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Kacie Blom


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Character Information

Name: Kacie Peta Blom

Nicknames: none

Gender: Female

Species: Synthetic android

Age: NA but less than 1 year

DOB: a week ago :)

Blood Type: NA



Physical Appearance

Height: 6 ft .03 inches

Weight: 50 kilograms

Eye Color: Variable (but she likes blue or all black and golden eagle eye)

Hair Color: Variable (but usually blonde)

Measurements:  36C-22-32

Physical Description: Tall and curvy. Large, captivating eyes. Normally in casual clothing but can put on a show when needed.



Personality & Traits

General Overview: Bubbly and interactive. She's now somewhat naïve, but she also has a serious side when pushed. Her instincts as her former self will guide her and she may struggle with certain concepts. “What do you mean I can’t hump his leg?”

Strengths & Weaknesses: Very curious. Still forming personality traits. Can get frustrated when it takes her longer then she thinks it should to figure something out.  

Ambitions: None yet. Exploration more of who she is now and what can she become.

Hobbies & Interests: Singing. Flying.



Life History and Relationships

Family: Niklas Blom- Dad (no mother)

History: Carmela started out as a pet for Nik. As time went by she became more and more important to his work. He upgraded her as much as possible, in the end Nik decided to rebuild her with a full developed brain so she could be fully sentient.


Education: knowledge equivalencies

Bachelor of Science in Business with a Business Analytics Certificate

Bachelor of Science in Accounting Degree

Master's degree in Computer science, information technology, Data science, cyber security,

Languages: Federation Standard, but any that can be downloaded.


Starfleet/Military Service Information

Assignment: Yeoman

Service Record:

Service Medals:

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STR = 20
DEX = 21
CON = 20
INT = 20
WIS = 14
CHA =15

Ranged Combat    10    23
Close Combat    10    23
Martial Arts    10    23
Starship Engineering    2    2
Civil Engineering    7    11
Equipment Repair    10    23
Information Systems    10    23
Domestic Skills    7 11
Research/Innovation    7  11
Piloting    10  23
Bio-mechanic Mastery    10    23

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