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Part 1: General Contractor


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Veil seeming orbiting some of the friends she's known, however on a day as particular as this, activity was slow so she people watched the staff, guardsmen and the humans she now watches to pass the time, always waiting on standby incase a threat may aris-- thump.. thump.. thump.. veil felt she looked towards the direction of the arms testing range as she feels a familiar person. she navigates her way and see's Aiden practicing with a pistol and a couple of unidentified weapons. Veil before appearing projects behind the door, properly entering the area minding privacy now knocking on the door as aiden heard a voice seamlessly as if unnaturally unobstructed by walls

"General-- may I enter?" 


Hearing the knock, he placed the weapon on safe and had the computer open the door.

"Veil. What can I do for you?"


Aidan said loading a few now empty magazines for the service pistol. 

entering the range she walked over to the side where the wide view is.


"Hey.. well i'm kind of just wandering and heard gun fire, ofcourse I investigated until I realized it was you, so why not visit, we never actually talk" she stated before following up with "i like to float around and people watch like a kind of protector as a hobby" she said in a tone similar to some admitting an embarrassing secret.

"you testing new arms?" veil said breaking her awkward air

"Keeping in practice. An unused edge is a dull edge." Aidan offered. "But yes, a new carbine. Something I cooked up with Ned's help. You must be pretty bored to watch me punch holes in paper."


"when you don;t need sleep, days are way longer than they feel."

she replied in a laugh. before getting an idea "there is something you could test if you're interested" she offered before clarifying "its something I can craft and it uses my energy as ammunition-- its a supportive power i'm working on--"


"Okkkaaayy. I am willing just not sure what you want me to do?" Aidan said honestly.


"Ah well it's simple.. " she holds out her arms as if she holds something creating a blue crystalized rifle, it looks similar, but not quite like the carbine aiden just tested but it's quite cool to the touch, akin to a refrigerated bottle of water. holding the rifle, she presents it to aidan "try it, the firing mode can be changed, but you have to well-- you have to kind of mentally reinforce what you're shooting"

"if you reinforce in your mind that its automatic, semi or not it'll change"

"but im its battery, so i developed this if we're disarmed" She added.


"Mentally reinforce. Got that. So I have to do that to the rifle, the bullet, the target , or all three?" Aidan asked.


"just to the rifle itself, in reality it's more like a gem version of those multi-option shower heads-- except the dial to change it is your "focus" " she answered "the bullets are simply the water"


Taking the rifle he sights down barrel. "Sight could use some help." Squeezing the trigger, it let's off a quick three round burst.
The bullets visibly whizzed quickly through the paper and against the reinforced bulletwall, before the paper was shredded, leaving only a large tab attached to the dummy's pedestal, however the wall covered in hail-like shrapnel. "the energy i allocated for you was lowered to not breach any hulls-- but it's a bit explosive" she mentioned.

"Very cool. No pun intended." What happens if you get knocked out and I need to use it?" he asked.

"ahh i thought about this-- if by the chance you hold my weapons, and my form is disrupted, jammed or unable to maintain itself my core is the purest water gem you'll ever see. pick me up and keep it strapped to you, ill essentially act as your battery.. but shoot your ammo sparingly because as convenient as this is, i cant regulate the energy flow, so ill get colder and harder to carry-- like a overheating minigun ammo feeder."

veil boasted as she wished to increase her supportive prowess "i can also dissolve the weapon to heal or detonate it to either explode violently or into an protective shell"

"So keep you close by, got it." He said, winking at her.

"well-- if you allow me permission-- I can always be around" she offered, when a more comfortable smile.

Aidan chuckled. "I guess that depends on your definition of around."

"well as I free roam as a ethereal body-- but if you call me, you can recall me to your position in space. or if you require me to orbit on request, servitude keeps me bound to the world" veil reassured with a giggle "but with your permission acting as a 'contract' of sorts meaning you can revoke it-- so because my life requiring services-- including exactly what you're imagining, i only offer contracts to something i can trust-- considering my past self did." veil seemingly over-explained

"Okay color me curious. How does one be intimate and not get frostbite." Aidan asked genuinely.

"well, lets try something, you know my loyalty falls towards humanity's good mission here-- do you see me as a threat or rathered.. do you trust me closely if you ever needed to call me for assistance out in the field?" veil asked in demonstration

"Of course I do. I'll admit to a certain...reservation when you first came here, but at your power level, not much can stop you. So yes I trust you." Aidan said . 


veil grabs his hand and slowly began encase it in ice, steam coming off of it however Aiden's hand feels no cold, just weighted mass of the ice similar to a plaster cast's warmth and snugness "how cold would you say this ice would be" veil questioned "Huh, I guess I thought it would be actually cold." Aidan said. "its −120.3 F" veil answered in confidence "colder than dry ice." 

