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The Immersive Virtual Reality Core is a VX add-on program that allows any VX or VC system to connect to a specially designed program and interfacing server. This server allows a person to connect their brain directly to a virtual environment created using the holographic integration system formerly only offered in special rooms and with special emitter technologies. This system effectively replaced all virtual reality technologies as it was the most lightweight and most all-inclusive option for VR gaming and educational applications. Users can even create a small localized server allowing their friends only to connect to a VR application of their own development. IVRC includes a vitals monitoring pack, emergency disconnection response AI and codes for integrating the five senses into the server’s code allowing for a completely immersive experience. All other internal code, textures and assets are based specifically on the game the user is trying to play allowing them to play whatever they like and a UUID is assigned to each IVRC installation which is connected to their VX/VC UIN (Unique Identification Number; an ID used by ATC and LIEMC to identify each specific VX or VC unit for enforcement, legal and user protection reasons; LIEMC also maintains its own internet law enforcement team whom investigate claims of rape, abuse and other such violations of applicable law when using the IVRC system due to its complete integration of a person into a game.) 

ATC is Arvonous Technologies Corporation a subsidy of Arvonous Corporation; they developed the tech.
and LIEMC is Lonhorn Internet Exchange Management Corporation; they basically manage the internet that is used for IVRC

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