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Unity Test Version Now Up!


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I am happy to announce; albeit late... That we have finally released a testing build of our Unity engine version of the game. To access this you will need to go to options by right clicking on the game and then going to Betas. Once you do this in the text entry screen with a password field enter "unitytest1234". With this code you will be able to opt into beta builds as we make progress on the Unity engine. I added this a few months back but still needed to do testing on to to make sure it was stable enough for public use. Happily it is playable up to where we currently are with the game. The team will provide more updates soon and hopefully another Unity patch. Once we get further in Unity development than we were in the other version the game files for the main build will be replaced with those from the Unity build. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

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