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Season 2 Mission 4- Gem Recovery


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Posted on Sunday April 14th, 2019 @ 6:03pm by Warrant Officer Sanya Isilme & Captain Erin "Ari" Mizriki-Clark & Lieutenant JG Natsumi Yamane MD LCSW
Edited on on Saturday April 27th, 2019 @ 7:19pm

Mission: Season 2 Mission 4: Finally... Something... Something...
Location: Onyx City Ship
Timeline: November 12th 4566 Evening

As Remi and the others were either off duty or preparing to depart Ari was left with not much to do and so she decided to monitor the command deck of the city ship giving everyone time to get what they needed sorted before the Lavie had to depart for its mission the next day; or rather in a few hours at this point. Ari was just thinking a bit about Hikaru and what she would do with her time here now that she was going to try to stay on the ship and when they returned the station.

Outside the hull of the ship was the nothingness of space. The yawning expanse of darkness beyond was broken up by twinkling dots of distant stars, phantoms of systems and celestial bodies long dead. Her scanners indicated that there was nothing beyond her field of vision that warranted her attention or concern. Silence and a calm stillness greeted her.

Then a blip, an abnormality on her scanners appeared, the object was smaller than most space debris but had no explanation from whence it came. Life readings from the object were faint. Initial scans of the object revealed that its shell was composite of a crystalline metal.

At the holographic radar station the controller speaks up to the others in the command center; some reading had appeared in the rather clear void of space that was around the fleet. "Captain unknown signal detected.. It appears to be a lifepod of some type." 

"An escape pod; any idea from what?"


"Is it in transporter range?"


"Dispatch a recovery team and alert medical."

"Yes sir." One of the other officers replied.

A shuttle was then dispatched to recover the pod. A medical officer and security was sent with the recovery team.  A Ceci unit was with the team. The shuttle soon arrives at the location of the unknown pod and begins to tractor it in. the pilot and systems manager scan it to ensure there is nothing hazardous; once it is tracker beamed in into the small hold the little girl android and Natsumi enter the hold . Ceci checks over the pod first to make sure it is not dangerous then attempts to find a way to unlock it while Natsumi monitors the life signs of whomever is inside.

Roughly hewn, opaque, deep green stone slid uneasily under their tentative hands. The object was rectangular and had angular edges, reminiscent of an enormous gemstone. Carved into the narrower side of the object that was assumed to be the top, were swirls and circular glyphs. A large counter clockwise spiral marked the center of the crystalline tomb that responded to the warmth of a human hand above it. The markings glowed a brilliant shade of green and the surface shifted with a loud hiss and click as it finally opened.

Entombed in the center was a feminine figure with a helmet with a hose affixed. Her dark grey environmental suit was bloody and torn on her left side. Her exposed skin was a sickly blue hue accented by crimson beads along the Large gashes.

Natsumi begins administering medical care to the person inside and noticing what it is sends a request to the station for a gem specialist upon arrival back at the cityship.

The shuttle began making its way back to its base as the Ceci android continues to monitor the device while Natsumi keeps an eye on the person whom was inside. The gem powered pod began its resuscitation procedure noticing that it is no in a safe atmosphere for its occupant.  Natsumi's scans upon changing her scanning mode identified that there was some sort of object inside the person; what it was though, she had not encountered before. This would be something for someone beyond her to examine. Probably someone who specialized in this sector’s technology or as they called it “gem magic”. Unbeknown to Natsumi, the Alchemy Commission and its personnel were not trained to handle people with gems or mana as it happened so rarely.

The shuttle landed in the docking bay and a team helps to transport the person and their pod to the cityship's hospital ward as not to separate the two and interfere with the process that was going on. Natsumi also stayed with the pod and its occupant as they are moved into one of the private exam rooms in the medical ward in case anything else was needed and for privacy. Natsumi stayed with the person as Mimi Sorinson arrived.

The tiny redhead looked over the pod and the doctor’s scans. "You've found something quite unique doctor... The only people who probably would have any clue about this person would be those from Kiru... The problem is since we are going to be leaving this system for a mission I'm kind of at a loss; we obviously can't just leave them here..." Mimi explained to the doctor but Natsumi being new to all of this, didn't want to make any decisions until they figured out more so she just waited to see if the female woke up.

It started with the smallest of movements. It could have been a muscle spasm, but the patient's fingers moved as the resurrection process continued. The woman's core body temperature spiked at her chest before it spread like wild fire to the rest of her extremities. Her helmet caked with dirt and dried blood concealed her face she finally started to stir. Her movements were sluggish and disoriented as she struggled to sit up beyond the safety restraints of her pod. "Ta's il- varna sinome.  I' goth naa neva ed," came the garbled voice, muffled by the helmet.

With effort, the patient liberated herself from the helmet to reveal that her face and hair were caked with the same mixture of muck that coated her protective gear. She raised her hand to shield her eyes, wincing into the light as milky liquid dripped rivulets down her cheeks from her eyes.

