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1. Respect yourself and others.
2. Do not spam or advertise stuff.
3. Don't do anything that will get us sued or our Discord deleted.
4. Do not post titles in all capts.
5. Be a part of the community; that means play and chat together. This is not just one type of group; we’re all here to have fun.
6. If you cause any drama our admins IMMEDIATELY reserve the right to ban you no questions asked.
7. While we are happy to help friends with problems and be a community we are not mental health counselors. If you have MAJOR life issues call a crisis line or find a support group.
8. Do not attempt to distribute someone's personal information.

These rules are subject to change without notice. To appeal decisions staff have made related to a ban please file a support ticket to the community team or email jhina (at) tnuproject (dot) org. Do not discuss appeals in open forums. Management decisions on appeals are final.

For a full terms of service please see the following link.

█ Josh - President, TNU Project █

Discord | Support | SimmingHub | Rules █

█ Please don't feed trolls or spammers. █


"A name is only as important as the person it describes... so when someone asks for your name you know you're important." - Hoshi Ki-Kari

"Cheer up, life is too short to be sad all the time." - Misuki Raion

“You thought the world would be better off without you... I understand that now but you know it’s not true... The world is better with you in it.” - Yukari Solaros

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