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Season 2 Mission 5 - Pinning on gold


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Remi’s Office

After the group had a good breakfast and conversation, people needed to accomplish work or at least what most would consider work. After all, they all now ran a space-faring civilization as far as the government was concerned.

Remi was in a small office that she used for affairs of state, as she did not like the throne room; for one it gave vibes of her father's past rulership and it made her feel more important than she was. In effect, her current role as planetary governor and commander in chief of its armed forces made her only slightly more powerful than Nik was on New Soong. Sure, her world kept its royalty, nobility and status as a nation, but it was still a holding of the Federation wither it liked that or not.

She was reminded of a conversation she had with Sanya and wanted to discuss her future especially now with the group changing structure in some ways; after reviewing the report from the ground team and how Sanya acted in the heat of combat Sumire wanted to offer her an official commission within their new combined military. She asked for Aidan and Seleni to come and speak with her. Seleni oversaw team one and Aidan oversaw the RMA.

Aidan responded to the request. On the way in, he grabbed a precut pin wheel sandwich slice along with its twin, and a large mug of coffee. He knew how Sumire felt about being royalty so it made sense to him that he would want to distance herself a bit from the process. At least the ceremony of it all. Arriving at the room, Aidan was led in and he took a seat after greeting her.

"So, what are your thoughts on Sanya Isilme? I think that she is adjusting well/ given the obvious rather glaring language and cultural barrier," Remi asked.

"She'll be fine. It's not like she's the first person we’ve had to guide into our way of doing things," Aidan commented.

Seleni arrived as Remi asked, dressed in casual attire. "Barriers aside, I'd say she's adjusting pretty well. The sudden shock seems to be wearing off as she is showing curiosity more," Seleni answered.

"What would be your thoughts on me recommending her for team one? And for having her meet with one of the medical staff to have them use that learning machine we have used on others; you know the ones that reintegration usually uses. Sort of how Ari learned about us so fast, and Yuka Layton, Kirin.... Heh... memory downloading is so much more efficient than teaching. Why don't they do it in schools? Never mind, stupid question. None of us are neuro-scientists or psychologists, forget I asked," Remi added.

Aidan was thoughtful for a second. "I don't see why not. Having her be a member of a small unit should speed the process of her inclusion. She'll fit in."

"Medical staff yes, machines no," Seleni replied.

"Alright. So... considering we have no basis on actually reading her service record, being that her language is gibberish to us; what rank should we start her commission in? What post do you think she would fit in your team?" Remi asked; the second question directed to Seleni.

"For now, the basic entry paired to someone capable of looking after her in the team," Seleni commented. "Dawn wouldn't be able to look after her much as she is more occupied with my own well-being but would when she has the time."

Aidan said quickly. "Ensign. We can always promote her later for great performance."

"Mimi Sorinson. I mean with you being... Well... indisposed and in more of a command station here, Mimi is basically in charge in the field. So, pairing the two... and standard commission... Okay..." Remi sent a message to have the Royal Judicators find and bring Sanya here.

Aidan added, "I'd like to give her a few basic things in chemical learning. Some things are better in my estimation having learned the hard way. Muscle memory so to speak."

Sumire nodded in agreement to Aidan's statement, "That much would be done, and was the point of me bringing medical in on this..."

"So, we'll have her scheduled for power armor fitment and small arms training. Get her up to speed there as well," Aidan commented.

Seleni nodded as well, "Very well, I'll it to your discretion."

"Yeah. I'll have Eru get someone from the Lavie to come down from medical," Remi said.

"Ayasha could do some of it. Simple chemical learning and small arms stuff. Power armor." Aidan said.

"Yaname could also be on standby if we need... Sarissa and Petell... Well... having our chief surgeon do anything but pull death from people kind of seems like an insult to them. I hope that doesn't sound mean, but like seriously, Aidan, it would be like you sweeping a floor," Remi pondered.

"Just a thought," Aiden added.



Sanya heard the ping and received the call to join the others in Remi’s office. She straightened her uniform as best as she could and stood a little straighter before she knocked on the door. Her blonde hair was pulled back into an elaborate braid to keep it from her face.

The guards at the door made eye contact with Sanya as she requested entry. Sumire just opened the door form her desk with a button. The judicators continued their death stare with Sanya as she was given entry.

Sanya entered the room and stopped in front of Sumire. She returned the guards’ gaze, violet accenting her violet eyes. She waited.

