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Name: Veilfloe

Rank: Servant
Gender: Female
Species: Classed as "Embodiment of Water"
Age: 26

Physical Age: 22

DOB: 1/22/????

Blood Type: Blue Gem Synthesis

Ki Type: Water/Ice

Physical Appearance:
Height    -   5' 9"
Weight    -   155 lbs
Hair Color    -    Pale Blue with Faded Cream Tips

Eye Color    -   Amber


Physical Description: 

With sizable Hips, a Short-Bob Hairstyle and a cold chilly body with pale blue skin she stands at 5ft 9in with an Icy Aura.

her Body is essentially made out of Energy that is Emitted by Blue gems. The 10 Glowing Modules on her Body are Inhibiting the Vital

Condensed Ice Gems that hold her Conscience and Physical Form together. Her body being made of Energy can Shapeshift at will, however to

save on "Resources", she chooses to cover her body with a Liquid-like Layer of Blue Gem Water. 


                Father    -    Vill Lanreth
                Mother    -    Che'Real Lanreth


Personality & Traits:


- General Overview -


Her Previous Incarnation was that she was a generally silent and cold-shelled person that normally got anxious on the thought of whether she does good or bad,

so usually to get her mind off of it, shes usually thrown into her studies..

However after joining the EU, she's warmed up to Hitomi before falling out when she'd soon envelop herself in a romantic relationship with Sumire Rembrant..

 After swearing herself to Sumire she's used her Illegal Weapon crafting skills and 

the consult of many experts to create a suit to manipulate ice, to make herself a blade to by swung by Sumire...

However due to an uncertain Calamity her body was destroyed and Sumire was left widowed.. Being recreated into a new temporary form her personality

exhibits more extrovert-like but still holding socially awkward tendencies but still talkative, She exhibits her Emotions with a quirky curiousness and

ends up telling jokes when she's feeling confident.



Passives & Abilities -

Ethereal Coldness, Passive: Veil holds her source from the water gem realm, specifically the ice aspect of the realm. This makes it that her skin and presence exhibits 

a chilly and cool ambiance. Her skin is cold to the touch and with the slip of her temper she can leave of walls of rooms quite frosty, however in intimate moments when

feeling for one another, this coldness seems to be reduced by nearly 80% of what they actually should be experimenting, though unknown but best guess is something to do with Ki on what actually happens

the people she holds a close and loving connection to seems to be unphased by her sheer coldness..


Glacier Floe Wings, Active: Upon Summoning her powers from the Blue Gem Realm, two Icy colored lights shine from Veils back letting out two wide-fan streams of blue haziness flow out as she makes herself flutter and float,

adding more energy allows for more "thrust" however on planets will leave trails of snowfall if the temperature in the atmosphere is cold enough, otherwise it will cause very sudden raindrops.


Cold Astral Body, Passive: Her body being made of pure energy makes her able to tank most if not all physical attacks, all physical munitions as well.

however with the body made out of energy, energy-based attacks will have an effect depending on the nature of the energy the attack holds

Ice and Water will Heal her body, Fire will damage her, Lightning will enhance her physical form's with charge, however the discharge will hurt other if not

taken well into consideration. Incendiary weapons and munitions will also damage her form however to inflict permanent damage to her core, the fire must come from a

magical source or gem. In short, Elemental Attacks work, non elemental will barely help.


• Shifting Body, Active: With her body being made out of pure energy, she can change the shape, "biology" and form of her body at will or by request.


Absolute Zero, Active: if focused enough her coldness can reach an absolute zero and render atoms immobile as this amount of coldness encroaches the area around it slowly if not turned deactivated and is only used as a last resort, as it cause her demise once.


• Ki Sense - Ability to sense Ki energy power in others and other deities as well.


• Ki Energy Affinity - Ki energy, also known as Chi or Qi, is the unseen life force in all living things.  This is an ability normally locked away for most living things, as being sensitive to Ki naturally is a rare trait that only the highest of physical disciplines have been able to unlock through many years of hard work or in other cases; it is a rare talent that lashes out through strong emotion




Transformations -



Frozen Dragoon: Veil's limbs get covered into a glowy crystaline ice that resemble the parts of a mythological beast some say it resembles a dragon or some kind of wolf..

other people simply call this form "Fenrir".



Glacial Messiah: Veil Body becomes a form of light and energy that is raging as she body essentially becomes a portal of the gem realm, unleashed the raw fall power of the Ice Floe of the water gem realm, this has only been seen once, leaving the user physically erased from existence.





Undocumented but sighted, Temporarily named: Frozen Phoenix - Do Not Access File Without Proper Clearance

This form was only seen once, when she was summoned and fighting the forces of the EU, she was being slowly possessed and slowly having the Phoenix being inserted into her make her body hold ethereal icy qualities, a blue aura donning her form as spiritually bird-like wings surged from arms, soldiers reported that her voice and ice shined and held a gold radiant light overcasting her usual ice-blue.




