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Captain Gainz


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Character Information

Name: Gainz (KI-01)
Rank: Captain
Gender: Male
Species: Demi-God (Originally Demi-Human)

Race: Haitian American
Age: 2667
Physical Age: 28

DOB: ?/?/2016

Blood Type: O- (Engineered)

Ki Type: Fire/Lightning

Birthplace: Skynet Japan - Biological Research Division
Creator: Nicol Bolas
DNA Template: Daniel L.
Research & Development: Project NERV, Project STIG, Project Gainz
Combat Specialization: Ki based martial arts
Special Equipment: Hyper Battle Chassis

Affiliation: EU/Skynet


Physical Appearance

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 255 lbs

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color:  Orange (Base), Gold (Super/Hyper Mode)

Physical Description: Short stocky muscular build with red eyes and orange to gold hair as a result of intense genetic engineering.  Physical strength way above human limits.  Body generates vast amounts of Ki energy.  Normal body temperature is noted to be above typical human tolerance with a stable temperature of 106f due to elevated metabolism and overclocked organs.  Body has accelerated healing factor which dramatically slowed down aging and can heal injuries at an accelerated pace.  However, severed limbs cannot be regenerated without the assistance of a healing chamber.  Libido also greatly elevated due to elevated hormones generated by his body.  He is often seen wearing his Hyper Battle Chassis which is a red and white battlesuit specifically designed for his Ki energy generating body.  On rare occasions, such as being exposed to the vacuum of space, the Hyper Battle Chassis will envelop Gainz's head in a helmet that covers his face but leaves some space in the back for his hair to flow out.  This has the appearance of a white helmet with a golden mohawk.


Passives & EU Abilities

  • Ki Energy Affinity - Ki energy, also known as Chi or Qi, is the unseen life force in all living things.  This is an ability normally locked away for most living things, as being sensitive to Ki naturally is a rare trait that only the highest of physical disciplines have been able to unlock through many years of hard work or in other cases; it is a rare talent that lashes out through strong emotion but without the discipline the power is raw and uncontrollable as was the case with Dan, Gainz's template.  As with genetic diversity, some living beings are more sensitive and attuned to this energy than others.  With Gainz originally being genetically engineered for this very trait as a demi-human, he had the innate ability to control his life force talent and therefore train to strengthen his natural Ki abilities on a level beyond Dan's physical capabilities.  Through Skynet's biological enhancements and arduous training regiment, Gainz became a powerful weapon of destruction.  Now with Gainz being turned demi-god, his natural Ki has transcended to God Ki granting him far superior life force power.  If God Ki is ever mastered, it may pave the way to Energy of Destruction, a specialized variant of God Ki.
  • Ki Sense - Ability to sense Ki energy power in others.  After becoming a demi-god, this ability transcended to be able to detect energies of Q and other deities as well.
  • Atomic Destruction (EU) - As a demi-god, Gainz's physical strength has transcended to the point where he can now destroy atoms with full strength blunt force trauma.
  • Flight (EU) - Ability to use Ki energy to fly.  Gainz trained for this ability as a demi-human and it required him to erupt his aura to fly.  As a demi-god this ability is now mastered.  Flight comes passively and no Ki aura is required.
  • God Body (EU) - As a demi-human, Gainz already had a formidable constitution to his body; being able to withstand blunt force trauma with ease and a skeleton strong enough to punch through zentanium alloy.  As a demi-god, the body was strengthened further to be able to generate and handle the channeling of God Ki.  Everything from the bone structure, to the muscles and skin have all been enhanced beyond the capabilities of technology and mortal men.  The Hyper Battle Chassis Gainz wears is nowhere even close to the armor value of the body it is protecting.
  • Heal (EU) - Gainz's natural healing factor is boosted by becoming a demi-god.  Self healing regeneration now heals 3x as fast and the body is immune to all known diseases by the EU.  As a demi-god, he now has the ability to heal others and cure aliments.  Currently Gainz can only do this very physically during an act of mating since his demi-god sperm has healing properties.  Gainz currently lacks the godlike understanding to heal others via psychokinesis aka Healing Touch.
  • Morph (EU) - Ability to change appearance into anything by mere thought.  Technique is a demi-god ability granted by Mith and is not mastered.  This is one of the more difficult techniques for Gainz and it takes some time to transform into an object.  Changing back to himself is not nearly as difficult.  Morphing clothing seems to come easiest for Gainz as he is able to do this consistently.
  • Teleportation (EU) - Ability to teleport anywhere at will with a mere thought.  Technique is a demi-god ability granted by Mith and is not mastered.  Gainz has been working on this ability though and for the most part can pull it off without problems.  However, he has a 25% chance of ending up in a random place instead of designated target location.
  • Zenkai - After recovering from a physically taxing experience, the body adapts, imprinting on the fatigue, strain, injury, and battle experience and learning from it.  In addition to boosting Gainz's overall Ki pool, the body becomes stronger, more resilient and resistant to damage.



