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Updated Lavie-A Manifest


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Command - 8
Queen; Orteria Sovereignty: HM Sumire “Remi” Rembrant (Staff Officer)
Chairmen; Royal Military Authority: General HM Aidan Thornton (Staff Officer)
Commanding Officer: Captain Mari “Mira” Lowin (Staff Officer) 
Executive Officer/Tactical Team 1 Commander: Captain Ryuji Yamamoto (Staff Officer)
Trinity Intelligence Director: Rear Admiral (Duchess) Erin "Ari" Mizriki-Clark (Staff Officer)
Trinity Administrative Officer/Chief of Operations: Lieutenant Lumiere Trouvé Ph.D, M.D. (Staff Officer) (Pilots the ZLM Zeus) 
Orteria Royal Adjutant: Estelle Tonwell
Orteria Royal Security Service Commander: Ellen Hayes
Flight Control - 6
Chief HELM Operator: Ensign Tim Rogers (Staff Officer)


Tactical Operations - 25 (Security) 15 (Tactical/Weapons)
Chief of Security: Commander Jack Pine (Staff Officer)
Chief Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Trent Raven (in memory of Mic Maharaj (A Simmer from an old sim of mine)) (PPC) (Staff Officer)
Tactical Officer/Ship's Chaplin: Lieutenant Commander James Ross (Staff Officer) (NPC)
Brig Officer: Number 12 (NPC)
Armory Officer: Number 8 (NPC)
Security Officer/Bartender: Ensign (Provisional) Kirin Dragmawl
Security Officer: Ensign Neera Pine
Engineering/Operations - 15 (Engineering) 15 (Operations) 5 (Mech Support/Flight Support) 8 (Communications) 3 (Fire Control)
Chief of Engineering/Robotics: Lieutenant Commander Nik Bloom Ph.D (Staff Officer)
Trinity Weapons Smith/Weapons Development: Lieutenant Commander Nedious "Ned" Luminos (NPC)
Operations Officer/Quartermaster: Warrant Officer Zoe Middleton (NPC)
Fire Control/Suppression: Crewmen II Mark Foster
Systems Manager: Ensign William Shert
Engineer: Lune Fortestille
Medical/Counseling/Science - 12
Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant (Dr.) Natsumi Yamane MD LCSW (Staff Officer)
Doctor/Surgeon: Ensign (Dr.) Thomas Petell M.D., FACS (NPC)
Emergency Medical Services Coordinator: Lieutenant Ai Roslin PA-C, NREMT-P
Medical Officer: Second Lieutenant (Dr.) Maria Hina M.D.
Nurse: Crewmen Josh Orin, CFNP (NPC)
Nurse: Ensign Ayasha Thornton R.N.
Medical Assistant/Social Worker: Ensign Emi Dalton LCSW
Science Officer: Seraphina "Sera" Cerulius Ph.D
Alchemy Commission Researcher: Owain Danforth Ph.D
Intelligence - 3
Information Management Specialist: Commander Jeff Godwhin
Interrogation Specialist: Lieutenant Junior Grade (Dr.) Yumi Bella M.D. (NPC)
Trinity Operations - Marine Detachment 60
Marine XO: Pending
Fighter Squadron/Flight Operations 4
Chief of Flight Operations: Ensign Paul Del-Toro (Acting) (Staff Officer) (NPC)
Mech Pilots (AMC Detachment) - 5
AMC Detachment CO: Lieutenant Kiyoko Ino (Pilots the ACU-03 Seeker)
Seeker Systems Manager: Lieutenant Hikaru Ino (Pilots the ACU-03 Seeker)
Mech Pilot/Officer Training Instructor: Dale Flint (PPC)
Trinity Tactical Team 1 - 8
Makigisa "Maki" Tahoshi – Sniper Support, SNIEF; Laviesta; Squad 1
Sarah Pine - Tactical Team Member (Sniper); Squad 1
Kessler Ryzka - Pilot/Systems Manager; Squad 1
Kirin Drawmawl - Tactical Team Member (Tactical Operator); Squad 2
Oscar Kashima - Tactical Team Member (Tactical Operator); Squad 2
Sanya Isilme - Tactical Team Member (Gem Specialist); Squad 2
Ariel "Mina" Welheirmina – Tactical Specialist/Squad Leader; Squad 2


Diplomatic Personnel (Non-Trinity Personnel) 2
Chantelle "Chan" Singularum - Commanding Officer; UKS Judgemaker; SOCOM, UKG
Aurey Simulacrum - General; SOCOM, UKG


A Shift (0800 - 1600) - 70 (6 Command, 2 FC, 10 Security, 7 Tactical/Weapons, 5 Eng, 5 Ops, 2 Comm, 5 Med, 20 Marines, 2 Int, 2 Pilots, 2 AMC)
B Shift (1600 - 0000) - 50 (1 Command, 2 FC, 7 Security, 5 Tactical/Weapons, 5 Eng, 3 Ops, 2 Comm, 4 Med, 20 Marines, 1 Int, 2 Pilots, 2 AMC)
C Shift (0000 - 0800) - 30 (1 Command, 1 FC, 5 Security, 3 Tactical/Weapons, 2 Eng, 2 Ops, 2 Comm, 2 Med, 10 Marines, 1 Pilot, 1 AMC)
Z Shift (Combat) - 195
Standby (Mission Duty) - 45 (3 Security, 4 Damage Control (2x2 Teams), 5 Ops, 2 Comm, 1 Med, 10 Marines, 1 AMC, 10 TTT, 9 All other departments)

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