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Welcome to the TNU Project!


This is the website for the TNU Project and its stories. It runs three text based role plays and is a fan based community that exists to help everyone have fun. If you have questions or want to talk to a staff member feel free to ask here on our forum or for more personal matters please submit a ticket on the contact us page.

For an up to date list of our staff and other information you can visit our discord server.



█ Josh - President, TNU Project █

Discord | Support | SimmingHub | Rules █

█ Please don't feed trolls or spammers. █


"A name is only as important as the person it describes... so when someone asks for your name you know you're important." - Hoshi Ki-Kari

"Cheer up, life is too short to be sad all the time." - Misuki Raion

“You thought the world would be better off without you... I understand that now but you know it’s not true... The world is better with you in it.” - Yukari Solaros

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