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Season 2; Mission 3- A crazy swordsman and a bug infestation


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Mission: Season 2; Mission 3: We All Know What to Do; Let’s Not Do That…
Location: Aloris evacuation zone
Timeline: November 1st 4566 Afternoon
Tags: season 2, aloris, bug, swordsman

Narrated by Sumire Rembrant

We are still evacuating the Aloris homeworld. Have we been anywhere this long before? I feel like something is going to happen... Anyway...
New bodyguard arrived, more crew, a clone... err... of Yuka... Well... off-time happened.

Nore and a research team were sent to the world that the Aloris people were evacuated to; while Ayano was being briefed by AMC on her new mech. Remi was in the command center with Godwhin whom was just about to leave her in charge as the evening shift rotation was about to happen. Sumire had chosen to work swing shift for a bit. 

Meanwhile, a team was being set up to go down to the planet for added security during the evacuation since more enemy random ass magic guys were being sighted and started attacking Aloris security forces.

Scott napped in his bunker.

Since the bad reaction that Hikaru had when he had been on the ground having shot one of his own, active duty was not exactly a good option, so he had stayed close to Remi in the command center.

Aidan was buried under the mountain of work that a planetary evac entailed. He'd left Major Merkara in charge of the Providence.

Ellen was also in the command center, she didn't really have anything else to do but stick close to Remi.

Seleni sat on the hood of her Lamborghini Reventon, parked in a lot at a park.

"Normally, security would run background checks on refugees, but... yeah, processing 2 million... I got other people doing interviews," Hikaru commented.

Kirin is in the security office being yelled at by his supervisor for not being as active as he should be.

Jack was dressed in uniform and ready for whatever needed, checking his gear one last time as he prepared to go with the team unless told otherwise. The man ran a hand through his white hair as he slung his rifle.

Scott wakes up sees all the tactical people in the ops room on security feeds he has access to and just shakes his head and says "NOPE not my problem." 

Godwhin leaves after giving Remi the information from the last shift.

just then one of the com officers says "Captain, one of the Aloris security teams is reporting an unknown sighting near evacuation center N." 

"What kind of sighting?" 

"A man in what looks to be old earth armor."

Major Merkara VXed General Thornton on the replacement of the center pulse plasma cannons above the deflector ships. They left the other eight in the saucer section only for the time being. Close to engineering and the near industrial replicators, it would be easier to keep the micro-torpedoes fed to the launchers. 

"Can we get a visual?" Remi asked.

"No; for some reason all attempts to bring up the video link result in... no signal," the comms officer replied. 

Remi looked to Aidan for his combat advice.

Scott starts playing flappy bird in the chaos.

Aidan’s face flushed red.. "Get someone with a pair of Mark 1 eyeballs up there if we need to! Make it happen," he snarled.

"We have no teams on the ground," the tactical officer explained. 

"Why?" Remi asked. 

"They were being assembled," the tactical officer replied.

"So...  Don Quixote?" Hikaru commented.

"Por que?" Remi asked.

"Get someone there now, before I shoot someone into a launcher and out a torpedo tube. I thought he had shuttles, fighter, and other craft. Figure it out people!" Aidan barked.

"Don Quixote, an old earth book. It's about a guy who really wants to be a knight, because he's mad with delusions he then proceeds to shit on all his neighbors for the better half of 200 pages until he finally is locked up and put into an asylum." (Hikaru)

"Basically, what I am saying is that someone in old earth armor is probably waaaaay more problems than they are worth." (Hikaru)

"Well... um... yeah do what the general said," Remi said. "Better yet; if you can’t count on someone else to do it... do it yourself, summon team one," Remi said to tactical whom sent out the activation orders for team one.

"Nope," Hikaru said crossing his arms.

The members of team one that were with Remi are teleported to a shuttle.

"Last time I stepped outside of the ship, I got mind controlled. The over mind is out there I can still actually hear the voices," Hikaru stated. The bug was gone yes, but the voices and psionic energy was still there. "Plus, those things are literally attracted to psions, and I'm a heavy hitter in that regard."

Seleni sighed after she realized she was teleported. "I TOTALLY am not ready for whatever we're doing now." She said getting up from the floor.

"I'm not ready either.... but that’s life... and yeah... maybe you should oversee from here, Hikaru," Remi agreed.

Ayasha adjusted her power armor, checked the rest of her kit, and finally checked her plasma carbine.

