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Aurey Simulacrum


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Name: Aurey Simulacrum

Nickname: Purple Pandora by her former Sabre subordinates (Due to her unique leadership). Valkyrie.


Date of Birth: 2 June 1987


Occupation: UKG Sabre/Commander (2005-2035). Miran Sharon’s mentor (2035-2070). BNE Systems Earth Branch (2070-2100). UKG Sabre/Commander (2100-N/A). UKG SOCOM/General (N/A-2512). Head of BNE Systems (2512-3512). UKG SOCOM/General and Sabre trainer (3516-present)


Place of Birth: Switzerland 

Appearance: Aurey has a physique typical of any Sabre with a tall and extremely toned physique, honed and shaped into a lethal instrument in it's own right. Her body is athletic, rather than brawny, as some might expect of a Sabre. 

Aurey is of mixed European descent, and was naturally born with pale skin, a feature only accentuated by her armour-enclosed lifestyle. Her eyes are blood red and she naturally has magenta hair.



At the first meeting, most are intimidated by Aurey. Quiet and intense, her words are choice, sharp, and insightful, and she rarely pulls her punches. She's a wary character, slow to trust, and near unforgiving to those that cross her. She's cold, and calculating, with a methodical patience to all things, and she even fights with a cold fury. On the rare occasion she becomes enraged, she turns into a snarling beast, almost uncaring for any sort of pain.


Most see her as something of a fanatic, loyal to the UKG, sometimes almost beyond reason. While due in part to her history, she makes no excuses for her actions. She knows her role, and recognises the evil she commits, and is fully aware of why. After all, the UKG is one, tiny speck, in a galaxy ready to swallow them. Internal dissent, and external threats must be dealt with. To mistake her dogma for blind faith is foolish though, and is not nearly enough to coax her into action.


For those that earn her trust, there's a second Aurey few ever get to see. Still quiet, she opens up a little for those around her, sharing an occasional quip, and even the rare smile. She's almost a little playful, and very defensive of her odd little family. She's almost motherly to her subordinates, in her own quirky way, and pushes them as hard as they go to shape and mould them. What inspires their loyalty though is her willingness to lead from the front, alongside her subordinates, rather than the rear.



Mentor to: Fireteam Nesher

Apprentice to: Professor Erza, VICTORIA.

Family: Aurey regards Prof Erza as a mother figure.
"I don't know, how happy is your childhood when you're orphaned at 6?"

―Aurey responds to Professor Erza probing on her childhood


Equipment: Omni-tool. Nanoweapon, an honour only given to the UKG’s greatest.


Attire: See above, occasionally her Sabre MJOLNIR.



Aurey is a trained Sabre, for 30 years she spent every day living out a brutal training regime, shaping her into a weapon. Her training, augmentation, and armour, makes her faster, stronger, and more resilient than any other human. This is etched into every part of her physicality, knowing that any human is frail and slow compared to her. As a Sabre, she's a peerless soldier, skilled in all aspects of warfare. An expert in asymmetric warfare, and counter-terrorism, like all Sabres, she is trained as a top-tier special forces operator, capable of conducting battlefield operations against a uniformed force one day, then alternating to neutralising a terrorist cell using hostages the next day. As a Sabre, she also has a thorough education in maths, science, English and history, giving them the knowledge to live their daily lives, and the history of what they've sworn to protect. She's something of a renaissance man, with a wide variety of skills and abilities not common to the other Sabre.


As a Sabre operator, Aurey is trained in a variety of weaponry, and is proficient with heavy arms, sniper rifles, and everything in between. However, Aurey has her own personal preferences for chosen weaponry. Most commonly, she utilises shotguns, matching her close quarters sensibilities. A veritable surgeon with it, her natural instincts, and supernatural reactions allow her to neutralise targets in close quarters with impunity. She's experienced to the point that she can reload it in the blink of an eye, and tends to use fast loading methods, such as slipping a shell straight into the chamber, then loading the magazine. To complement her shotgun, she typically carries a long ranged rifle matched for medium to long range combat. During her first few years of service, she utilised a Drakon Sniper Rifle. Well balanced and deadly accurate, she'd use it in support of her fellow Sabres, when her shotgun proved inefficient. She later switched this out for an Auger Auto Rifle, using it until the end of the war. Favouring the more versatile auto rifle, her supernatural strength made the recoil negligible. She's also deadly with a pistol, preferably the B23M Magnum variant used by the UKG. Quick on the draw, and with an intuitive feel for the weapon, she can often draw it and fire it from the hip, knocking a target down at range.

