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Persephone Larson


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Character Information
Persephone Ann Larson
Human; Caucasian
Blood Type:
AB +

Physical Appearance
5' 7"
145 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Physical Description:
Persephone has short brown hair that goes down to her neck. She wears a white and red skirt-shorts and hoodie set with white and red shoes. They match her swords in color. Under the hoodie she wears a tube top that is also white. She has two sheaths on her sides that also match the color of her outfit. She looks similar to this character:

Personality & Traits
General Overview:
When on mission Seph acts cold, yet formal. She lives by a certain code that any agreement she enters into she cannot breach. If the other party involved in that agreement breaks it she believes that is a fate that should result in death or harm. It is a violation to go against your word. She hopes for a relationship but hates people hitting on her so this conflicts in addition she feels that if she gives herself to someone that it is for life; it itself is a contract. This makes relationships difficult to attain even more so for her becuase she believes no one would follow this. She thinks it is offensive for people to turn their backs on someone who is talking to them.
Strengths & Weaknesses:
Seph is skilled in martial arts, acrobatics and swordplay. Her cooking skills are entirely worthless and though she has extreme survival skills she has a fear of fire. Her need to complete a mission could also be seen as a weakness or a strength depending on the situation. If she fails a mission due to her own misconduct or failure she tries to act like she does not care about it but really it is a deep cut at her foundation.
Seph wants to eventually settle down somewhere remote and potentially build herself a nice house and write stories.
Hobbies & Interests:
Swordplay, martial arts, information gathering, clothes, structural design and engineering, basketball, standing in the rain on a warm summer's night.

Life History and Relationships
Her parents abandoned her as a baby. She was found by a group of monks and trained in martial arts. She has never really had a female role model.
Primary school from Monks; a certificate in engineering though she would never tell anyone she has a degree in it.
Federation Standard

Starfleet/Military Service Information
Marine Attache; DFS Lavie
Service Record:
Echo IV Planetary Security - Security Contractor - 3 Years
Basic Training - 3 Months
Intelligence Operative Training - 3 Year
Echo IV Information Security Team; Field Agent - Ensign - 2 Years
Infiltration Specialist - UDS Taskmaster - Ensign - 3 Years
Declared Missing in Action during a mission
Mercenary for Hire - 5 Years
Marine Attache - DFS Lavie - Current
Service Medals:
Outstanding Service Medal - UDS Taskmaster
Purple Heart - UDS Taskmaster
Missing in Action; Presumed Dead - Ensign > Lieutenant

Service Notes: Due to her abandoning her position her rank has been stripped since she became a mercenary. Information of her past service has been classified to anyone not of Command Authority. 

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"A name is only as important as the person it describes... so when someone asks for your name you know you're important." - Hoshi Ki-Kari

"Cheer up, life is too short to be sad all the time." - Misuki Raion

“You thought the world would be better off without you... I understand that now but you know it’s not true... The world is better with you in it.” - Yukari Solaros

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