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2021 Report


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Welcome to 2022!

As we begin this new year and look forward; hopefully to better prospects I am happy to bring another annual report. During 2021 we were able to continue on with SimmingHub as it launched some of its projects, we resumed work with LastNexus Studios on the first TNU VN, we continued the ENRB role play through its 5th year of operations and saw some new role plays come and go within TNU. Each of these items will be discussed in further details below in this report. 


SimmingHub began oversight of SciWorld and FallFest this year running both events with the assistance of Independence Fleet and Fifth Fleet respectively. Both events had around 200 people in attendance with about 50 people active in total throughout each panel, discussion and panel counting everything together. We are happy that the community has been so accepting of an outside organization taking over operational management of the conventions and are hoping to continue the traditions set forth in previous events. We want to attempt to host voice panels at some point as there has been feedback from the community that people would enjoy this type of content however there are many logistical considerations with this type of panel and privacy concerns that we would need to address; we care about the community and the privacy of its members so we want to ensure we keep all of this in mind as we plan. The 2022 events will be planned by SimmingHub as per the schedule outlined on the conventions page on SimmingHub’s website. Thank you for everyone who attended and for the assistance from the host organizations this last year.

SimmingHub has also began to launch its own web hosting operations with support from the Microsoft Azure platform and cPanel. We hope to provide the community and related organizations support when they need it in regards to website hosting and related technical considerations. Should someone have a need please reach out to us via the hosting request form on the SimmingHub website.

Last but not least SimmingHub’s resource page is still functional but has had minimal updates; we hope that the community will provide us links to add to it in the coming year so we can make it more of an open resource for the community at large. This also goes for the conventions page; if you run an event for the simming/online play by post role playing community please contact our administrative office so we can get your convention, schedule and a link to your website listed on our resource hub.

Role Playing Operations

The ENRB role play (formerly DFS Lavie) has completed its 5th year of operations. It had 20 group posts during the year of 2021 and 10 individual posts. That means that about every 2 weeks one post had occurred within the group; it is hoped that the posting numbers will increase this year. Currently the role play has 14 members with 3 on leaves. During the 2021 calendar year the crew traveled into a new area of space coined simply the New Sector by command and investigated the disappearance of a survey crew as well as rendered aide to a planet that was overtaken by a corrupt corporate controlled government. As the year came to a close the crew returned to Earth for what they thought would be rest; only to find the planet in shambles and in need of much help. 2022 will be the role play’s sixth year of continuous operation.

Due to lack of activity the Himawari Academy role play was shut down.

DFS Phoenix continues to operate; it is following the crew of a ship working to handle the remnants of the Orteria Cult whom attempted to overthrow Orteria’s government and revive the Phoenix with help from some less than savory elements within the Federation Senate. It does not report its number of currently active players to the front office.

Production Projects

The Council authorized TNU Productions and LastNexus Studios to create the first ENRB VN. In the 2021 year this game has been moved to the Unity Engine and more art assets have been finalized. In preparation for other potential written works the council has retained the consultation of a law firm to provide advice and oversight in the development of a participation agreement between our writers and the editing staff to allow us to use individual contributors content within creative works that we authorize in the future. This does not mean that TNU will take ownership of anyone’s contributions without their consent; we are here to help people learn to write better, keep their writing alive and have a place to write… These parts of our mission will not change though copyright law and intellectual property do not exist in a vacuum. If anyone has specific questions about any of these more legal concerns, please reach out to me.


Now to the more administrative and bureaucratic stuff; Brian and I have been confirmed as President and VP for our second year. Scott stepped down as the third game master for ENRB and has been temporarily replaced by Charlie. In other staffing considerations Aya and Kirishima have been made volunteer moderators due to the influx in spam on the forums and Discord. 

Due to the closing down of our partner IGA TNU will be assuming the responsibilities of managing its hosting and gaming community operations; those few that did still exist. This change began on January 1, 2022. 

The project’s wiki has been moved to an in-house solution due to some recent policy changes within our wiki host (Fandom). Due to the unrestrictive content nature of our written works our editing staff cannot police what our community writes with few exceptions as a result of this and the restrictive nature of that policy change (regarding not safe for work content) it was decided to set up an in-house option. Please keep in mind that this is not saying we support any specific type of content; we just do not restrict people’s ability to write and as such rather than create any problems we have created our own solution.


2021 was a busy year for the group and though our posting numbers did fall it is my hope that in the coming year we will be able to bring that up. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to staff.

Be well and stay safe,


Josh Hina (Atsumari)
The New Universes Project

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