Seleni looked down at her casual wear. "Totally not ready and prepared," she grumbled.

Remi dawned her ODM special powered suit that Scott and the others made. "Neither am I hun but... what are we doing to do about it; magicman doesn’t want to wait to crap gold so we have to stop him..."

Jack shoulders his rifle as his power armor finished that last system check, "Green for go."

Ellen just looks at the powered suit everyone seems to have and sighs lightly, "Good times, nothing like knowing you are basically just the hood ornament on car."

Kirin grabs his gear with a few talismans heads to the gun rack switches his pistol out for a sniper rifle (ar-50 armalite).

An ops officer taps Ellen's shoulder. "Ma'am central sent this." He said giving her a box that contained a level 2 armor.

"It would be prudent to prepare a method of rapid gear deployment for us," Dawn said as she handed Seleni a carbine. 

"Indeed, that would be for the best," Seleni agreed as she took the carbine and gave it a quick check.

Ellen looked at it and begin suiting up she took longer than the rest though and probably must get help.

Jack offered a few pointers.

Ayasha walked up and teased Ellen. "You've got it on backwards." She tried to maintain a straight face and couldn’t before she lent Ellen a hand along with Jack. 

Remi headed to the shuttle as a mech is sanding by the shuttle practicing attacking with some sword. "Um... totally normal..." Remi said to herself entering the shuttle.

Dawn assisted Seleni with her gear despite her protests.

"I wasn't given this knowledge. First time using it, why is it so tight?" Ellen sheepishly asked.

The ops officer shakes his head at the sight of all the hot women and sighs as he says, "form fitting..." and walks out blushing.

"In order to supply the wearer with the strength multiplication and comm functions, it needs to be in close contact with body, so the synthetic muscle can work in tandem with the wearer," Ayasha offered. "Looks like it takes a few pounds off too." She laughed at her own joke. 

Kirin heads to where the team is being assembled.

"Oh, I still have my suit on." Ellen removes the power armor to then remove her clothes, folding it up neatly into a locker before putting the suit back on. "That was the problem it seems."
Once everyone was prepped and ready they all boarded the shuttle and then it heads to the surface with a mech escort.

The shuttle reaches the planet and arrives with a bunch of Aloris guards. The man in armor stares at them seemingly waiting for them; even as they aim at him and tell him to identify himself he still just stands there. Upon the shuttle landing he stares at it. 

"Splendid... the main event has come... I have little time for you small fries,” the armored man commented. 

The guards demand he surrender and prepare to fire. Their rounds are reflected at them. The mech lands in front of the soldiers however taking the grounds that were reflected into its shield.

Ayasha uses her tricorder functions to gather as much information as she can.

"Wow and I though the last part I went to was full of assholes," Kessler jokes as he lands the shuttle.

"What's the play boss?" Jack chimes in as he readies up to exit with the rest of the team.

Kirin looked at the map of the area that they are landing near and looks for a spot to get setup for a ranged weapon.

"In the spirit of 20th century cinema, I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass.... and I am all out of bubblegum," the armored man smirked as two swords appeared in his hands.

Remi exits the shuttle. "Well... are you just like a meme or something?"

"So, who are you and what do you expect to accomplish?" Dawn asks, as she draws her two blades from her sleeves. Seleni just shrugs and rolls her eyes at the old pop culture quote the man says.

"Seems he answered our question for us, Jack... he wants a fight... try to detain this asshole but really; if he’s like all of his friends, we will have to blow a hole in his chest... so no use crying over spilt milk if you kill him." 

"So, I guess everyone just likes two weapons," Ellen commented.

Remi sighs and pulls out her ODM sword.

"This guy needs a better hobby," Jack  sighed as he trains his rifle on the man after slapping in his death gem, "Also I am good with just a rifle, miss Hayes."

["Should I sit tight here Remi?"], Kessler commed from the shuttle cockpit.

Seleni lets out an exasperated sigh. "Sometimes I wish I just can just Base Delta Zero most of the problems, but without a proper override command there's no way that's happening." She grumbles. 

"Milady, it is unbecoming of you to complain in front of the enemy," Dawn chides Seleni. "Besides, the consequences would be massive if it were to be executed."

"You sound like the Royal Court aides my father made teach me," Remi said to Dawn as the enemy with swords stared at the group preparing to fight them.

" Miss Sumire, is it safe to assume that it’s alright to use a side arm?" Ellen asked for confirmation.

