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Updated Lavie-A Specs


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Ships Name: Lavie-A
Affiliation: Trinity Combined Service; The Unified Council 
Commissioned: January 21st 4567
Registry: UC-0001-A
Designed by: Hamilton Construction Partners, Lonhorn Corporation
Constructed by: Skynet Fleet Automation Factory 1
Classification: Annihilator Multi-Purpose Frigate Prototype A
Decks: 11 (Habitable) 2 (Not habitable) 

Crew Complement: 295
125 Crew (40 Officers and 85 Enlisted)
100 Droids (30 Repair, 30 Security, 10 Science and 30 Incursion)
60 Marines
10 Civilians
Evacuation Limit: 500

6 High Yield Phase Cannons
8 Mendarion Beams
1 Gem Shielding System
4 Torpedo Launchers (612 Torpedoes)
Ablative Hull Plating With Omicron Armor
Advanced Holographic Combat Monitoring System With Sensor Attachments
Automated Intruder Destruction System
Auto-destruct Mode
Gem Drive
Powerplant: 8 Type Z Fusion Cells with solar recharge unit and Gem Energy Reaction Conversion Transfer (GERCT) unit

Aux Vessels
Shuttlebays: 2 (Upper and lower; combined one above another)
Shuttles: 2 (Used for planet transportation/away missions)
Mechs: 4 (Judgment, Zeus, Seeker, Destroyer)
Runabout: 1 (Mira’s Ship)


Deck Layout
Deck 1 (Command/Services) (9)
Main Bridge, Captain's Ready/Briefing Room, Observation Lounge
Deck 2 (Offices) (20)
Captain's Office, Executive Officer's Office, Chief of Boat's Office, Diplomatic Facilities, Chief Diplomat's Office, Chief Flight Control Officer's Office, Communications Office, Chief Operations Officer's Office, Trinity Operations/Training Office, AMC Detachment Office, Marine Detachment Operations, Marine Detachment Office, Conference Rooms (2), Security Substation 1, Power Control Substation 
Deck 3 (Quarters/Services) (20)
Captain’s Quarters, First Officer's Quarters, Arboretum, Ship's Lounge, Recreation Rooms 1 & 2, Rec Locker Rooms, Training Room, Mess Hall, Captain's Mess, Kitchen, Holodecks 1 & 2, Library
Deck 4 (Quarters/Services) (25)
Senior Officer's Quarters (10 1 Person Rooms), Civilian's Quarters (5 2 Person Rooms), Transporter Room 1, Science Labs, Chief Science Officer's Office, Crew Storage, Computer Core (Upper)
Deck 5 (Quarters/Services/Life Support) (25)
Junior Officer's Quarters (14 2 Person Rooms), VIP Quarters (2), Hydroponics Bay, Sickbay (Upper Level), Sickbay Computer Subsystems, Astrometric Lab, Computer Core (Lower)
Deck 6 (Quarters/Medical/Services) (25)
Crew Quarters (20 2 Person Rooms), Sickbay (Lower Level), Medical Lab, Alchemy Commission Attaches’ Office
Deck 7 (Security and Secured Services Deck) (30)
Chief Tactical / Security Officer's Office, Security Center, Armory, Brig, Tactical Information Center, Weapons Development, AI Computer Core, Primary Command Processors, Ship Operations Center, Secured Cargo Bay, Hazardous Materials Lab, Weapons Range, Environmental Systems Controls, Life Systems Management, Interrogation 1, Interrogation 2, Droid Storage 
Deck 8 (Quarters/Flight Operations) (30)
Crew Quarters (20 2 Person Rooms), Shuttle Storage and Maintenance, Shuttlebay, Tactical Briefing Room, Pilot Locker Rooms, Flight Control Room, CFO's Office, Mech Maintenance (Upper)
Deck 9 (Quarters/Weapons/Flight Operations) (30)
Crew Quarters (10 2 Person Rooms), Aft Torpedo Launchers, Torpedo Storage, Mech Pilot Lockers, Mech Tactical Briefing Room, Mech Maintenance (Lower), Shuttle Storage and Maintenance (Lower), Shuttlebay (Lower), Flight Equipment, Ship's Commissary, Quartermaster's Stores, Emergency Power Distribution Systems, Backup Solar Generator (2)
Deck 10 (Quarters/Storage/Access) (30)
Marine Barracks (10 6 Person Rooms), Marine Chief NCO Office, Marine Lavatories/Showers, Cargo Bays 1 & 2 (Upper), Transporter Room 2, Industrial Replicator, Manufacturing, Security Substation 2, Port & Starboard Docking Ports, Cargo Transporters 1 - 4 
Deck 11 (Enlisted Services/Storage/Engineering) (25)
Enlisted Mess Hall, Kitchen, Recreation Room 3, Rec Locker Room, Cargo Bays 1 & 2 (Lower), Secondary Command Processors, Secondary Life Support Systems, Main Engineering (Upper Level), Power Storage Tanks, Gem Drive Control Module, Power Distribution Systems, Shield Capacitor, Security Substation 3
Deck 12 (Weapons/Evacuation/Engineering) (25)
Chief Engineer’s Office, Main Engineering (Main Level), Gem Access, Tertiary Command Processors, Forward Torpedo Launchers, Torpedo Storage, Escape Pod Access, Escape Pods, Gem Access (Lower), Waste Management, Security Substation 4, Droid Storage, Secondary Power Distribution Systems, Airlock to lower decks, Secondary Computer Core, Probe Storage
Deck 13 (Engineering – Not Habitable) (20)
(Replaced Reactors and Generators) Fusion Cells, Gem Reaction/Conversion System, Gem Ejection Systems, Tractor Array Assembly, Communications Array, Gem Ejection System, Impulse Assembly, Thruster Assembly, Thruster Fuel Storage Tank, RCS Thruster Access, Probe Launchers 1 & 2, Primary and Secondary Sensor Arrays, Tractor Beam, View Amplifier, Holographic Sensor Systems, RCS Thruster


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