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Season 2 Mission 4- Departure, intruders and language barriers


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Mission: Season 2 Mission 4: Finally... Something... Something...
Location: Lavie
Timeline: November 13th 4566 Midday

Narrated by Sumire "Remi" Rembrant
Finally, after completing preparations we will be leaving the Onyx to head out to the planet that requires our assistance; Percious XIII. We will be taking the Lavie with some new crew and some last minute changes to our roster including a new crewmember.

Bridge of the Lavie
Remi arrived on the bridge of the Lavie after all departments finished loading their gear and moving crew quarters. All that was left was getting everyone else on board and final preparations for departure. 

Alister was being sent with them as insurance, Mimi would be in charge of the scientific studies on the ship even if her specialization was more in gems and their magical properties, Natsumi was acting as the second doctor on the whip with Sarissa, Ari was coming with them as a fleet security liaison and Aidan was overall in charge of the operation even if Sumire was in command of the ship. 

Each department also had a lead; one of Trinity’s more experienced people save for engineering and operations; the two whom oversaw these things were friends of Sumire and obviously qualified but were new to Trinity and had not seen combat. She took her place in the command chair as she thought about all of this and even though she was used to lives being in her hand this time it was all her friends. 

“At least, I have experienced people behind me,” she thought as Trent took up tactical as per usual; he was not the chief tactical officer, but he was the most experienced combat officer on the bridge even about passing Aidan since he had worked with Alex Werner nearly 20 years ago on the Shadow Fire.

The operations officer with Sanya had issued her quarters on the Lavie and gotten her sorted in that regard. She was then instructed by the operations officer to check in with the CO.


Tory got off the shuttle and had stowed his gear into his crew quarters. As he finished setting up his room and bunk, an alert appeared on his HUD. 

"Install complete. EVA standing by," it read. 

Tory smiled. He was ready for his work now. He left his quarters in his fresh uniform, his leg making some whirring sounds as he walked through the clean corridors to engineering with his exo leg. He entered engineering and received a room full of new faces to him. 

"I am Ensign Trace and I'll oversee engineering. Have systems on standby for departure, report status when ready, and stow equipment for transit. That will be all," he said to his group of engineers as they saluted and began work. 

"EVA, set up firewalls and information encryption," Tory said as he went to his chief station. He took a moment to look at it, a seat of responsibility before sitting down on it to watch the section at work.

Scott gated into his old office in the Lavie for nostalgia’s sake. After checking the systems though the bunker, he took a walk to see his old post in engineering.

Jack strolled into engineering flanked by two security personnel, "Mr. Scott, you do not have access to this area of the ship. Please remove yourself from the area immediately."

Scott saw Jack and cocked his head strangely at the man. "The deputy head of R&D can’t be here, is that what you are saying?” He asked.

"That is correct sir, I've been asked to escort you from this section. Please comply," Jack replied flatly.

Scott shrugged.  "That’s too bad as all of my offices are in this vicinity. Do you care to dispute that?" 

The Bridge

As Remi prepared herself in the bridge, an access tone rang as the door slid open with the all-too-familiar whoosh, Warren walked.  It was strange, since Remi hadn't seen Warren in months.  His eyes were bloodshot and had bags under them, he was paler and gaunter than he should have been, like he hadn’t stopped researching in months. 

"Sumire," Warren said in a solemn tone, "I think I've figured it out, but after this-- We can talk about... Her…" His face was crestfallen as it looked like it had held a bit of hope. "Anyways, uh… I heard you guys are heading out on a diplomatic excursion, need a hand?" Warren asked, shifting the topic to lighten the sudden gloom he had brought to the room.

As Warren walked onto the bridge and past the guard and security stations over to Remi in her chair. Remi stared at him once he spoke to her. "Um... pardon? What happened to you?" Confused she then nodded. "Yeah; we are headed off on a mission... We could use the extra hands if you are interested in helping," she replied.

"I've done nothing but Gem Energy Research and Theoretical ways to find a human conscience or ‘soul’ in what we know as ‘the universe’ where gems access that energy from, y'know the whole ‘Gem Stream’ thing, whatever y'guys call it," Warren blurted, raising and waving his hands in exasperation when he mentioned the silliness of the name, "Gem Stream". "There may be away to bring a lost conscience to our universe, the challenge is that we're gonna need all kinds of professionals from genetics to Gem Masters," he babbled on before he caught himself, "Ah-- and yes, I'll come along to help, political discourse is nothing I never seen before."