Natsumi scanned the woman as she freed herself from the helmet. She stared at the woman not familiar with her language. "She referred to herself making it obvious that she was explaining who she was. "Natsumi Yamane; can you understand me... What is your name?" She had Ceci turn down the lighting in the room, so it didn't further pain the woman. She wondered what race she was and where she was from, but all these questions would be later if she could even understand her.

It took a few moments for the fluid to flush from the patient's eyes. She looked up at Natsumi, her brows furrowed in confusion, like she could not comprehend the words as the white gave way to clear, silvery grey irises. She blinked a few more times before she looked down at herself, the slowly clotting wound and then her pod. "Natsumi? Tanya naa an Arda essa, rhunenya. ? Manke naa amin?" Her gaze returned to Natsumi as she frowned. "Amin lammen naa rusva," she murmured apologetically as she tapped her right temple before she pointed to herself.  "Amin essa naa Alethea."

Natsumi looked over the Ceci and then had her VX engage its non-standard translator as she was speaking to see if it could understand the language. She waited for a moment for the woman to finish her ramblings. After she was finished she asked if she could understand her.

The woman nodded and tried again, "Manke naa amin? Where am I?"

"You are on board the Onyx Cityship; Medical Ward. I am one of the supervising physicians," Natsumi replied.

"Do you know how you ended up here; do you know your name?" She asked.

"I was... We were fighting a Uuvanimo... We were over run. I do not remember much else. Did anyone else make it out?" The patient spoke slowly as if she was trying to find the correct words. "I am Sanya... Isilme." Her expression was pained but she tried to offer a grateful smile. "Flying stone city?"

"We did not find anyone else though that does not mean that there were no other survivors. I am not sure what a Uuvanimo is." Natsumi was summoned away by a nurse whom told her Ari had arrived.

Natsumi returned to the patient. "One of my commanding officers is here and would like to speak with you; is that okay?" She asked as waited for confirmation before opening the door.

"I will answer what I can," she nodded in approval. Sanya's expression was pensive as she softly added, "They might have fallen back to the Anarríma."

Natsumi lets Ari in and the girl comes over and says. "I'm Ari Mizriki; one of the command staff for Trinity... Can you explain who you are, where you are from and what happened to get you in that I assume it’s an escape pod" She asked.

Sanya blearily watched Ari as the stranger approached, still attempting to clear the fluid from her eyes. There still seemed to be some sort of lag in her comprehension of what they were saying. Her hand settled on the edge of her coffin and she considered her answer. "We were under attack. The Uuvanimo..." Her fingers brushed against the edge of her torn suit. "Struck our... home. I was at the Pelori... everything turned red. The red spread over us and ... I remember hearing them screaming... I was drowning and... I woke up here," her voice trembled and hands as she forced herself to stay calm.

"I see... So, you were with your world's defense forces or? Doctor you think you could get something to help her with her eyes?" Ari asked Natsumi noticing Sanya was struggling. "If so; name, rank and assignment?" Ari then continued. "What military were you with if? I see your world uses the gems, what do you know of them? Can you tell me about the Uuvanimo? Now I understand these questions are difficult but if we are to help we must know what happened. If I were to find some starcharts do you think you could show us where you hail from?"

"Sanya Isilme, Osta en' i' Uruite Tinechor," Sanya replied slowly, though the translator didn't seem to know what to make of what she said. "Alethea was what we called our home." She seemed to consider the rest of the questions. "Uuvanimo... large, sharp teeth, eat us, keep us... raiders." Her hand settled on one of the facets of her pod. "These are our Tinechor and val, they protect us." She slowly picked her words, seeming confused, "Hail? Ice balls in space? Meteoroids? I can show where we were.

Ari laughed. "I'm sorry... See I come from another time and have a habit of using older English words to describe things. When I said ‘hail’ I meant, ‘where do you come from?’  I'll admit what they call, ‘Standard’ now is still like; well... I guess that is what a translator is for... I see... So... hum..." Ari was sent a report over her VX from Mimi on what she believed about these people. Ari pulled out her blue gem. "Do you recognize these?" She asked Sanya.

Sanya tilted her head to one side at the gem. "Sky heartstone?" She was unsure if what to make of what Ari held. "Do the spirits dance within?" Her eyes glittered in the light, standing out against her grim smeared face.

"Would you care to stay with us until we find your people and offer any help if that is required?" Ari asked.

Sanya considered the offer for a moment and nodded. "If is not a trouble. Thank you. Any help would be good. But first, a shower would be a kindness for me."

"I will have someone isue you quarters. I will also have the station commander and fleet XO meet with you soon as well... For now though you should eat, get better and also yeah; a shower and some clothes would be good. Someone form our operations staff will be by to get that sorted for you. I'll be in touch." Ari said before heading off to get those things handled for her leaving the Doctor with her.

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