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Crew Quarters, Offices and Rooms Oh My

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This thread lists potential designs for room configurations. Keep in mind that most of these are just rough outlines as in the change over time things have become smaller techwise; that means the rooms have more space than they look like they do. Anyway with that said here are a bunch of rooms.

Executive Quarters (Yuka and Aidan combined their quarters but this is the standard configuration; currently as their room is combined it is twice this size and has room for a small kitchenette that they use to cook.)

Crew Quarters (The wall blocking access to the lower bed has been removed)

Conference Room

Standard Office (Yuka's Office is like this too but that is only because she also has her ready room; her office is more just like a private study since she does most of her work on the Bridge or in the Ready Room.)

Brig Cell (The brig contains two of these; additional cells can be converted from cargo bays and even other sections within the secured area of the ship (like the secured cargo bay))


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