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Lune Fortestille


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Character Information
Name: Lune Fortestille
Nicknames: Luni or Moonbun
Gender: Female
Species: Vixbun (Rabbit, fox hybrid)
Age: 24
DOB: january/1st/XXXX (convert to lore year but 24 years ago)
Blood Type: O-

Physical Appearance
Height: 4ft / 123cm
Weight: 80lbs / 36kg
Eye Color: Magenta/Raspberry Red
Hair Color: Skyblue/Cyan
Measurements: 30cm G Cup Breasts, 50cm Waist, 76cm Hips
Physical Description:  described as a short-yet-stacked anthropromorphic, bipedal individual that resembles a hybrid of a rabbit and fox with white fur with light blue highlights
and bright rasberry colored eyes and a very large fluffy tail, her hands and feet are adorned with very soft paw pads with fur that is extremely soft and a soft a yet, ever-so-slightly toned body

Personality & Traits
General Overview: Optimistic, Happy and Very Cutesy
Strengths & Weaknesses: handy and building and very driven and very morale raising, however naive and tends to be quite gullible and a slight tendancy for paranoia
Ambitions: currently: survive.
Hobbies & Interests: Construction, Engineering, building model kits of anything mecha and mechanical as well as art and drawing, Gem Tech Augmenting

Life History and Relationships
Family: Deceased
History: Born and Raised on the Moon of Titan, Orbitting Jupiter with a promising future of mining and construction equipment development,

being mentored by a retired Butler and Tutor from the Former Lanreth Family

Education: Mentored by Lanreth Family, Ex Butler and Tutor

Languages: English

Starfleet/Military Service Information
Assignment: Prisoner - Intensive Community Service - Military Supervised
Guilty of Grand Theft of Military Weapons and Tech
Service Record:
Service Medals:




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Character approved. As discussed we will be meeting her on the Earth outpost once we make landfall. We can do  your stats whenever you would like.

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