was sent to basically mind control people and use the Phoenix to be more badass... Yeah enslaving the galaxy, giving people something to fight... Typical government propaganda shit." She explains.
MomoSSToday at 6:41 PM
"The more things change the more they stay the same.  Thats what Nicol told me once...  The battle never ends, theres always someone else's shit waiting to get fucked up.  I'll probably need to report to Skynet soon and see how things have been.  I realize how much time has gone by now, sheesh didnt feel like that long.  Vanilla's gonna kill me." Gainz said.  The AI in his scouter commented "Impossible."  "Heh, not literally." Gainz replied.
atsumariToday at 6:43 PM
"It has only been like a month but yeah; just up and leaving... Like you middle fingered me before you left but you didn't even tell her y ou were leaving; she will KEEL you; much death for you..."
MomoSSToday at 6:44 PM
"Well I...I didnt realize how much time goes by when going to different planets.  You go off somewhere and to you its literally a couple days but to everyone else its...a month.  I'll take it like a man." Gainz said.
atsumariToday at 6:45 PM
"So you wanna help us deal with these guys once and for all... so we can stop them from trying to revive evil demons... I mean being stupid is something we can deal with but; yeah "Lets revive the Phoenix" They kinda need to be taken out back and put to pasture." She said as if murdering corrupt senators was an every day practice.
MomoSSToday at 6:47 PM
"Senators... were they not those people we wrecked that other time?" Gainz asked
atsumariToday at 6:49 PM
"yes; some escaped. Aidan wants to go all Rambo with them and get himself killed; I am too young to get blown up by a crashed ship... Totally would be a waste of my good looks and talent." She teases.
MomoSSToday at 6:51 PM
"That it would be..." Gainz says as he approaches closer and gently nudges her with his hand.  "I think another visit sounds like fun.  Probably wont even work up a sweat, but there are other things besides combat that can do that." Gainz said with a grin.
atsumariToday at 6:54 PM
"Plus we dont exactly know what they have; if they are trying to revive the Phoenix something tells me these guys might have something else in mind or some super magical crap up their sleeves... I mean Skynet did make you after all and it was originally created by a bunch of smug science bastards locked in a room for generations... Imagine how much smug old men who wanna watch little girls undress could do with a lot of money and power... Probably not safe to let the pedo old men run around unattended much longer... We should castrate them."
MomoSSToday at 6:58 PM
"We will deal with them.  Whatever they got planned...it wont be enough.  Gainz says as he punches his fists together.  He does it strong enough to where you can feel wind off of it like a mild shockwave.
atsumariToday at 7:01 PM
Ari turns off the program and the flower and snowy environment disappear along with her winter clothes. She is not just in her usual. "So... I think your quarters are still a thing... I mean we are on radio silence cause we dont want those guys ot hear us coming... And yeah... lots could be done ot pass time..." She said heading out of the holodeck.
MomoSSToday at 7:02 PM
"Before I head there, I should return to Skynet Japan and let Vanilla give me an earfull.  I'm sure the people at the tech division has an update they wanna give to my suit as well...though honestly, I think its just for looks at this point.  Let the folks know I'm back.  I'll be in touch.  Hopefully teleporting wont go bad this time around." Gainz says, he winks and gives a thumbs up.
atsumariToday at 7:04 PM
"You should also ask them where the Requiem is... Lilliana like disappeared; probably on purpose though... Knowing Skynet lurking is probably happening." Ari said.
MomoSSToday at 7:05 PM
"Hmm..." Gainz puts on his scouter and checks in on the Skynet network.  "Shes not gone, shes in stealth mode." Gainz says
atsumariToday at 7:05 PM
(In short shes following them cloaked to make sure the senate doesnt kill them since they are of value to skynet; you know they can defeat Skynets enemies)
"Stealth... so cloaking..."
"But where... and why?" Ari asked.
MomoSSToday at 7:07 PM
"Probably.  The Skynet I know back in the day didnt have this technology back then, but its the future so, I guess they better have something like that now, haha.  Ah...lemmie dig in a bit more" Gainz says as he taps into his scouter.
(Now Gainz since hes tied to the Skynet network would find out where she is.  But me as a person has no idea where she would be LOL)
atsumariToday at 7:08 PM
(shes following the Lavie)
MomoSSToday at 7:08 PM
(Ah ok so shes right outside? LOL)
atsumariToday at 7:08 PM
(like I said making sure the Senate doesnt kill them)
MomoSSToday at 7:08 PM
"Hah, shes right here.  Shes following you guys." Gainz says.
"Shes about 1000 ft away from the Lavie" Gainz replies.
atsumariToday at 7:10 PM
"... Huh... would have been nice to have said something... Whatever though; its not like you say anything when you go places too..." Ari shrugs heading down the hall to her office. "Well... Go see vanilla... I will be in my office; we seriously gotta help you learn  your teleporting power though...."
MomoSSToday at 7:11 PM
"I'm getting better at it you know, the more I use it the more I understand it.  At first I was ending up all over the damn place.  Was crazy some of the places I've ended up trying to go to and from here.  I think I even met a dragon once.  One day I'll get it, I promise." Gainz says.
atsumariToday at 7:12 PM
"You mean other than Arisa?" She asked
MomoSSToday at 7:13 PM
"It's been a while back.  I know one of them talked to me, maybe that was her.  I swear I met another one though..." Gainz says.  He shrugs since hes unsure.
atsumariToday at 7:13 PM
"This whole fucking place is an anime... we have you... a catgirl... a dragon who stays in human form and tries to act like a high school girl... how much more cliche can you get...." She chuckles.
"Seriously the next time gods fight all thats going to happen the whole mission is screaming... I know its coming..."
She continues to mumble about how things will be then shakes her head walking off into the distance of the hall.
(you good?)
MomoSSToday at 7:15 PM
atsumariToday at 7:15 PM

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