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Nore Tessa


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Name           Ellie "Nore" Norelia Tessa Ph.D MD
Gender        Female
Species        Human/Ascended
Age        2570

Physical Appearance
Height        5’ 11”
Weight        150 lbs
Hair Color        Dark Blue
Eye Color        Dark Blue
Physical Description        Nore wears a black leather coat and tan shirt with her long hair in twintails. She has big dark blue eyes and wears a black skirt.

Spouse        Shin Lee Sung
Children        Kim
Father        Micheal Ender
Mother        Kellie Ender
Brother(s)        Micheal Jr.
Other Family        Mith Gorth Goth - Savior; boss

Personality & Traits
General Overview        Nore is a 24 year old genius who worked for her husbands research company. She is now a servant of the EU after she died and was revived by Mith. She is a no nonsense mostly shy emotionless girl whom only shows emotion when she gets close to someone or feels safe with them.
Strengths & Weaknesses        Nore is great with technology, science and knows how to solve logic puzzles but she cannot fight, is fearful of being intimate and she dislikes violence. She has a Ph.D in biochem and is a general practitioner after earning her MD while working for Mith.
Ambitions        Nore hopes to create a device that can revive the dead without making them evil and recover their spirit somehow.
Hobbies & Interests        Nore likes gems, keeping things tidy, playing old fashion RPGs and drawing manga. She actually is the artist of a number of the series Remi likes under her penname.

Personal History Nore was born to a family whom moved to China on work and met her husband at a young age. The two moved to a small town so she could focus on her studies. At 16 she married him and she finished her degree by 22. She began to work for her husbands new company working to develop a strange device that could harness energy from biological compounds and convert it in to a nearly unlimited source of energy. Her town was attacked and the population killed, her daughter killed in front of her along with her husband; then she was raped and killed. Taking pity on her Mith murdered her attackers and revived her making her his research assistant. Now she builds technology and other scientific things for the EU. She also researches anything they need researching.

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"A name is only as important as the person it describes... so when someone asks for your name you know you're important." - Hoshi Ki-Kari

"Cheer up, life is too short to be sad all the time." - Misuki Raion

“You thought the world would be better off without you... I understand that now but you know it’s not true... The world is better with you in it.” - Yukari Solaros

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