Techniques -

• Ki Blast - Basic energy attack from the hands.



• Kiai - Burst of Ki used to repel targets.  Ki is used to affect air currents around Gainz to produce a shockwave that strikes a target.



• Ki Transfer - Ability to transfer some Ki energy into others.  This has the ability to replenish life force to a degree and boost a target's healing factor.



Cold Imbuing - Ability to transfer her Icy Nature to an ally to enhance their abilities with an icy-ki-like aftershock.



Ice Conjuring, Creation and Bending - With the ability of being living being of ice energy, this allows her to shoot, construct and create ice from any natural source to save energy, or from her pure core, however conjuring ice without the help of a planet's atmosphere will cost more energy,  creating a "seed" of ice will most likely be used to conserve energy consumption.



Cryogenetic Healing - As a water gem being, she has the capability to heal, however it is not as instant as healing with pure water energy.

Applications of this ability requirements encasing or covered that area in a healing ice that will heal and protect it over time like a protective shell.



Deep Frozen Barrier -  There is 3 Degrees of this barrier, the first being in the passive form of Veil, allowing minor protection of energy based attacks and waved, in this form all exterior defenses are done manually by the act of Veil. the second degree being that when Veil is donning her Frozen Dragoon form, the barrier creates a blistering cold swirl of wind around veil, leaving unconcentrated fire attacks to get blown away and in some cases if near a body of water, the water will lead a spout into her to heal damages or add to the snowstorm. The 3rd Degree is to all allies of Veil's gain a massive healing, euphoria-inducing relaxing, protective aura and all projectiles, as well as smaller invading bodies are frozen in the space it occupies, this only occurs in the critical Glacial Messiah Form, everything is nearly frozen as the aura of her coldness is unfathomable, time within this zone will seem to be slowed down due to this effect enemies and lifeforms behind an atmosphere or shelter will mostly be safe on planets, with in space everything not inside of a large vessel will be frozen in a cryogenic state depending how close they were to Veil.



Cryonic Burst Ignition - all Ice conjured or frozen can be bursted and destroyed on demand, with a cone-line zone pointed by her hand. This "burst" can be used to shrapnel blast enemies in an area or turned into a healing mist for allies, if done in Frozen Dragoon State, the area of effect is increased and pronounced by a blue fiery-like mist, the healing field variant have a more potent healing affect.



Signature Moves


• Frozen Scorchline: Veil emits a frozen beam that resembles lightning that creates body of ice as it strikes a surface, the ice can be compounded if left in one area for a long time making a bigger spire of ice, can be used to make a wall when in Frozen Dragoon State Absolute Zero can be reached in a small 7ft² zone in the center



• Glacial Dragoon Claws: Extremely sharp and compact ice forms on Veil's Arms and legs to make a melee claw weapon, these weapon can also be shot out piece by piece as sharp projectiles, however shooting it reduces the claws in size until it's faded away.

When Claws are formed on both Arms and Legs are Combined with Glacial Clad Wings, this will begin to induce Frozen Dragoon State, can reach absolute zero if in Glacial Messiah State.



• Glacial Lancer, Glacial Bladeworker, Glacial Gunner: Can be Incurred if Glacial Dragoon Claws was ignited and reformed the claw will take form of a Lance or spear, Swords or Guns, however the gun much be charged with a scorchling, if there its one inside, it might as well be a club. these variants of the Glacial Dragoon Claws can be given to allies, when in Frozen Dragoon State incurs absolute zero, and cannot be given to allies, and will freeze things that it slashes, things frozen by this variant of the conjured weapon can be ignited with Cryonic Ignition Burst



• Shooting Star Comet: A Long distance Siege projectile, can be shot long distances, the farther it travels the stronger/large it gets as it collects ice/water as it travels, however, if the distance is too far, it will no longer grow in size and begin shrinking as it leaves Veil's Controllable range, can be combo'd with Cryonic Burst Ignition to Allow for a Rain of chunks of ice to hail over enemies or to shoot to an ally to launch a large healing mist areas for allies. Can reach absolute zero in Glacial Messiah State.



• Blue Giant Supernova: This creates a radial, spherical snowstorm that compresses over time, windspeeds and icy projectiles can fly

around and grow in the wind storm, these projectile can reach 30ft² in size. While in normal state, all moves cannot be used except Frozen Scorchline and Glacial Dragoon Claws. In the Frozen Dragoon State the spell becomes Blue SuperGiant Supernova: the projectiles being held and thrown around in the storm can reach up to 50ft² in size and will begin having a jack/star appearance, Shooting Star Comet can be used while casting this spell, however you would need to use one of the ice bergs flying around.

within the Glacial Messiah State, the spell becomes Blue Hypergiant Supernova: the projectiles flying around can reach 100ft²+ in size as well as the ability being casted faster, In all instances when the projectiles fuse and creates an unstable cryonic core, it will create a blue fiery-like explosion that will respectively Frozen, Shattered and Molecularly Freezeburned instantly this AoE is in respective forms can reach 300ft², 600ft²  and lastly 1mi² in Glacial Messiah State.



