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Haruka Sumimori


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Character Information
Name: Haruka Sumimori
Nicknames: Haru, Sumi
Gender: Female
Species: Augmented Human
Age: 30
DOB: 4/15/4536
Blood Type: AB +
Home: Memorial Center, Earth; Sol System

Physical Appearance
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 128 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Measurements: 34 – 28 – 34
Physical Description: See picture.

Personality & Traits
General Overview: Haru thinks of herself as a savior of others. She wants to help other people and feels compassion for others. Her self-worth however can fluctuate vastly from feeling as though she has no worth to feeling confident in her abilities. She has Borderline Personality Disorder and was noted to have PTSD after a mission where members of her team were killed. Her left eye has had issues since her birth and rather than have a new eye she choose to have a cybernetic eye replace her non-functioning eye which allows her to see energy transference and gem power among other specific wavelengths normally not seen by humans. Haru wishes she could one day find a true friend and love.
Strengths & Weaknesses: Haru is skilled in the use of computers and operational support procedures. She has limited coding knowledge and understanding of development of technological systems. Her BPD diagnosis points to that she has issues with her own validation, self-worth and a feeling that others just put up with her existence. Haru’s eyesight issues with her left eye do create a tactical weakness for her even though she replaced the eye as she is not able to see normally out of it.  Haru’s passion for certain projects can lead to an explosion of emotion out of her if she is not allowed to finish her work.
Ambitions: Haru wants to find a true friend, discover the truth about her own identity and help to solve the world’s problems.
Hobbies & Interests: Haru enjoys playing VR games, writing long drawn out stories, photography and swimming. When on work tasks she prefers to finish a task to completion than move on from thing to thing over and over.

Life History and Relationships
Family: Haru was born to a single mother after the man she was with left never to return to Haru’s life. She has two siblings by law but they do not talk much. Most of Haru’s family was killed in the assault on Earth by the bugs. She now only has her mother and an aunt left along with her two siblings; both sisters. All the remaining family of hers have moved to Earth II.
History: Haru was raised by her mother amid a bunch of significant others whom were toxic and damaging to her family which caused her to be protective of her family. Those whom she went to school with due to her not just getting a new eye constantly belittled Haru putting her through emotional abuse in her school years. Upon majority she decided to have her eye replaced with a cybernetic one and at this point they also installed an implant to allow her to interface with computers. She was further augmented with parts to assist in this functionality so she could more effectively provide support to her teams. Haru’s time in university and while in her residency helped her to come to terms with these adjustments and even learn how to use gems herself. This led to her being assigned to a field unit where she provided expert support to the team since she was more of a technician and scientist than a field operative. During an assault most of her team was killed and the resulting trauma caused her to reject further field assignments. Haru then became part of the advanced research section assisting them in development of gem management AI and programs which would improve use of gems for combat and civilian applications. Once Earth was attacked her unit’s purpose was changed to find a way to effectively recover Earth from the bugs. Once Skynet accomplished this a group of ASS personnel led by Haru was sent to Earth to oversee the reconstruction of Earth’s infrastructure. 
Sexuality: Bisexual
Education: B.S. Gem Theory with a concentration on sub-dimensional energies. Certificate; Paramedical Certification for Implementation of Gems (C-PEIG), Certificate; Virtual Sphere Development Specialist
Languages: English, French.

Military Service Information
Assignment: Field Operations Support Specialist/Gem Implantation Specialist; Galactic Federation Alchemy Commission
Service Record:
Officer Recruit Training Initiative Cadet – Memorial Center College of Technologies – 4 Years
Resident Intern – Alchemy Commission Specialized Research Unit; Internal Implantation Team – 2 Years
Senior Resident – Alchemy Commission Specialized Research Unit; Internal Implantation Team – 2 Years 
Field Investigator – Alchemy Commission; Special Policing Unit Illegal Trafficking Section – 1 Year
Field Operations Support Specialist – Alchemy Commission; Advanced Sciences Section - Current
Service Medals: Bronze Star x 2, Purple Heart x 1

STR = 20
DEX = 10
CON = 14
INT = 18
WIS = 20
CHA = 18

Ranged Combat – 5 6
Close Combat – 5 6
Leadership – 8 13
Equipment Repair – 2 2
Information Systems – 8 13
Intelligence Gathering – 4
Domestic Skills – 7 10
Survivalism – 4
Medicine – 10 23 
Research/Innovation – 10 23
Diplomacy – 10 23
Bio-mechanic Mastery – 5 6
Gem Concentration – 10 23
Gem Specialization (Brown) – 10 23
Gem Specialization II (Yellow) – 8 19

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