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Jahn Irons (Lonhorn Contractor)


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Name: Jahn Irons

Nicknames: Jan though not his favorite

Gender: male

Species: augmented Human

Age: 32

DOB: 4534

Blood Type: O+

Physical Appearance

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 195 pounds

Eye Color: Hazel, but they change to partially blue on occasion.

Hair Color: Light brown

Physical Description: slightly stock build. Light brown hair with light skin, and light freckling. Neatly trimmed van dyke (mustache and beard around the mouth only) Usually wears glasses. Not because they are needed for vision but they are advanced and can display more computer information when he is not near one.


 Personality & Traits: Very easy going but has a very dry wit and loves to crack jokes. He also tends to like to put anyone that thinks they are superior in their place. Friendly though sometimes shy. He will either talk your ear off or think he has taken a vow of silence. Love to eat. Not fast but strong with good endurance.



General Overview: Former science and Engineering consultant to the New Soong Colony. He carries a doctorate in mechanical engineering and starship systems, as well a master’s degree in computer systems.


Hobbies: Trombone. Baritone, French horn.

 Bicycles (vintage and modern)

Good cook though his tastes are simple, not fancy.

Old style comic books.



Life history and relationships

Family: Raised on one of the many shipyards, Jahn first toy was a tricorder. Had loving parents. Father was a ship designer and his mother a nurse practitioner. Older brother and sister, Bill and Anne. They are not very close but do talk mostly on holidays and time permitting, vacations.


History: Showing an aptitude for numbers at an early age, he was encouraged to study and loves to learn new things. At 27 he completed his graduate work and accepted a job at Lonhorn industries. He was transferred last year to work at the orbital shipyards above the New Soong Colony.  In payment as a bonus for services rendered, the colony gave him mild augmentation. He as a small endo-frame of synthetic muscle, which gives him a temporary boost to 3 times human strength for 2 hours. He also has a modified VX positronic network which allows access to information systems, assisted computational skills and extra memory storage







Ranged Combat - 9
Close Combat - 9
Starship Engineering – 23

Starship Engineering II- 32

Civil Engineering – 23

Civil Engineering II-32

Equipment Repair - 14
Information Systems – 23

Information Systems II- 14
Intelligence Gathering -
Domestic Skills - 12
Survivalism - 6
Medicine - 6
Research/Innovation – 23

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