Even without a firearm, Aurey is still lethal. Her tutelage under the harsh instructor and ONI Spook Codename: VICTORIA included extensive training in hand-to-hand combat. The majority of the curriculum was made up of the Unified Martial Combat Codex, a UKG-wide martial arts program. A combat method that mixed elements of Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Savate, Jujutsu, Judo, Sambo, Krav Maga, Karate, Aikido, Muay Thai, Eskrima, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, and Kickboxing, as well as older generations of military martial arts programs, it had split focus on non-lethal disabling techniques, self-defence, and lethal action against enemy combatants. Disciplines include strikes, holds, chokes, grapples, knife fighting, disarming and counter-disarming, bayonet fighting and even hand-to-hand fighting with a rifle in her hands. The result is, Aurey is a deadly force, even without her weapons, easily capable of killing a man with a single punch thanks to her augmented strength. She can quickly disarm a foe, or take them down without even making a peep. She's also a butcher when she's got a knife in his hands, carving up a target quickly. Despite her strength,she's just as capable at neutralising a target without killing them.


While all Sabres have a familiarity with a wide range of UKG and alien fighting machines, and technology, Aurey has taken this a step further. She has an extremely keen knowledge of technology due to her time in BNE, and even a deeper understanding of the highly experimental technology used by her and the other Sabres, enough to field repair most of it. She's experienced in repairing, rebuilding or subverting a variety of technology, and often tinkers and modulates her gear in an attempt to improve functionality. She's also got the bad habit of disassembling gear to find out how it works, and doesn't always get around to putting it back together.


"If she was never chosen for the SABRE program, she may well have succeeded me one day, but her genius is only tempered by anti-social nature"

―Professor Erza, a renowned scientist of the UKG.


Aside from her incredible strength, speed, reaction times and stamina, Aurey's greatest asset is her mind. With a projected Intelligence quotient of over 191, marking her in the 'extremely gifted' area. Her mind is probably one of the Sabre’s greatest boons.


Her mind is not only sharp, but also finely honed, well trained and always analysing her surroundings and the people around her, focused on understanding the world and people. This understanding can allow her to derive a person's behaviour, even when unpredictable, under stress and injury. Her ability to gain deep insight into an enemy, just by their actions, also compounds her difficulty to understand people on an emotional level and often makes her appear cold, or aloof. She can often look at an individual and derive a number of small details and personality quirks to derive a short history and their next reasonable action, or even hyper-analyse an individual for a physical or mental weakness prior to conflict.


Because of the way her unique mind works, she has a profound knowledge and working ability with machinery, electronics and Artificial Intelligence systems, leading to her position as the Sabre's primary mechanic, electronic warfare and hacking specialist. She can work as fast as experienced Artificial Intelligence and with as much ability, and can even outpace and out-think some 'young' Smart A.I.s., being much more flexible and free thinking. Her cyberwarfare methodology is to always remain unpredictable, constantly hammering a firewall or system with a bombardment of intrusion protocols modelled on Doctor Erza's work on on Illegal Intrusion Protocols and Counter-Illegal Intrusion Protocols (PIE/C-PIE). Aurey's ability to quickly modulate her cyber-attacks, with mutating algorithms, and her self-modulating viral vectors, has outwitted many defensive measures. However, her skills isn't only in offence. She's developed numerous firewall programs, as well as exotic barrier programs, designed to ensnare would-be intruders, and expose them.


Her intelligence, and detachment from most emotions, made her a lethal weapon for interrogations. Using this as leverage, she could break most targets by assaulting their psyche with quick, minimal strokes of psychological warfare, a tactic designed to keep both her, and her subject, safe. However, the WOGJ WAR changed that, since she faced subjects that were hardened against such effects, and with psyches shielded against such attacks. This required her usual stance to be teamed with physical trauma, intended to weaken their resolve, and open them up to the psychological aspect. This became a habit that was hard to kick, and even after the war had ended, her tactics hadn't changed, no matter the opponent. 


Her intelligence naturally marked her out for potential leadership roles. Groomed for leadership in the Sabre program, despite her own apprehension on the matter. Her fast wits, ability to multi-task and attention to detail all served her well in training for leadership that focused on enhancing her tactical acumen and leadership capabilities. As a leader, she's thorough and to the point, with a fluid and efficient command style. However, her command style is taxing on her subordinates, as she expects results, even in the face of difficult objectives. While completely capable of leading her unit from the rear, directing their combat actions from a command post or TOC with absolute efficiency, her preference is to lead in person, and from the front. Leading by example, her subordinates respect her attitude to combat, and their loyalty is cemented by her dedication to them, going above and beyond to make sure they survive the next fight.


She has a near-eidetic memory, and can accurately recall small and minute details after only a brief exposure. Longer exposure, in conjunction with mnemonics, allows her a near photographic memory, committing every tiny detail to memory for later recall.


Professor Erza nurtured her intelligence with more and more philosophical and scientific pursuits. Though this was often at odds with VICTORIA's military training, VICTORIA to some degree nurtured her literary exploration with 'A Soldier's Tale: Civil War'. Through her life, she learned dozens of new languages, and advance science, in biology, chemistry, physics, theoretical astrophysics, space-time physics (she is capable of performing Space-time Shift calculations in her head), science, Artificial Intelligence Psychology, Xenobiology, experimental dynamic plasma physics and advance cyborg theories. Between 2255 and 2281 she wrote three doctoral theses, on the role of electronic and cyber warfare during the War of Galactic Judgement (WOGJ). These Theses were keenly analysed by ONI, and by UKG Cyber Warfare Command, and now form a large block of their training. Erza noted that, should she have never been entered into the Sabre program, she may well have succeeded in the academic world.



