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Official Response to Simming Prize Dispute


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Good morning,


Our foundation to support the play by post role playing community was founded on the ideals of community cooperation, neutrality, creating the ability for the play by post community to survive for generations to come and; most of all honesty. It is for these reasons that today I reach out to the community on behalf of our board; which we internally call the council.


Recently there has been concern community-wide about The Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis (informally called the Simming Prize within the community) and in the interest of community cooperation we were contacted about this. After discussing the matter with both parties we would like to inform the community in an open fashion about what has transpired and our hopes for this dispute. The Trustees of the Prize have informed us that the current situation involves decisions made years back and even a re-vote in the interest of fairness that occurred within the last year. In short, the voting did not go as the other side planed. Now there are claims regarding a failure to comply with internal regulations for the Prize. The dispute has risen to the point that it affects the continued legitimacy and trust in the Prize.


Our official response to this is the encouragement of cooperation, professionalism and what is best for the community which would include incidents such as these not being dragged into the public eye. Responses such as what are occurring now; regardless of the side anyone supports damage community trust and sully the history that this as well as other programs supporting simming in a larger sense were founded upon the legacy of. If any involved feel that a third-party arbitrator is required to aide in encouraging the community trust remains, we would encourage such an action. We hear that this has been attempted but would strongly encourage continued attempts at an amicable resolution. Please remember that in the public eye one’s actions echo far beyond what we may intend and that we all serve our players and the community at large. Professionalism, cooperation and transparency are always the best path with which publicly facing programs should be ran.


Josh Hina


The New Universes Project

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