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kirin dragmawl


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Name: Kirin Dragmawl
Gender: male
Age: 20

race-human/neko half
Height: 6"1'
Weight: 150
Hair/Eye Color: Blonde Hair and Greenish/Blue eyes
Physical Description: a young man looks like a Chinese, wearing white robes saddles hair combed over to the side clean shaved.


Personality: His personality is split between being kind to others and being right down aggressive to the point of assassination of the person that pushed him to that breaking point. If you are on his good side he would protect them even if it kills him no matter who they are. Kirin thinks of everyone as equal to an extent depending on how there aura/personality would show depending on the situation that is at hand. If he senses that someone is being hostile to him he is not afraid to use his martial arts on someone with out hesitation. On the other hand if someone is kind and shows similar liking to the same projects and activity he likes he will show the same kindness back. On his off time he likes to go for a run at least 7 miles a day and keep up with his martial arts and protective detail as a shinobi. He Keeps certain secrets and background to himself he doesn't wont those close to him to know his past. When he is in a fight he would rather use his fist than using any weapon that he has on him unless it is his last option or he feels like he is not strong enough to defeat his enemies with his hands. 

Education: Kirin has completed an associate's degree in Computer science, Kirin has a Seven year knowledge of martial arts and 3 years of ninja training.



Armor Class: 10?


Auto Dice Roller


STR=19 (+4)

DEX=17 (+3)

CON=15 (+2)

INT=15 (+2)

WIS=15 (+2)

CHA=8 (-1)


Martial Arts (ninjutsu+hapkido - 29 points
Intelligence Gathering -8 points
Survivalism - 23 points
Bio-mechanic Mastery - 23 points
Gem Concentration - 6 points
Gem Specialization (Red/Purple) -  25 points
Summoning - 18 points (Specific to characters with a contracted spirit;; not normally granted without staff approval)
Ki Energy - 17 points (Special affinity for people with access to their Ki energy; requires training in a martial art; requires mental training; requires staff approval and a character background to sufficiently support assignment of points into skill)

1 point left over


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