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Mid-Year Updates


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Good morning,

I have some mid-year updates for the community:

- SciWorld was ran on June 11th and was a success; thanks for the host's support and for those who helped SimmingHub make the event possible. Transcripts will be up soon from the event.
- ENRB was placed on a brief hiatus due to player activity concerns. The RP is active once again start this this week. 
- The Ari-chan community bot is currently down due to an issue with its software. We are working on a solution and hope to have the bot back online soon.
- The next SimmingHub event is FallFest and planning for that event will begin in late August and early September once the host is selected.

As always if you have questions, need assistance or want to speak to someone please feel free to contact our staff via the support system or in Discord.


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