Seleni idly glanced at Sanya then turned her attention back to Sumire. "Well, at least she is confident."

"So... how did you like this morning?" Sumire asked Sanya.

"I enjoyed the respite from the turbulence of recent events," Sanya replied as she turned her attention to Sumire, a small smile played across her face. "Facing enemies you can reason with is... interesting."

"Is that a first for you?" Aidan asked Sanya.

"Well, cultists are one thing, but yeah; actually having rational enemies is good, except when they are insane madmen- which Aidan seems to have a propensity to attract," She replied picking fun at her fiancé. "So, I guess you are wondering why we asked you here. Cutting to the chase and not being like my father with months of damned ceremony is something I pride myself on. Especially now that I have meaning. That way I have more time to play my games," she smirked. "That was a joke, anyway. We want to offer you a permanent role with us; Like was explained in the beginning. We have no idea if we will ever be able to find your home, or if we can even get you there, so the best we can offer you is a new home," she said to Sanya after Aidan's question then waited for her response to both things.

Sanya nodded. "Yes, my experience has been fighting enemies that our natural predators. They hunt us through the celestial seas on their bio-organic ships to consume us and our ships." She tilted her head slightly as she considered Sumire's offer. With a happy flash of violet illumination in her eyes, she smiled again. "I... I am honored. Yes, gladly, I accept the blessings of a home with you and yours."


Aidan sent Sumire a tongue stuck out emoji over VX, keeping a straight face.

Aidan thumbed his hand at Sanya hearing the response. "I think I'm going to like this one. I think I can also speak for all of us when I say, 'Welcome aboard.' "

"One of our medical staff will be reaching out to you to get you one of the implants we have, and to get you sorted with help learning. I know some of the understanding sort of things have been rough and we have a technology that basically puts memories into your mind, gives you knowledge. We would like to give you some of that; if you are okay with that, to help you adjust, at least in a basic sense...." Sumire explained before she added, "Are you okay with that?"

Sanya nodded again, "Yes. If I am to be a better part of the community, I need to learn faster. We will need to experiment more with the integration of the technology with my Heartstone so I can act as my own power source."

"Then; who we assigned as your superior and trainer will be helpful in that regard; the little redheaded girl you met before, and who helped rescue you in the last mission, Mimi, is one of our gem specialists. She will be helping to train and oversee you. Along with others, obviously, but I figured with you both knowing of the things we call ‘gems’, it will give you both a common thread." Sumire explained.

Aidan cocked an eyebrow at Sanya at that. "That might need a bit of explanation. Most people aren't fusion reactors."

"Yeah... gems are complicated, Aidan. That’s why I just leave it to the Alchemy Commission people and the Scientific Academy here on Orteria. I know how to use them in battle but that’s about it. Alister is even better equipped than I am, but that is why he trains me," Sumire commented.

Aidan vx'd Sumire. "This doesn't even blip on your radar? You know more about gems than I do, but power source doesn't sound unnoteworthy. "

"...Veil is the embodiment of a gem... Kirin is a deathtrap... I think that she will be less deadly than them both. I mean you all let Kirin run around and blow up entire buildings, prior to me. :P" Sumire replied over VX to Aidan.

Sanya placed her hand over the middle of her chest. "When I was very young, a Heartstone... a gem, was implanted and embedded into my body. I was trained to use it to help power the ship's shields or to create smaller ones to protect others from the Monsters."

"Basically, you manifest the purple one within  you; as I understand it, you use your energy to increase the power and energy of a shield spell or ship shield... yes?" Sumire asked further clarifying.

Aidan kept silent. She wasn't wrong about Kirin, he had voiced much the same thing to Yuka.

 Sanya nodded, processing the translation. "Yes. If the stone is removed, my soul will go with it. I will die."

"Similar to how Veil literally is a gem now; you are too. I imagine that would be the same for that girl we interrogated earlier. "

"So, like me but not like me at the same time." Seleni mused.

"No one here is going to try and take your gem out," Aidan offered. "Just caught me off guard is all."

"Any other questions or thoughts for us?" Sumire asked.

Sanya considered the different possibilities and settled on her question. "What are the scope of my new responsibilities?"

Aidan said to Sanya, "Right now?  To learn. Beyond that I think we need to know about who you are and what you can do before we can make a final determination. Unless Rembrandt has other ideas."

Remi shrugged. "You seem competent in tactical and security type things, that is why we assigned you to team one; outside of that, like Aidan said... we need to know more about your skills and you in particular, to assign anything further."


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