In a corridor

It took Sanya several minutes to figure out how the hot water in her shower worked. All of the controls were strange, and the instructions were in a language she didn't understand, but after some random button pushing, she was finally able to wash off the muck that coated her from her resuscitation process and the battle that placed her inside an escape pod. Once she was clean, she stared at the neatly folded clean garments she had been given and frowned, reminded that she still was out of sorts. She quickly dressed and headed out of her quarters, promptly getting lost in the corridors of the Lavie looking for the CO, whatever that was. 

Ari finds Sanya "... why are you just walking around aimlessly...?"

Sanya smiled sheepishly at Ari. "I was told to go to the Coe but not where the Coe was. I can't read your letters."
"Coe? Err... C.O.... as in the commanding officer; the captain?" Ari replied.

Sanya tilted her head to one said at Ari. "Oh? Is that what the Aupes meant?" Her expression was still confused but she nodded. "Ah. That makes more sense. I have to make them aware that I am here and get permission to stay or am I to leave after I meet them?"

"After you meet our Commander she will give you an assignment on the ship." Ari explained to Sanya.

"The Commander is an Akh valaina?" Sanya curiously replied, trying to understand their culture. "Am I dressed for such a ritual? Or is this divined unclothed?" She asked nonchalantly as she walked alongside Ari, running her hand through her damp blonde hair.

Ari smirks as Sanya seems entirely oblivious to their operations. She shrugs. "I don’t know what an Akh Valaina is... Follow me," Ari said then had her VX locate Sumire Rembrant; informing her she was on the bridge. Ari then took Sanya to a lift.

"An Akh valaina names us to our work. We come of age and go through the ritual so that the Gods may guide us towards the future we write for ourselves. It helps us find the way when we are lost... and I am like a child again, lost in the sea of stars," Sanya explained softly.

Ari listened to Sanya as the two stood in the lift heading to the bridge. "Okay. Well no, that’s not what a commander is; basically, they oversee you and the people in charge of you, make sense?" Ari explained. 

Sanya nodded again, "Cálala lead Ohtatyáro... you are warriors then? You tend to the battlefield wounded?" She asked in a soft, even tone of voice as she tried to understand. Her gaze shifted around the lift admiring its structure and function.


One of the guards with Jack called over VX for assistance from the ship’s security. Scott was not a member of the Lavie crew; he was in a secured part of the ship; as he was no longer part of the crew he needed authorization to be there.

"Yeah, I would, orders are orders. Leave the area sir, or force will be used. Now will you comply," Jack ordered.

Tory heard the commotion and stood up to walk over. "What's going on here?" He asked Jack and Scott as he came over. It seemed like Scott was being detained or removed here. The looked very experienced compared to his green self in charge of engineering

Scott shrugged again and said, "Fine, I guess, we can take this to my office, if you’d like or as I like to call it the ‘bunker’.” He walked to the office door and invited Jack and the nice security officers in...and for giggle, that green looking engineer.

Scott VXed Remi to see if she could help sort out the bit of mess between him and Jack, before he wanted to space someone.

"Just go Scott, additional security is on their way. You got a problem, take it up with the COs. Orders were to remove you, so remove yourself before I do," Jack said charging the handle on a stun round loaded carbine.

Scott shrugged again and asked, "Leave the bunker so that the security measures don’t kill you when I leave.” He grumbled under his breath about not needing more paperwork over dead Trinity members before he got away.

On the bridge

As Warren read into the VX message as Remi had it opened, he commented, "Hey.. Scott? Isn't that the Scientist that got removed from the Lavie's crew, he doesn't know he's not allowed back in his own office? thought that'd be common sense, he was practically fired, he's lucky he didn't taken down and jailed, that’s trespassin', Rem," he said, though he didn't need to as someone as Remi already knew of the situation, but just exposed the fact that he can read other's VX messages without thinking. "Oh fuck," Warren muttered, realizing what he had done.

"Dr. Johnson... he is in charge of fleet Research; not ship’s engineering..." 

Remi replied over VX to Scott. "Doc; you are not part of the crew. You even told us your focus would be research. If you want to come with us you would need to get permission from Aidan, Yuka, Erin or myself; or be assigned by personnel to the ship. There are certain places non-crew can go and other places they cannot." 

