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Natsumi Yamane

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Natsumi Yamane MD LCSW


Natsumi Yamane MD LCSW

Gender        Female
Species        Human; Japanese
Age        27

Physical Appearance
Height        5’ 4” (165 cm)
Weight        125 lbs (57 kg)
Hair Color        Blue
Eye Color        Hazel
Physical Description        See Picture

Spouse        None
Children        None
Father        Kenshi
Mother        Anya
Brother(s)        None
Sister(s)        None

Personality & Traits
General Overview        Natsumi is a very shy person around new people, almost to the point of fearing them. Around people she gets to know she is less shy but still a very non-confrontational person. She does not like people being mad and hates being hurt to the point where to prevent her own injury she will do whatever someone asks. For hobbies she likes to play ancient board games like chess and go. She also likes learning about and understanding the human body and mind. She is very learned about things involving the soul and spirit. She believes that everyone can love more than one person. She has never had sex and never had a boyfriend; she had one girlfriend in high school but nothing came of it. She was too focused on her extracurricular activities during college so she could get a good job that she never thought about a relationship. She did play a crap ton of visual novels and H type games though to keep herself occupied. She loves cherry blossom trees however hates American knockoff attempts at said trees. She wears glasses and can sometimes be found munching pocky at her desk.
Strengths & Weaknesses        Natsumi is very shy and has an aversion to people. She is a very skilled doctor and is able to get things out of people in her work both mentally and physically. She is highly reclusive outside of work and her living space tends to be messy. She is skilled in domestic tasks.
Ambitions        Natsumi wants to find love though she is too shy to do that.
Hobbies & Interests        She likes playing computer games, drawing, taking pictures and researching items of intense detail.

Personal History        Natsumi was born in Japan and moved to South Korea after completing school. She then went to the United States to work on her college degree. Upon graduating from medical school she started to be a doctor at school clinics for the GFEF. When Earth was attacked she aided the emergency teams in evacuating the sick and injured. Upon completion of the evacuation to Earth II she was awarded an honorary commission and assigned to the new startup of the Federation Medical Service's Headquarters. Due to the limited number of qualified medical practitioners for Trinity it was requested by TUC more doctors be assigned to the unit. Natsumi was handpicked by Erin Mizriki to work for Trinity's Team 1.

Natsumi is a primary care doctor however due to her masters work in mental health while she was taking pre-med courses she is qualified as a clinical social worker despite being a doctor as well... More or less if she wanted to she could be a psychiatrist but choose general practice in addition to her additional masters level work in social work/mental health.
Service Record        

Seoul University - BS in Biology; Minor in animation (Vocational certificate) - 3 Years
Memorial Center Advanced College - Masters in Social Work - 2 Years
Harvard Medical School - Concentration in Primary Care - 2 Years
Galactic Federation Educational Foundation - Student Health Services Intern - 1 Year
Galactic Federation Educational Foundation - Student Health Resident - Primary Care - 1 Year
Galactic Federation Educational Foundation - Student Health Service Primary Care Specialist - 3 Months
WO3 - Evacuation Teams; Galactic Federation Medical Service - 3 Months
Ensign - Primary Care Physician - Federation Medical Service
Lt. JG - Physician; DFS Lavie - Trinity Combined Service - Current

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STR = 10
DEX = 10
CON = 12
INT = 12
WIS =  13
CHA = 14


Ranged Combat - 2
Close Combat - 0
Martial Arts (Fill in type) - 0
Leadership -  4
Starship Engineering - 0
Civil Engineering - 0
Equipment Repair - 2
Information Systems - 7 11
Intelligence Gathering - 5 6
Domestic Skills - 5 6
Survivalism - 5 6
Medicine - 10 23

Medicine II - 10 32
Research/Innovation - 10 23
Piloting - 0
Diplomacy - 10 23
Bio-mechanic Mastery - 4
Gem Concentration - 4
Gem Specialization (Blue) - 4
EU Mastery - 0
Summoning - 0
Atsikai Affinity - 0
Partner Affinity - 0

Psi Energy - 0
Ki Energy - 0

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