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Mimi Sorinon

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Name Mimi Sorinson
Gender        Female
Species        Human
Age        23

Physical Appearance
Height        4' 9"
Weight        112 lbs
Hair Color        Red
Eye Color        Grey
Physical Description        Mimi wears just about anything she can find as long as it looks cute on her. She keeps her hair down most of the time and keeps herself looking tidy. She has a light build and stature. When she was younger she bared a striking resemblance to Shana in her Flame Haze form aside from having a different eye color(Refer to Shakagan no Shana). She now looks more like the above character with a flatter chest.

Spouse        Kira Masters
Children        None
Father        Ikki
Mother        Kasha
Brother(s)        Cerberus (Deceased Twin)
Sister(s)        None
Other Family        Nona

Personality & Traits

General OverviewMimi is the highest ranking field agent in the team though she is very young, short and not very well built she can hold her own in a fight. She is the unit's specialist in healing and alchemy. Mimi is a child prodigy so much so that she is considered a genius. Mimi was born on Lamos V. Mimi is a very caring individual and wants to see everyone succeed. She never thinks about her future and does not want to as she likes living life one day at a time. She does not do well with friends and as such tries to stay distant unless she feels she can trust the person with her life. She is not a morning person. She is ignorant of romantic things due to her lack of such things aside from with Kira.

Ambitions Due to her now understanding Kira was using her Mimi wants to find a purpose for herself.

Hobbies & Interests Mimi likes playing computer games and riding her skateboard. She also enjoys cooking, cleaning and teaching others. She also likes animals and caring for them.

Personal History        Mimi's family was killed when she was very young; due to lack of government funding Mimi was emancipated and lives in an apartment by herself. Mimi graduated school at the age of 12 and entered training to become a field agent at 13. She completed training at 15 and was assigned to team one with Kira Masters whom she became good friends with. He was killed in a firefight one year later. She will never tell anyone her true feelings about Kira but deep down she loved him. After finding out that Kira is alive Mimi is now more willing to open up to people. Mimi and Kira are now in a full fledged relationship; she is completely infatuated with him. Once she realized Kira was using her it broke Mimi's worldview and now she is trying to find purpose for herself.
Service Record        

Special Policing Unit Officer
Special Policing Unit Team Leader
Delta Force AC SPU Liaison
AC Specialist assigned to Trinity

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Armor Class: 10 (Base; humans) +1 (modifier) 



STR = 10 0
DEX = 13 +1
CON = 13 +1
INT = 18 +4
WIS = 11 0
CHA = 14 +2


Ranged Combat - 10 23
Close Combat -  3
Martial Arts (Judo) - 3
Leadership - 5 6
Equipment Repair - 4
Information Systems - 4 
Intelligence Gathering - 10 23
Domestic Skills - 5 6
Survivalism - 5 6
Medicine - 5 6 
Research/Innovation - 10 23
Piloting - 5 6 (Requires formal training)
Diplomacy - 10 23
Bio-mechanic Mastery - 5 6
Gem Concentration - 10 23
Gem Specialization (Blue/Yellow) - 10 23
Gem Specialization II (Red) - 3
Ki Energy - 5 6 


Total: 200 

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