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Ayano Layton

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Ayano Marie Layton

Name          Ayano Marie Layton
Gender        Female
Species        Human
Age        25

Physical Appearance
Height        5' 4"
Weight        120 lbs
Hair Color        Silver
Eye Color        Grey
Physical Description        See Picture

Spouse        None
Father        Drew Layton
Mother        Hikari Layton

Personality & Traits
General Overview        Ayano is a Yuka Layton from another timeline whom never encountered the events her other self did due to the interference of Jim Olend. She has no social connections in this timeline yet and as such tried to cling to Dan and Vanilla only resulting in her realizing she has nobody anymore. She is a bit more carefree than the other version of herself from this timeline and feels she has no worth here.
Strengths & Weaknesses        Ayano is a skilled mech pilot and field soldier. She has a BS in psychology and completed AMC training making her basically a marine pilot. Ayano; like her counterpart is highly self-loathing and gets depressed easily. She has not seen the level of death Yuka has and as such this could be seen as a weakness and a strength.
Ambitions        Ayano wants to find friends; learn to influence people and take this "gift" as a second chance to the better and avoid the pitfalls Yuka had.
Hobbies & Interests        She is similar to Remi in her like of anime, video games, writing and computers. Though being exposed to VR tech by Aidan and Remi she enjoys this as well. She likes piloting expecially due to her ability to do it more often as opposed to where Yuka took a more field command role.

Personal History        Please see Yuka Layton's history up to the point where Jim sent Yuka to the "garbage planet."
Service Record        Classified due to her being from another time.

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STR = 10 
DEX = 8 -1
CON = 10
INT = 17 +3
WIS = 15 +2
CHA = 18 +4


Ranged Combat - 3
Close Combat - 3
Martial Arts (Aikido) - 2
Leadership - 5 6
Starship Engineering - 2 
Civil Engineering - 2 
Equipment Repair - 5 6
Information Systems - 8 14
Intelligence Gathering - 10 23
Domestic Skills - 4
Survivalism - 4
Medicine - 5 6 
Research/Innovation - 10 23
Piloting - 10 23 
Diplomacy - 10 23
Bio-mechanic Mastery - 8 14
Gem Concentration - 8 14
Gem Specialization (Blue) - 10 23

Psi Energy - 1  
Ki Energy - 4 


200 - Mains/High rank/council justification

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