Remi then messaged Warren over VX, "Don't do that. Seriously, it’s like reading people’s minds... not cool... Do it again and this won't just be a calm reminder- you'll be chatting with IS," Sumire then sighed.  "Now back to the matter at hand. So, you have been trying to recover Flennel's consciousness? We will have to talk about that in my office... later," she told Warren. 


Tory felt a bit confused at the encounter. Was it a form of security for this ship? Or a special case with that man. "What was that about?" He said to Jack.

"Old crew, thought he had clearance to be in engineering, but as not stationed personnel here, he had no clearance anymore. We were ordered to escort him from this section of the ship to one where non-crew are allowed. Don't worry man, situations over now, nothing to worry about."

Scott sees the captain’s response and grumbled, "Figures." He sent a fatman code to his old office after verifying everything there was backed up and also to destroy the office just to make sure he doesn’t just poof back there on a whim anymore.

Tory understood what Jack said before getting the message for check in. "Engineering status?" He said to his crew. One by one checked off.  "All systems green" EVA said as a summary.

"Captain, engineering reports all green. Ready to activate gem drive on your command," Troy reported to Remi.

Jack returned to his station to serve out his position as usual. The boring monotony had became all too normal for him now. "Off on another adventure, I guess. God, he gives me a headache," he mumbled to himself before he sipped his coffee.

On the bridge

Medical, Engineering, operations and security checked in and verified that the ship was ready to depart. Remi waited on Seleni and her flight department to report in before initiating the final departure sequence. 

Warren quickly responded, "Speaking of Flennel, she was the one who programmed it, you can have the source code of it to prove it." His tone was slightly fearful, defensive. "Any... anyways, yes, I've found a way where it’s plausible to... Do what you've been wishing essentially-- but we need help from experts down at Kiru, and more specifically, we need you."

Remi nodded to Warren. "Send me that... and any notes on the tech stuff... other then that, let’s talk about that later... work with Mimi and those in the science department on research stuff on the ship; if you want you can help her oversee that department," she said.

Warren sent over the personal override code written by Flennel over to Remi. "Anyways, I'm already prepared essentially-- I'll handle things with Mimi later, I'll stick around the bridge if ya need me." he said, standing off to the side of the room commenting to Remi, "I saw her like a daughter y'know."

Remi nodded. "Feel free to stay if you want." 

The officer at the helm in place of Seleni replied, "Captain, all flight personnel accounted for and all flight systems are ready for departure."

Warren grew quieter as he opened more than he wanted to, but when he realized it- he closed up faster than he opened, rambling off just in ear shot of Remi, "The daughter I never had... the one I could never have gotten even if I wanted to..." He stared off into space in silence after that, both figuratively and literally. 

"Final checks Mr. Raven?" Remi asked.

"Aye Captain; all departments and systems report clear for departure,” Trent replied. 

"Good then... HELM request permission from the Onyx dockmaster to depart." 

"Docking control reports all clear to depart; authorization granted. Commander Godwhin wishes you well," the helm officer replied. 

"Good then," Remi replied, activating the ship wide comm. "All hands; this is the captain... Prepare to undock and leave the station. Condition blue," she stated before she closed the channel. "Helm, take us away." 

"Releasing docking arm; secured... ahead at 1/3rd," the helm reported.

As all this was happening, Warren continuing to mention his pent-up feelings influenced Remi; she had Aidan but was not truly over losing Flan... Then again how could someone get over that... it was not easy losing someone right in front of you like that.  Once the ship was out of range of the station she handed the bridge to Trent and headed to her Ready Room.

In the lift
Sanya raised an eyebrow at the announcement. "What's condition Blue?" She looked to Ari who had fallen silent, unsure if something she said had made the doctor uncomfortable.

Ari shook her head. "Condition Blue is the order to prepare for departure."

"Oh, I understand. Prepare to leave? What am I supposed to do for that? Just meet the Commander and be assigned to a new future?" Sanya asked again, still trying to understand the culture.

"... Um... wow... well... basically... you sound so permanent... Sumire isn't some sage... she is just a normal girl who happens to be related to royalty; her being in charge of this unit has more to do with her skills than her having completed some rite of passage," Ari replied, shrugging as the lift arrived on the bridge.

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