  • Basic Training graduate honour: Awarded after finishing basic training

  • Sabre development ribbon: For completing her Sabre course, making her an official Sabre operative.

  • Bronze Star: Awarded during a space battle during the Silent War. Fireteam Nesher boarded an enemy carrier, the Holy Grace and fought the ship commander with nothing but her service knife and then rescued an ONI agent from the brig

  • Guardian Cross: For her outstanding civilian service during her time as BNE Systems CEO.
    Defense Superior Service Medal: For her doctoral theses on Cyberwarfare.

  • The Navy and Marine Corps medal: Awarded for her leadership of the 1st MarDiv during the defense of the Inner Rim regions. (Comparable to the Distinguished Service Medal)

  • The Black Heart medal: Awarded for sustaining critical injuries that required her to be medevaced to the core systems. (A tier above The Purple Heart medal)

  • Legion of honour medal: Awarded for her actions during her time as commanding officer of Task Force Pandora during the War of Galactic Judgement. (Comparable to the Distinguished Service Cross)

  • Military Order of Retribution: Awarded following the end of the War of Galactic Judgement and her resulting retirement. (The highest order of the UKG.)

  • Silver Star x13

  • Purple Heart x4


Task Force Pandora

-Namesake: Purple Pandora (Aurey Simulacrum)
-Size: 120.000

-All Orion and Sabre unit

-Under Special Operations Command: Joint SOCOM (Special Operations Command)


  • War of Galactic Judgement


      • Battle of the Citadel

-Notable Commanders: SOCOM General Aurey Simulacrum

-Additional information:

  • Created by Aurey under the orders of STRATCOM for OPERATION ARCHANGEL, the UKG’s Galaxy wide counteroffensive. Following her recovery.

  • Task Force Pandora spearheaded every major battle, clearing the way for the others

  • Task Force Pandora was the most decorated and renowned unit of the war.

  • Task Force Pandora accepted the surrender of the remaining enemy forces

  • Its Commanding Officer was present during the signing of the instrument of surrender, representing Pandora and UKG Special Operations Command

  • Task Force Pandora was disbanded following the cessation of hostilities and the retirement of Aurey Simulacrum from the Force.


  • No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy

  • First in, last to die

  • Semper Districtus (Alway Busy)

  • With Your Shield, or Upon it

  • Nusquam currere et nusquam abscondere (Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide)

  • If I cannot bend the will of Heaven, I will move Hell.

  • From dishonour; glory, from defeat; fidelity.

  • Honoris, Officium, Sacrifico (Honour, Duty, Sacrifice)

  • Paratus Et Potens (Ready and Able)


Short summary of her WOGJ service record:

Aurey was promoted to Major general and took command of the 60.000 strong 1st Marine Division after the initial enemy blitz, the unit was withdrawn to reserves where she replenished their strength and morale by extending their planned rest period from 4 months to a year. Providing time for the survivors to rest and recover and the replacements to familiarize.

 (1st MarDiv lost their commanding officer and 4/5th strength after holding a border system for 4 years)


Then lead the 1st Marine Division in multiple planetary defences from the frontline for 23 years during which she was promoted to Lieutenant general, she held this position until she was severely wounded that required her to be medevaced to the core systems for life saving treatment, where she recovered for 6 years.


By the time she recovered, the UKG had fully mobilized its economy and military with a "120 system campaign" halting the enemy advance and shifting the initiative to the UKG and its allies. Aurey was promoted to General and put in charge of creating "Task Force Pandora", a 120.000 all Orion and Sabre unit to lead OPERATION ARCHANGEL, the UKG's Galaxy wide counteroffensive.


It's a position she held until the end of the war which ended with the "Fall of the Citadel" following a planetary invasion of the last enemy nation's capital spearheaded by Pandora. Aurey was invited to represent the UKG Special Operations Command during the enemy's signing of the instrument of surrender.


Following the war she retired as General and was given the honorary position "SOCOM Security Council chairman".

(SOCOM or Special Operations COMmand does not have a chair at the Security Council)


After her retirement she was offered and accepted the position of Head CEO of BNE Systems, a position she held for a millennium, becoming the longest serving CEO of a core company. During the celebration of her 1000th anniversary she announced her retirement, intending to retreat to a quiet life. 


This retreat, however, didn’t last long. Four years after her retirement she was visited by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in person who handed her a letter from the UKG Security Council, requesting her return to UKG Special Operations Command due to the situation of the galaxy which grew more dangerous and dire as time progressed. Aurey reluctantly accepted the request and saw her reinstatement as SOCOM General.


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