  • Super Mode "Fire Aura"- Transformation which increases base Ki strength by a factor of 3.  Stamina drains by a factor of 2.  This technique is currently mastered and Gainz can hold this state indefinitely.  Gainz can enter this state passively without an aura present and is often seen this way.  This passive state offers him increased control of his powers and eliminates stamina drain to negligible amounts.  It will also mask his power potential to catch unsuspecting enemies off guard, his hair will still stand on end though.  Going full power will ignite his Ki aura.
  • Hyper Mode "Gold Aura" (EU) - Transformation which increases base Ki strength by a factor of 5.  Stamina drains by a factor of 4.  Since this technique was unlocked by becoming a demi-god by Mith, it is not mastered.  This is noted by Gainz's Ki aura becoming spiky with intense spirit pressure and the Ki erupting lightning wildly.  The control and stamina strain is currently difficult to maintain for a long period of time, thus Gainz cannot keep this state for more than 10 minutes.



  • Ki Blast - Basic energy attack from the hands.
  • Kiai - Burst of Ki used to repel targets.  Ki is used to affect air currents around Gainz to produce a shockwave that strikes a target.
  • Ki Transfer - Ability to transfer some Ki energy into others.  This has the ability to replenish life force to a degree and boost a target's healing factor.  As a demi-god, Gainz can mend plant life with this ability.
  • Blitz - Gainz charges at an opponent with a rapid barrage of punches and kicks before sending them flying off with a spinning uppercut.  Can be combo'd into Dragon Uppercut for significantly more damage.
  • Energy Barrier (EU) - A passive effect of Gainz's Ki aura, since his Ki is so powerful, is that it can serve as an energy shield against considerably weaker attacks, energy and kinetic.  Super Mode will increase the strength of this ability.  In Hyper Mode even more so and since this state is unstable, the Ki aura can lash out and strike weak targets at random with lightning as well.
  • Meditation (EU) - Technique used at rest to regenerate a taxed Ki pool and boost Gainz's healing factor.  It also helps to calm the mind, body and spirit, dispelling any physical and mental afflictions.  Subconscious instinct becomes highly active during this state, granting a temporary ability to sense things beyond the current dimensional plane and see visions.  Gainz in theory could use this technique in mid battle, but is currently unable to do so.  To do this it would require complete mastery of the EU powers and Ultra Instinct; the state of the gods.


Signature Moves

  • Dragon Destruction Wave - [Fire property]  Highly focused Ki energy between both hands to emit an intense energy blast.  Ki blast looks similar to the form of 2 dragons spiraling around each other.  Atomic Destruction; attack will likely obliterate anything it hits.
  • Dragon Edge - Ki energy slash usually with a swift swipe of his arm to generate a crescent shaped Ki blast that covers an area of effect up to roughly 200ft².  The energy slash has the capability of damaging multiple targets in its wake and can slice a weak enough target in half.  Attack can be used with a kick as well resulting in additional destructive power.
  • Dragon Uppercut - [Fire/Lightning Property]  A powerful punch backed with Ki that launches a target upwards while simultaneously burning and electrocuting them from said Ki energy.  Usually used as a set up for another attack since the target will be ranged at this point, if the target survived.
  • Dragon Finger - [Fire property]  Palm push strike backed by Ki that can cause traumatic critical impact.  If in Super or Hyper mode, this will also burn as the target is penetrated by Ki energy.
  • Heat End - [Fire property]  Usually combo'd into after Dragon Finger.  Ki explosion will occur at impact site of Dragon Finger.
  • Galaxian Explosion - AOE KI blast covering a 300ft² area.  If in Super Mode, area increases to 600ft².  If in Hyper Mode, area increases to 1mi².
  • Galactic Fist/Kick - All of Gainz's strength concentrated into one punch/kick.  Atomic Destruction; attack will likely obliterate anything it hits.  Target with Ki energy or kinetic shield can prevent atomic destruction if strong enough.
  • Sky Shocking Knee - [Lightning property]  Flying knee strike causing traumatic critical impact.  If in Hyper Mode, this has an added affect of electrocution.