"its −120.3 F" veil answered in confidence "colder than dry ice." the ice around their hand sublimates. "my ice is vengeful-- itll over hurt those i see as enemies-- however my body is always cold-- thats a contract and trust only privilege" she specified. 


"So the ice doesn't hurt me because I trust you?" He asked. a bit incredulous "its.. more so that i permit it.. trust is just a condition" she added as she force sublimated the ice into gas "it acts as a friendly-fire safety net." she reassured. 

"Interesting. I never understood the gems, still learning. It's a bit.....alien to my mind. Like Merlin and conjuring things. Guess I am just old school when it comes to that. Not a slam, just the way I am wired. I always half expect to pull out a wand and use sigils." Aidan offered. "But I am glad you are on our side." 


"it's very.. feeling bases, if you're good at visualization and experimentation, thats a good start if you ever considered it-- but thats why i worked on the weapon conjuring its like training wheels for gem usage." veil assured "I was always on your side back then, will always be now" veil said with a bond-ful smile 


"Fair. I can do some basic things. Adding damage to existing guns." He pulled out his service pistol. Racked the slide and emptied it, pulling the slide back and locking it open in one quick motion. The red, and yellow gems on one grip panel with purple and blue on the other."Probably seems like kindergarten stuff to you." He said smiling. 


"its basic, but gem mastery is simple to learn but mastering it is where the slog is, but augmentation can be a first step and well-- i can teach you pointers anytime~" she said with a wink and a smile "if you wished i'd allow you contract." she offered.

"Why do I get the feeling you are coming onto me?" Aidan asked honestly, then added, "I've never been shy but I do not get hints. You want something ask." Getting back to what she said, he said, "Allow me contract?"


"it's a.. symbiotic relationship of sorts" she said "in my defense~" she added on "yeah I can offer a contract that in turn for an anchor in the physical world, you can request my services, i am NOT a busy person if you couldn't guess" she said in a humorous yet serious tone as veil is warming up to Aidan "simply its spirit friends with benefits." She added. 


Sensing his range time was about to be up, he started to wipe down a few things for a quick cleaning. "Okay. That's more plain. I'm not that kinky. Pretty vanilla, but I like my vanilla. Take from that what you will." Aidan said, laying it out for her. 

"I'm the same-- vanilla is my default, but i do grant requests.. which is usually always the case, bit you're different in the good way." she assured him. "mind if I orbit'cha?" she asked happily before forming an elegant blue blank note framed in a silver reflective material and handing it over "i've said what the terms already-- all you need to do say write a form of acceptance, it can be as easy as writing the word 'yes' if you wanna that is. Imagine me as... a maid but also a knight."


Aidan laughed, "if you did that in many cultures, they would burn you as a witch." Aidan took a finger and wrote "yes ;)"


"alert me when you see the pitchforks and torch bearers running you then haha" she said bellowing out a tomboyish laugh "if you want to call me, just call out my name in your head.." she said, before saying without moving "imagine like a vx but with the feeling you'd use with the gems on that gun." veil said in giddiness as her body stabilizes even further. her blank reflective bodysuit now morphs into a more light armored wear similar to what soldier's under aidan's command would look like. 


"What if it's just dirty thoughts about you? Does that count?" Aidan asked, half serious. "How much are you in my head? Though a bit late to ask." "I'm just trying to find the border, as it were." Aidan added.


"i'm not telepathically planted or anything.. so i'm not sure what you're thinking unless you send it with the intent of it reaching me, if you really thinking dirty ill get the hint~" she said in a laid back laugh "if you'll want it to reach me, you'll know it would've" 

"you'll feel it" she then added.

"and the reverse is true I hope. No sense it benefits only being one way. I am a notorious flirt once a few things are out of the way." Aidan told her.

"if you'll always have the intent to send it, and ill get it, and them hopefully I'll get it~" she told him.


"Stop talking in riddles." He walked over right in front of her, and took her hand. 


Veil got a shyness wave wash over her for a split second before catching herself playing it cool "when you want me. I'll know. I'll come. then soon you will~." she winked "hows that for a riddle." 


He playfully smacked her ass. "Hopefully once you're screaming my name after I've driven you mad with my very skilled tongue, you can speak plainly." 


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