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Bio for Dr. Ashton Cordelia Rachal

Leigh Rachal

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Dr Ashton Cordelia Rachal (Nicknames: AC or Ash)

Chief Medical Officer

Born: Alexandria, Louisiana, Earth 

Age: 36


BS in Biology & Psychology - Louisiana State University, Baton Rough, LA Earth

MD in  Trauma Surgery - LSU Medical school New Orleans, LA Earth 

MD in Psychology - Starfleet Medical

Completed Starfleet Academy with qualifications in medicine and science

Siblings: James Rachal 31 married with no children living in Texas, Earth

Father: Wayne Rachal Deceased

Mother: Addie Rachal - 59 living in Louisiana, Earth


Ashton grew up in Southwest Louisiana in a small town on the Louisiana/Texas border. She attended the local public schools before pursing her medical studies at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Her mom was a secretary at a local university and her father was a maintenance man. 


Before joining TFS Lavie Ashton served as ships doctor on two freighters, a passenger ship, and an outpost. 

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