Personality & Traits

General Overview: He used to be an overconfident, cocky, asshole; but a lesson in humility by the Revengers and time changed all of that.  Gainz is now much more like his original self; warm, kind, can empathize with others...at least to some degree.  Though he carries with him a lust that is hard to ignore once it gets triggered, part of that is Skynet's fault...but not all of it.  The original Dan was pretty toxic sometimes, so naturally a demi-god version of him will be even more so.  At times he still can be a bit overconfident.  It's not as bad as it used to be, but Gainz is no saint. 


For a living breathing war machine, he can be very gentle sometimes.  He's very loving towards the people closest to him, especially Vanilla due to his memories of her.  His fiery warmth does have a soft side for a very select few.  However, when it's time to fight, those aforementioned old dark tendencies can come out again.  He's cool under pressure, but when he gets pissed watch out.  He's ruthless in combat and can be very cold in the heat of battle often enjoying making his enemies suffer greatly before ending them.  If he knows he is stronger than you, he will let you know it in many ways.


Strengths: Incredible fighting prowess and control of Ki energy.  Strong affinity to fire and lightning natures.  He has a strong head on his shoulders and carries a level of charisma when interacting with others.  Cool under pressure and can assimilate new fighting techniques quickly.


Weaknesses: Even though the Revengers and time have humbled him, remnant dark tendencies can still resurface; overconfidence, cockiness, and ruthlessness.  Inner demons still nag at him when it comes to his dark past that can generate feelings of sadness or anger.  It's a rage button that can be used against him for sure.


Ambitions: To become a stronger and better person, to make amends for the wrongs he did under Skynet those many years ago by fighting against the evils of the universe today.


Hobbies & Interests: Training, Fighting, Video Games, Feeding that hungry libido.


Life History & Relationships

Family: N/A


Partner(s): Vanilla, Ari


History:  Gainz is the product of a conflict that happened many centuries ago back in 2015 during the events of Vanilla Arc.  He was created by Skynet in 2016 as a response to the Revengers resistance against them as well as their answer to Ki energy.  Gainz was their next generation enforcer and was the brainchild of Nicol Bolas, head of the Biological Research Division.  Unlike the STIG which was a heavily augmented cyborg, Gainz is a genetically modified super clone of one of the Revengers named Dan.  He was created due to discovering how powerful Ki energy can be and was the absolute pinnacle of Skynet biological engineering.  Gainz was not just some super clone of Dan, he is something way more than that.  Skynet had unknowingly created a demi-human with this feat of biological engineering.  


They would find out quickly that no level technology could compare to his power.  His mind was an exact copy of Dan's up to the point where he was created.  The genetic engineering also awakened some of Dan's more dark tendencies within Gainz making his personality more intense than his original self.  His mind was extensively reconditioned and reprogrammed by Nicol to be loyal to Skynet's mission of creating their utopia for the planet by any means necessary.  Gainz was responsible for leading the takeover of Japan turning the entire country into their main base of operations.  He would also face the Revengers many times in combat and destroy a few of their sentient vehicles in the process.  He would even capture Momo from the Revengers and deeply brainwash her into joining him and Skynet as his battle partner.  Gainz would also be responsible for eliminating the Board which used to be in charge of Skynet.  This was due to the Board being corrupted by the Supreme Conglomerate, a group of corporations with their own agenda for the world.  Momo would deal directly with that threat while Gainz continued his fight with the Revengers.