• Cryonic Catalyst: Similar to a Landmine, this creates an unstable mass of ice that when touched, the explosion will rapidly expand and trap everything in ice, can be combo'd with Cryonic Burst Ignition, when ignited immediately before solidifying into ice this will have a fiery-like explosion, the closer the range to Veil, the bigger the explosion. can reach absolute zero in Frozen Dragoon State.



• Frozen Scorchlings: places out a energetic sphere of energy to shoot out projectiles or can be used to ignite, can be gifted to allies and controlled by allies. can be used to take the shot of non elemental munitions.



Ambitions   -   Due to a Loss of memory she only wishes to fully find out who she really was, However finding out her recreation

only leads for a need to get revenge on those who previously killed her. Afterwards.. she'll only live to find meaning.



Hobbies & Interests   -    Interests are just getting to know people, and exploring new place and doing new things, as an ageless creature she

 now takes life one day and a time to keep doing things to keep the day fresh for herself. 




Personal History   -   The Daughter of the Lanreth family, a mafia-like black market family famous for supplying all sides of war, the family moniker being. Black Tiamat.
being from what's known as one of the most prestigious underground criminal families, she's been raised in a princess-like manner.
Being the new face of Black Tiamat, she's been tutored in all areas of royalty and her family trade, Engineering. After being in the Lanreth family business for quite a while and shortly being exposed to what a good world should be, she's realized she's been working for a horrible dispensary of illegal weapons and substances, she's planned to hone her trade
and skills and leave to serve a force of good.. She could not bring herself to want to hurt her family despite what pain they have caused her- However she does plan for the demise of Darius's forces for using these weapons to hold others under their boots.. She then joined the Lavie alongside with Hitomi before gaining an aquaintance with Sumire Rembrant.. she then become a sworn agent of ice under Rembrant.. but in a great battle she sacrificed herself to stop a massive horror.. byt hen her body was destroyed and her conscienceness was loss to the realm of the gem she used so much; Water.

After the Calamity that caused her death, she was reassembled by retrieving the gems that held all aspect of her very being so she can become the new vessel

of the phoenix, however after a Battle with Trinity forces and a surrender she found herself siding with them as she questioned the person she was told was

her sister.

she is now reclaimed by EU forces and seeks revenge against the Followers of the Phoenix.

"To be the Heiress of Black Tiamat would mean death to so many lives... but I learned to be cold and numb to what I assisted with.. I want them to freeze.. freeze them over so they never die.. make them feel what they did to others for as long as possible.. I want to wash the the sins of thyself, break the yolk of thy heart and abolish what I was born for.." ~Flennel Veil Lanreth - XXXX


"I was created into a weapon of Ice.. To create stardust out of the darkness as I am the veil to protect the Light I have found." ~Flennel Veil Lanreth - XXXX




Skynet/Military Service Information

Kiru Excursion - Attacked by Spiders

Academy Espionage

Fire Gem User Infiltration Defense

Interview of Said User

Light Training of Unnamed crew

Swarm Defense Excursions

Swarm Moon Invasion

-End of Service.-




EU/Military Service Information

Within the EU custody but not classified yet.


                                                                                                      Stats & Skills



Character Focus: Combat

Armor Class: 15 (Base) +3 (Modifier)


STR = 16+3   =19
DEX = 16+3   =19

CON = 14+2   =17
INT = 17+3   =20
WIS = 14+2   =16
CHA =13+1   =14


Ranged Combat II - 2 [32]
Close Combat I - 1

Martial Arts (None) - 0
Leadership - 0

Starship Engineering - 10 [23]

Civil Engineering - 0
Equipment Repair - 10 [23]

Information Systems - 0
Intelligence Gathering - 10 [23]
Domestic Skills II - 10 [32]
Survivalism - 5 [2]

Medicine - 0
Research/Innovation - 10 [23]
Piloting - 5 [2]

Diplomacy - 0

Bio-mechanic Mastery - 0
Gem Concentration II - 10 [32]
Gem (Blue Water) Specialization II - 10 [32]

Ki Mastery II - 10 [32]

EU Mastery - 0
Summoning - 0
Atsikai Affinity - 0
Partner Affinity - 0

Psi Energy - 0


100 - Normal Players start with

150 - Existing players

200+ - Mains/High rank/Council Justification

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