Remi nodded in response.

Ellen pulled her gun from her side, placing both hands on the grip as she aimed with the sites, before quickly firing off a round into the man.

The man moved his head to the left as the bullet winged by. He lazily cracked his neck. "Try again, foolish swine. "

"I'd hate to be your wife," Ellen growled.

The man ran at Ellen, slashing down with his swords in an x shaped motion. The force of his attack nearly knocked her to the ground as the blades bit into Ellen’s power armor and broke through the outer carapace. 

Ayasha slid over to Ellen and popped an autoinjector into Ellen's suit port with her offhand. She aimed her plasma carbine with her strong arm as she fired a close-range snapshot at the swordsman. 

The swordsman sidestepped out of the way of the plasma. “Get at my level," he mocked. 

Kirin looks around to lay down to aim carefully to not hit the team shoots for non-vital part to immobilize.

The enemy took the bullet into his arm immobilizing it and causing him to start bleeding out. he drops a sword and grins. "That’s more like it!!!! it is time for me to bring some friends...." 

The bugs come from under the ground popping up from the grass.

Dawn, seeing the shot hit, immediately closes in and strikes twice in succession with her blades.

Swordsman fell over as he is cut in four.

Seleni aims at one of the bug's face and fires twice. "God, ugly as ever. Even up close."

The bug is hit and loses an eye. it screeches.
Remi fires a shotgun round from her ODM sword at one of the bugs

The bug explodes.

Jack turns to the nearest bug and fires a three round burst, "Wow, that guy's death was just sad. Glad he's finally shut up for good though."

The bug just hops over Jack.

The mech takes an aim at the bug that jumped over Jack and targets it with the two autoguns on its shoulders.

The bug just slides past the bullets.

Ellen grips her wounds aims her guns and fires at the super dodge bug

Bug two also rushes up to his friend and goes to bite Ellen.

Ayasha flips the selector switch on her carbine, put the barrel against the bug carapace and triggers a three round burst.

The bug falls over.

Kirin walks over to the bug, takes out a knife in a shape of a kunai to enchant it with fire and wind magic to rip it from the inside out.

The bug is ripped open as its blood spews all over Ayasha, Ellen and Kirin

"Okay. Ew!" Seleni commented as the bug was ripped apart.

"What the fuck, Kirin?!" Ayasha yelled.

"I’m sorry! I wasn’t sure how strong I should have made it," Kirin replied defensively.

Grabbing medication, Ayasha added the antidote through Ellen's suit port.

As the battle ended, Remi turned to the army and shook her head. "Thanks for nothing, guys. I’ll remember this the next time that you send a distress call."

Two Mastiff class armored runabouts landed, its rear doors opened, and power armor clad marines poured out. 

Jack tossed a cloth to his three blood bathed comrades, "Here, so you guys can wipe that shit off."

Dawn retracted her blades up her sleeves as Seleni made her way to Remi. "So, let's just leave it to the guys just arrived then."

"Soo... are these armors supposed to be this flimsy?"  Ellen covered herself up a bit more.

Several Marines set up transporter pattern enhancers.

"... Well, he was using gem weapons," Remi said as she picked up the dead man’s swords.

Kirin handed Ellen a talisman. "Here, this should help a little," she offered.

"Kirin, let the medic work; she doesn’t like us using magic on people," Remi said as she mumbled about the dead guy not needing his weapons anymore as she took them back to the shuttle.

"Figures. I guess those swords are Dawn's since she's the one who killed him?" Seleni commented.

Kirin replied to Remi, "I just thought the pain killing effect of this talisman would help."

Ayasha offered. "I appreciate it, Kirin, but I think we've had more than our share of magic at the moment. " Turning to Ellen, she said, "You should be able to stand up." 

Ellen cracked her neck as she stood back up. "Thanks!" She shouted as she ran to catch up to Remi.

"Anyone else want a drink after that?" Jack asked as he slung his rifle. He idly nudged a bug’s corpse with an armored boot before he turned to leave. 

Seleni followed Remi onto the shuttle with Dawn close behind them.

Ayasha packed up her kit, sending off a list of items needed to be replaced.  Slinging her carbine, she returned to the shuttle and sat down wearily as her adrenaline wore off. 

"So, I guess the answer to my earlier question is a ‘no’ now," Kessler idly commented as they boarded the shuttle for departure.

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