During his final battle with the Revengers, Gainz was surprisingly warped away by the Revengers in their last ditch effort to stop him using Gates's invention; the dimensional teleporter.  If it were not for this desperate tactic, Gainz would have surely defeated them because his power was just too much even with the Revengers new ultrasuits which were created specifically to deal with him.  Gainz would end up on an alternate universe earth where he would find that Skynet had taken over the planet.  However, this was not the world Gainz was expecting, it was no utopia.  The planet was some kind of dystopian future with burning ruins where cities once stood and many humans enslaved.  Gainz felt lied to, his old friends were right all along.  Skynet's mission lead to the corruption of the earth instead of turning it into a better place for humans.  He would break free of his Skynet mental conditioning and would face his evil doppelganger which existed in this alternate universe and defeat him.  Gainz felt terrible, he wanted to make amends for all his wrong doings in the past.  He would meet a Skynet scientist on this world named Misa Kitsuki which would join him on his journey of rediscovery.  He would come across a powerful god named Mith who would then hire him as part of the EU to replace a very corrupt god named Jim.  They would be taken to the future to deal with a great danger which threatened the entire universe; the Phoenix Darius Maximus and his organization the FSF.  Gainz would join the people of the DFS Lavie to deal with this threat.


Education: Skynet


Languages: English


Skynet/Military Service Information

Lieutenant - Enforcer - 2 Years

Service Record: 

Skynet Trials - Himself

Commander during the assimilation of Japan - Skynet Rectification Force

Assault on the Revengers - Himself

Purging of The Board - Skynet Wolfpack

Intercepting Revengers in Africa - Skynet Rectification Force

Commander during the assimilation of United Kingdom - Skynet Rectification Force

Commander during the assimilation of London - Skynet Rectification Force

Skirmish with Revengers in Europe - Skynet Wolfpack

Assault on Supreme Conglomerate Fortress - Skynet Rectification Force & Skynet Wolfpack

Commander during the assimilation of Los Angeles - Skynet Rectification Force

Commander during the attack on Supreme Conglomerate HQ - Skynet Rectification Force & Skynet Wolfpack

Gainz vs Dan - Himself

Commander during defense of Skynet Japan - Skynet Rectification Force

Gainz vs Gainz (Alt Universe) - Himself


EU/Military Service Information

Captain - Rectifier - Current

Service Record: 

Battle of SAD Base - EU + DFS Lavie

Recovery of Mars from the Senate - EU + Trinity Special Operations

Battle with Darius Maximus Phoenix - EU + Trinity Special Operations

Karv'atku World War against The Swarm - Himself


Current Location: Gainz has returned to Earth.  He is currently back at Skynet Japan to report on his last battle; Karv'atku World War against The Swarm and receive upgrades to his Hyper Battle Chassis.  Afterwards he will join the Skynet Command Program "Lilly" and DFS Lavie on their next task until the EU call upon him again.

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Character Focus: Combat

Armor Class: 20 (Base) +3 (Modifier)



STR = 16  +3
DEX = 16  +3
CON = 16  + 3
INT = 11
WIS = 11
CHA = 12  +1



Ranged Combat - 5 [6]
Close Combat - 10 [23]

Close Combat II - 7 [14]
Martial Arts (Hybrid Martial Arts) - 10 [23]

Martial Arts II (Asura) - 7 [14]
Leadership - 4 [4]
Starship Engineering - 0
Civil Engineering - 0
Equipment Repair - 0
Information Systems - 0
Intelligence Gathering - 0
Domestic Skills - 0
Survivalist - 0
Medicine - 0
Research/Innovation - 0
Piloting - 0
Diplomacy - 0
Bio-Mechanic Mastery - 10 [23]

Bio-Mechanic Mastery II - 7 [14]
Gem Concentration - 7 [11]
Gem Specialization (Red/Yellow) - 7 [11]

Summoning - 0
Atsikai Affinity - 0
Partner Affinity - 0

Psi Energy - 0
Ki Energy - 10 (23)

Ki Energy II - 10 [32] (Story Reason: Gainz is a demigod.  God Ki has caused his Ki to proliferate by a vast amount.)

EU Mastery - 2  [2] (Story Reason: Mith granted Gainz ascended status when he joined the EU.)

Total = [200] (Main Cast Character)



Technical Information

Skill Rank I
1-4 = 1
5-6 = 2
7-8 = 3
9  = 4
10 = 5

Fill = 23

(Past 10 is only possible with mastery; creates a new tree with skillname II and above)


Skill Rank II

1-4 = 1

5 = 2

6 = 3

7-8 = 5

9 = 6

10 = 7

Fill = 32


100 - Normal Players start with

150 - Existing players

200 - Mains/High rank/Council Justification

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