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Lilliana Ironwhite


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Lilliana "Lilly" Ironwhite
Gender        Female
Species        Human/AI Interface
Age        25(1)

Physical Appearance
Height        5' 4"
Weight        125 lbs
Hair Color        Blonde
Eye Color        Reddish-Hazel
Physical Description        Lilly has long blonde hair, hazel eyes and wears a nanomachine armor suit that looks like clothes. She can manipulate and change her clothes at will. She also wears thighhigh stockings, boots and varies her appearance based on her feelings.

Spouse        None
Children        None
Father        Jean Gates (her original program was designed by him)
Mother        Skynet
Sister(s)        Vanilla, Onyx

Personality & Traits
General Overview        Lilly is the Skynet Command Program designed to oversee the operations of Skynet's space fleet. She is half human, half machine and is fully integrated into her human body and her ship. Unlike Lumiere she would also be able to continue to operate even if her ship self was destroyed; a new ship would just be created for her or she could command from another ship in the fleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses        She is immune to disease, can hold her breath for long periods of time, fire her ki energy as a weapon as fire or a cutting device or even bullets. She is able to interface with any technology. She is still learning about humanity and is naive at times. She also is very prejudice against anyone who badmouths Skynet.
Ambitions        She wants to rid the universe of ineffective things such as evil and destroy the bugs for their attacking Earth.
Hobbies & Interests        She enjoys strategy games, simulations, love stories and watching people live. She can get lost in watching people. She has a secret like for cooking though since she has no crew she rarely gets to do it and secretly likes to draw and see things drawn in an anime style.


Personal History She is on her first assignment in command of the skynet fleet. She was created as the first human-AI integrated command android similar in role to Ahura Mazda during the Mazda and Handa wars. She commands the Requiem. 



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